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Cable television

To receive cable television all you should need is a TV antenna cable. This connects the normal antenna socket on the television, or other receiver such as a video recorder or digital receiver, to the cable socket in the apartment wall. The wall socket is usually installed by an electrician or television technician.

The difference between cable television and terrestrial or satellite television is that cable usually involves a connection fee as well as a monthly subscription.

How to subscribe

Most apartments in Munich are already wired for cable television. Sometimes the entire apartment block will be subscribed to the service by the landlord. Other times it is the responsibility of the individual tenants to subscribe and have their connection activated. To find out if you are subscribed simply plug your television aerial into the wall socket - if you see cable channels then you know you are subscribed.

In addition, cable subscribers are obliged to pay the television license fee.

Cable operators

Cable television is supplied by several different network operators. Today around 45% of Germans have cable television, around 45% use satellite antennae, and less than 10% use terestrial roof antennae or do not own a television.

In Germany the operators are (as of October 2005) iesy (Hessen), ish (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Kabel BW (Baden-Württemberg), Primacom, Tele Columbus und Kabel Deutschland. The largest provider in Germany is Kabel Deutschland. This is also the only provider to supply most of Bavaria, including Munich.

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