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Albert Einstein

The year 1905 was Einstein's "miraculous year". Between March and September Albert Einstein published three important papers which have since influenced all of modern physics. He spent most of his childhood in Munich, between the ages of 1 and 15.

Einstein was born in Ulm in 1879 where his family lived at Bahnhofstraße 20. With the boom that followed the demonstration of the commercially viable incandescent lamp by Thomas Edison in 1879, Einstein's father and uncle founded the company J. Einstein & Cie on October 12, 1880. The Einstein family registerd in Munich on 21 June of that same year.

The Einstein brothers were the first to provide electric lighting to the Oktoberfest and provided electric light to Munich's Schwabing district before losing the contract for providing electric light to the entire city of Munich to a competing company from Nürnberg. Albert Einstein himself once had a job as an Electrician's assistant cabling the Schottenhammel Oktoberfest tent.

In Munich, the family lived registered on 21 June, 1880 at Müllerstraße 3, on the 3rd floor before moving to a new residence at Rengerweg 14 (now Adlzreiterstraße) next to Goetheplatz and close to the the new factory building. He did not ever live in Einsteinstraße, which is named for him.

At age six (1885) Einstein enrolled at the Petersschule at Blumenstraße 61 on Sendlinger Tor. This school still exists today. (Is this definitely true?)

Three years later (1888, age 9) he began attending a Munich school called Luitpold Gymnasium (Luitpold secondary school). In 1965 the school's name was changed to "Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium". This school still exists today. More information (in German): www.aeg.musin.de

There is another Luitpold-Gymnasium which was founded in 1891. This is at Seeaustraße 1 in Lehel but it was never attended by Einstein. Yes, I know it's confusing. More info (in German): home.netsurf.de/lpg

The Einstein family business (J. Einstein & Cie) failed in 1894 after betting on direct instead of alternating current. The family liquidated the company's german assets and then moved to Milan, Italy to continue the company there. Albert stayed behind in Munich until 1895, at which time the family business had also failed in Italy and the entire family, including Albert, moved to Zürich. It was in Zürich that he published most of his later important papers.

From 5.May.2005 there is a special Einstein exhibit at Munich's Deutsches Museum.

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