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Cinema listings for English-language movies showing in Germany:

  • Bremen: [1] Starting May 14th the Cinemaxx in Bremen will have an entire hall dedicated to original version movies only.

About the listings:

Note that in Germany most movies are shown dubbed into German. A number of cinemas, however, also show the English-language versions. These versions are denoted in the cinema listings by the following abbreviations:
  • OV - means "Original Version". It may also say OF meaning "Original-Fassung". Note that this doesn't necessarily mean English. If it is a French-made film then the original version is likely to be in the French language. For most blockbuster Hollywood movies, however, the original version is English.
  • OmU - means "Original mit Untertitel". In English this means "Original with subtitles". This is likely to be original version (English, or French, or whatever) plus German-language subtitles.
  • OmenglU - means "Original language with English-language subtitles".

The Süddeutsche Zeitung has nationwide cinema listings.

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