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Stadtbezirk Bogenhausen

Bogenhausen is a quarter of Munich. It forms the core of the 13th District (Stadtbezirk) Bogenhausen, to which Obeföhring, Johanneskirchen, Englschalking, Denning and Zamdorf also belong since 1993.


The Stadtbezirk (City District) Bogenhausen lies to the north east of Munich, reaching from the Isar on the eastern side of the English Gardens to the city limits in the north (bordering with Unterföhring) and east (bordering with Aschheim), with the Stadtbezik Haidhausen bordering to the south. The Isar to the west and The Mittlere Ring (middle ring road) to the east enclose the Stadtteil Alt-Bogenhausen. Stadtbezirk Bogenhausen includes Priel, Herzogpark, Arabellapark, Cosimapark, St.Emmeram, Oberföhring and Johanneskirchen to the north and north-east; and into Daglfing, Zamdorf and Englschalking to the east.


Alt-Bogenhausen is a desirable residential district just across from the Isar and the English Gardens. This has some of the highest quality housing in Munich. The nightlife, however, is a little slow. Priel, Herzogpark and St.Emmeramm are equally exclusive neighbourhoods and are predominantly larger appartments and very exclusive houses and villas. Bogenhausen's most famous former resident was Boris Becker (that was, at least, until his stint in jail!)

The other areas that make up the Stadtbezirk are relatively newly developed residential areas. Parkstadt Bogenhausen, Arabellapark and Cosimapark were predominantly green fields until the 60's. You will find a mixture of offices, appartments from the 70's right up to newly built offerings, town houses, semi detached and villas.

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Public Transport

The Stadtbezirk Bogenhausen is served by the U4 underground train, S8 urban train, Trams 17/18 and various buses. The eastern suburbs have good connections to the city centre and especially the airport (S8 stations at Johanneskirchen, Englschalking, Daglfing) whilst Alt-Bogenhausen and Arabellapark have excellent connections to the city via the U4 (Arabellapark, Richard-Strauss-Strasse, Böhmewald, Prinzregentenplatz) and the Trams 17/18 (Effnerplatz, Herkomerplatz etc).


Bogenhausen does not really have a town or village centre with a concentration of shops. Good grocery shops can be found in all the neighbourhoods. The closest shopping centre (mall) is the Riem Arcaden built on the site of the old Munich airport alongside the new congress and exhibition centre (Messestadt). It can be easily be reached by bus from Arabellapark (bus 189). The U-bahn stop is Messestadt-West (U2)

Beer Gardens

A number of very good beer gardens can easily be accessed by residents of the Stadtbezirk Bogenhausen to enjoy summertime beer drinking. Here are a few easily accessible by MVV but in my opinion cycling is the best way to get to most of these, hic. Beer Gardens in Bogenhausen


Bogenhausen offers a number of excellent restaurants, Gaststätten and Wirtshäuser. Selected Restaurants in Bogenhausen.

Home Delivery Services

For those who wish to enjoy a night in eating their favourite foods, I have compiled a list of various food delivery establishments who deliver to all parts of Stadtbezirk Bogenhausen. Food Delivery Services in Bogenhausen

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