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Butterfly House

the tropical butterfly exhibit at the Botanischer Garten Muenchen. Hundreds of different butterflies are to be seen fluttering about in the house for aquatic plants. This makes for a fascinating Sunday afternoon activity - when everything else in Munich is shut. The exhibit runs each year from December until the end of March. Amazing butterfly facts: they taste with their feet, they're deaf, they have no mouth (only a straw through which to drink nectar), and the largest butterfly in the world is the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing with a wingspan of 30 centimeters.

Butterfly Exhibit - Munich Botanical GardensMenzingerstraße 65, Nymphenburg/NeuhausenTake the Tram number 17 to "Botanische Garten".

Entry: Euro 3.00, concessions Euro 2.00Website: Botanischer Garten München.


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