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Barbeque locations

At the far Northern end of the English Gardens, up near Studentenstadt, is a small green area next to a stream where barbequeing is offically allowed. There are even two specially built "Grilling Zones" where the ground is cobbled with stone. Choose to do your BBQ'ing here and you will be safe from the Grill Polizei

Map from hot-maps.de. Reproduced with permission.

To find this area take the U-Bahn U6 north to Studentenstadt. Exit the train, go down the steps off the platform, turn right and continue along the subway which goes under the main road. You'll emerge above ground on the junction of Ungererstrasse and Grasmeiertrasse. Walk to the end of Grasmeiertr., and then at the end continue walking in the same direction along the wooded path. Keep heading in the same direction and after a couple of minutes you reach a bridge over a stream. Don't traverse the bridge but instead turn left, following the stream. The BBQ spots are directly there, on that large grassy area next to the stream.

Remember to clean up after yourselves when leaving!looking for a location to hold a company barbeque (for about 30 people). Needs to be close to public transport and legal... Any ideas? Seems the place in the north of the english garden near studentenstadt could be one option... Is it allowed in the hirschgarten? thanks.

It's allowed in Hirschgarten. There are designated barbequing 'pits'. Another good spot is just south of the bridge in Thalkirchen (on the island). It's close to the UBahn (U3) and it's legal. My fav spot is just north of the covered bridge near St. Emmeran on the east bank of the Isar

Yes, Hirshgarten is very popular for BBQs. You get a huge number of Turkish families in there so if you're going make sure you've plenty of kit otherwise you'll be completely outclassed. These guys bring absolutely everything down to armchairs and carpets. One of the Englisher Garden spots where we grilled last year ( see pics) would probably be ideal for you too.

Westpark also has a number of areas for BBQing. Again it can can very crowded down there.

had bbq under the bridge at thalkirchen yesterday, dead good location

Yesterday we grilled in the Studentenstadt area...lots of spots to pick from and not too crowded. Was really nice

Thanks for the quick feedback folks. Much appreciated

can you not just set up anywhere in the park? i just read something about not being able to BBQ on the balcony either

No not just anywhere usually. On the balcony you may not use coal BBQs, gas and electricity are fine.

Check out this link... - Official information on BBQ Munich (everything you wanted to know about public bbq-ing in München) If you can't understand the german, just look at the nice maps under "Übersicht der Grillzonen" Fasaneriesee is close to Fasanerie s-bahn station, but as this is the north west side of Munich, it may not be convieient for everyone.

Yes this is a very cute little spot on the lake...we decided to cycle out there and around the lake a few weeks ago. But man were the people packed in...large families...and what seemed like a million barbeques. Absolutely no space to be found. For a large group I would recommed getting there early

Thanks. that's perfect

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Top Tip: There is now a BEER COURIER!!!! It's a guy who cycles along the Isar

Well that's great, but a group of friends of mine were out on the Isar

Ah well you see the thing is that the Munich Police have very strict guidelines on BBQ's, Grills, Brai or whatever you want to call them. Apparently (and please correct me if I am wrong) you are not allowed to make a fire directly on the ground or stones on the Isar

All the official information about barbequeing in Munich this summer is online here: Grillen in Münchens Grünanlagen ...but it's only in German. The essential info in English is as follows:Grilling only allowed in clearly marked areas on the banks of the Isar

Anyone rember the headline story on the front of the TZ last year about the "Grill Polizei" ? Yeah good old Munich police has a special unit to make sure you have the right mustard with your sausage and don't eat a Weisswurst after midday. The rules as they are are far too restrictive, I can't see why BBQs are banned between the Reichenbachbrücke and Wittelsbachebrücke for example.

Most of those rules seem fairly reasonable, but: Why?

Drunken fire risk? P

no, they are just fascists and made up that rule to annoy us. don't worry, i saw people using tables last week and the police didn't stop them. I think it is because people take shitty old stuff with them to use it and then dump it, so they just banned it for everyone to make sure. Apparently the locals along the river complained about all the stuff being dumped after grill nights, not everyone is "brav" and uses the bins...

Problem with the bins is that Munich ity Council doesn't empty them enough! Once a week is OK in the winter but they need emptying several times a day in the summer! And how many people actually live near the river compared to the number of people who want to get out into a bit of green and have a BBQ and a beerß Fucking NIMBYs!

This weekend me and a few mates wanted to have a bbq on the Isar

TT Isar BBQ Party

tis wierd, cos we went walking along the Isar

Screw the rules! The Germans have far too many! Me and my mates bbq in the English Garden which is verboten (the German's favorite word ) and haven't been told off yet. The plan is to play the dumb tourist routine if the Polizei come to bust up our bbq. Or we could bribe them with a bratwurst and some Augustiner Helles. Maybe that would work? But you are allowed to bbq on the Isar

Hiya münchen.de (so the City Council)'s guide to BBQ. Public areas where BBQs are allowed have signs up to indicate this but you can get a downloadable leaflet from the link above. Here are some parts of the info summarised in English: You may only grill with charcoal or gas in a usual grill. Nothing else. One-way grills are fine (the Wal-Mart ones with the flip-out legs are excellent I find). You are not allowed to build a fire that has direct ground contact due to safety and enviromental reasons. No tables, beer banks, proper chairs, pavillions or pagodas are allowed - it is a natural area, not yer living room. A small removable sunshade is probably OK, a big beer garden brolly isn't. You must keep about 10m distance away from trees and dried-out grass (fire risk), take all your rubbish with you when you leave (or place it in the bin provided - yes you should also divide your rubbish - this is for safety and enviromental reasons) and keep the noise down as there are people living nearby. Around the Isar

Tub of vaseline, some rubber gloves, and a copy of "farmer boy weekly" would be more successful.

Don't you be giving country boy policemen's secrets away there don_riina ! Was in the papers last week (Süddeutsche) that the cops are preparing a big BBQ crackdown with on the spot cash fines!

Cheers for the warning. How much is the fine?

Oops! Sorry!

I heard it was 60€ per person present!

Damn! 60€ per person! I might have to rethink my illegal activites then. Well at least the bbq one

Having a company BBQ there on Thursday night. These are the rules as explained to me: The City forbids the installation of tables, benches and tents, as well as open fire, and prefers that disposable dishes are not used. Please bring cushion, blankets, cups/mugs/plates/utensils, torch and any other things you may need: sun creame, sun protection, protection... I guess you can see why. If they had no rules, the place would end up looking like Littlehampton. Call me a cynic, but I think if us humans were allowed to do what we wanted, the whole place would go to rats. So, probably in a minority, I think it’s a good idea to get people to be responsible when it comes to being outdoors. Not all of us are responsible enough to take our shit home with us; the police are just accepting that by making people bring their own things from home, they’ll not throw their own shit away.

Had a brilliant evening down at the Isar

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