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Bayern ticket

The Bayern Ticket (Bavaria Ticket) is a Deutsche Bahn rail ticket which is valid for rail and bus travel throughout the whole of Bavaria. The ticket can be used between Monday and Friday from 9am until 3am the following day. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays it can be used the entire day until 3am the next morning.

In all cases, you pay a base price for one passenger and then an additional sum for each additional person on the ticket, up to a maximum of five passengers in total. The total number of passengers using the ticket must be declared when the ticket is purchased. Additional passengers cannot be added to the ticket later. However, members of the group can join later as long as they were counted when the ticket was purchased. A € 2 surcharge applies when purchased from the counter or travel centre.

Ticket types

(prices valid from 1. Jan. 2017)

  • The Bayern Ticket covers between one and five people and costs € 25 for one person plus a further € 6 each for up to four more people. The price for five people is therefore € 49.
  • The Bayern Ticket 1. Klasse costs € 37.50 for one passenger plus € 18.50 for each additional passenger, up to a maximum of five persons. It has the same conditions as the regular Bayern Ticket but is valid in first class - especially useful on busy trains (e.g. Friday and Sunday afternoons/evenings) where seats are limited.
  • The Bayern Ticket Nacht is valid on journeys between 6pm and 6am the following morning. It costs € 23 for one person and an additional € 3 for each additional passenger, up to a maximum of five persons.
  • The Bayern-Böhmen Ticket has the same conditions as the Bayern Ticket but also includes the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic - as far as Plzen. The ticket costs € 28 for one passenger plus € 6.60 for each additional passenger, up to a maximum of five persons.
There is a "family rule" applying for all Bayern Ticket versions. (Grand-)Children under 15 years of age related to the first adult traveller on the ticket - this is the one who has to write his/her name on the ticket - travel for free. Using the "family rule" there can be no more than 2 adults (= 15 years of age or older) on one Bayern Ticket. It plays no role if the 2nd adult on the ticket is related with the children or not.Small dogs travel for free if in a transport cage; large dogs count as an additional adult. A bicycle can be carried with the purchase of a "Bayern Fahrradkarte" for € 5.50. This is valid all day on the same trains as the Bayern Ticket.

When purchased online, bahn.bonus (the Deutsche Bahn reward scheme) points are awarded with the purchase of any of the Bayern Tickets.


The Bayern Ticket is valid on all regional trains in Bavaria; RB, RE and IRE of DB (Deutsche Bahn) and the trains of non-DB railways like Meridian, BOB, ALX etc. Not covered are long distance trains, i.e. IC (InterCity), EC (EuroCity), ICE (InterCityExpress) and RJ (railjet). It is additionally valid on all S-Bahn, U-Bahn, tram and city bus routes throughout Bavaria, including the MVV in Munich, the Verkehrsverbund Nürnberg (VGN), the Augsburger Verkehrs- und Tarifverbundes (AVV) and many more. It is also valid on virtually all rural bus services in Bavaria.

Train times can be found on the Deutsche Bahn website. Select "Only local transport" ("Nur Nahverkehr") to limit your search to trains on which the Bayern Ticket is valid.

The ticket is also valid as far as Salzburg and Kufstein in Austria, as well as Sonneberg in Thuringia and Ulm in Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is also valid on the Zugspitzbahn between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Grainau, on the Lindau to Memmingen stretch via Kißlegg and on the Außerfernbahn between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Kempten via Reutte. It can additionally be used to gain reduced admission at over 100 attractions in Bavaria.

At weekends, the Schönes Wochenende Ticket can be used for small-group travel throughout Germany on regional trains. In Austria, the "Einfach Raus Ticket" is a similar offer, costing € 33 for two plus € 4 for each additional passenger up to a maximum of five persons on one ticket, again for use on regional trains after 9am or all day at weekends.

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