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Apartments in Munich

A typical Munich apartment block
Apartments in Munich are more difficult to find than in many other cities in Germany or worldwide. Munich is a desirable place to live and demand for accommodation is greater than the supply. Having said that, it is certainly not impossible to find somewhere and it's still much easier than London. You just have to invest some time and energy into your search. And of course, everywhere has its price. If you come loaded with money you can quickly find exactly the place you want. If your budget is tight you will have to work harder to secure something.

The remainder of this page provides information specific to Munich. For general information regards apartment rental throughout Germany, see the related page: Apartment rental in Germany.

Typical rental prices

Apartments in Munich typically cost €15 to €20 rent per square meter per month.

Some example prices as of 2019 are:
  • One room apartment, 30m2: circa €500
  • Two room apartment, 50m2: circa €900
  • Four room apartment, 100m2: circa €2,000
Of course all prices vary according to the usual factors such as location, state of the building, and so on. Note that these price guidelines are for unfurnished apartments in Munich only. For furnished apartments you can expect to pay up to double depending on what's offered. Be aware that unfurnished usually means no kitchen included, not even a sink. Sometimes the previous residents have bought a fitted kitchen and try to negotiate selling this to you with the price. Apartments/flats are rented either cold or warm but the warm price does not include the electricity. Remember to ask if there are any duties such as snow clearing or corridor cleaning involved and if there is a building fee too.

Additionally, the city of Munich publishes a price index for rental apartments, called a "Mietspiegel" in German, at: mietspiegel-muenchen.de

Comparing city districts

A typical apartment block in Munich's Berg am Laim districtThe most expensive apartments in Munich are to be found in the following areas: the old town (in German: Altstadt), Lehel, Schwabing, Neuhausen, Isarvorstadt, Maxvorstadt, Glockenbachviertel, and Haidhausen. These are the most desirable areas to live as they are all fairly central and have good facilities for shopping, sport, nightlife, and U-Bahn connections.

Slightly cheaper, but by no means undesirable, are: Giesing, Sendling, Thalkirchen, Freimann, Bogenhausen, Laim, Gern, Milbertshofen, Berg am Laim, and Moosach.

Then if you are prepared to live on the edge of the city there is: Neuperlach, Haar, Trudering, Harlaching, Forstenried, Obermenzing, Pasing and various others. Many of these places are on the S-Bahn line and therefore easily reached from the city centre.

See the full page on Munich city districts.

Desirable Apartment Features

The most desirable, and thus expensive, apartments in Munich are those that come with the following features:

  • Proximity to a Munich U-Bahn station
  • A balcony or terrace
  • A recently renovated old building (German word: 'Altbau')
  • Wooden flooring (German word: 'Parkettboden')
  • Proximity to some green area (the English Gardens is particularly sought after)
  • Nearby shopping facilities
  • ...etc.

Rental Agencies

A typical apartment block in Munich's Neuhausen district

Mr. Lodge - Apartments in Munich - with over 20 years of experience, 12 different languages spoken, and more than 60 employees, Mr. Lodge receives more than 5,000 apartment requests each year, from more than 2,000 companies and institutions. And with over 3,000 successfully rented out objects every year, Mr. Lodge is the biggest agency for furnished apartments in and around Munich and the biggest company in this sector in Germany. Whether you are searching for a studio, a flat, a spacious apartment, an exclusive business suite, or even an idyllic house - photos and a video presentation are obligatory for all Mr. Lodge properties, in addition to all important details and information on the surrounding areas. They offer over 150 daily updated furnished apartments in Munich's top areas that can be rented for 3 to 36 months, not only on their own website, but also on all major property internet portals.

Relocation agencies

A "rental agency" can assist in finding a place to live. A "relocation agency", on the other hand, can provide assistance with accomodation plus all the other issues involved in moving to a new city. They will provide help with official paperwork, residence and work permits, finding schools for children, schools for learning German, registration for utilities, taxes, and so on. Of course, using a relocation agency does involve a fee. However this can often be well worth the money when considering how they can make the transition to a foreign country so much easier, smoother, and less painful.

Private Adverts - Where to Search

Privately let apartments can be found via various newspaper and online advertisements. Some of the best sources for finding apartments in Munich are as follows. Note that many of the adverts found in these sources are commission free. Equally many, however, come with a commission to be paid to the agent. This commission is typically 2 or 3 months cold rent plus 19% VAT value-added tax (yes, it really is that expensive).

Kurz & Fündig - a printed small ads paper published on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is available from just about any newsagent and costs a couple of Euros. This is the first paper that people turn to when looking for apartments in Munich. There is also an online edition (click the link) but you have to dial a premium rate telephone number to get all the details on each advert you're interested in.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bavaria's main broadsheet newspaper, also carries classified adverts for rooms and apartments to rent. It has fewer adverts than Kurz und Fündig but is still useful. The day to get the paper is Fridays.

Immobilien Scout24 - an online exchange for apartments in Munich and the rest of Germany.

TT Accommodation Classifieds - Don't forget Toytown Munich's own classified ads section which is the most active English language accommodation exchange in Munich. Browse the accommodation offered category to read about currently available apartments in Munich and then maybe post to the accommodation wanted category as well.

Further information

For further information regarding apartment rental in Germany in general, not specific to Munich or any other city or region, see apartment rental in Germany. Includes information on advertisement abbreviation conventions, and advice for negotiating the contract and setting up telephone and other facilities.
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