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Berlin is the capital city and a single state of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the country's largest city in area and population, and the second most populous city in the European Union.

Population: 3,520,031 (as of December 31, 2015)
Coordinates: 52°31′N 13°24′E
Area code: +49/30
Time zone: UTC+1 / Summer UTC+2

Jobs in Berlin - The Unskilled Sector

Berlin has a surplus of penniless EU citizens who neither speak German nor have skills needed on the local job market and they are all competing for the same small pool of jobs. The market for freelance English teachers is saturated and there are already many qualified teachers offering their services for 10€ - 15€/hr. Furthermore, the official unemployment rate for foreigners is around 25%, however, this figure only includes the ones registered as looking for work with the Agentur für Arbeit. There are many internships positions to be found in the city that pay around 450€/month, however, after the introduction of the minimum wage these jobs are only open to students. Entry-level positions that require neither German nor skills/experience are extremely rare. Anyone contemplating a move to Berlin without a job offer should make sure to bring a healthy bank balance with them (as well as their EU passport/open work permit).

The following call centres frequently hire multilingual agents who don't speak German (most pay 9.49€/hr):

Jobs in Berlin - The Semi-Skilled Sector

Another possibility is the temp agencies, however, there have been reports from a few TTers that the temp agencies in Berlin require some German in order to place a worker too.

The construction industry is currently booming in Berlin and there are opportunities for experienced construction workers. The earning potential for construction workers with the required formal qualifications is substanially higher than for foreign university grads who can't speak fluent German.

BASF Shared Services is always looking for multilingual staff, however, most positions are in HR or Accounting (and require a background/experience in one these areas).

Yes, there are jobs in Berlin! - The Skilled Sector

On the other hand, there are currently jobs for certain qualfied professionals such as:

  • accredited teachers for math, physics, and computer science (minimum C1 German)
  • IT professionals
  • certain types of experienced engineers
  • medical doctors who speak fluent German

English-speaking professionals

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