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1 posts, 18:52 yesterday
After reading some of the hilarious DIY jobs from lockdown and also the horror stories from some on threads about not being able to explain what you want I thought I’d mention this here. I have…
12 posts, 14 April
A lot of the links lead in circles to what must be unfinished web design... I can't get to anywhere you can actually order stuff online. Shame. But otherwise, yea Asialaden usually have a Latin…
8 posts, 13 April
Morning. Old post but I'm hoping there are still some people looking... We have three boys ages 6, 3, and 1. Looking for fellow english speakers to hang out with in and around Kiel.
10 posts, 12 April
Germany is big on the "Dr." titles, especially if the German has such a title. :-) But I think everyone should be respected. Mechanics and landscapers as much as lawyers. For sure, any service…
59 posts, 7 April
Personally, I prefer Hamburg to Berlin. But I've only gone to either city once each, and we had my mother-in-law with us when we went to Berlin. I love my MIL, but we didn't get to see or do as much…
2 posts, 1 April
Hello, I am Suneel, moved recently to Konstanz and looking forward to meeting some Indians in Konstanz. May be for casual catchup or sports or some beers :-) Regards, Suneel
13 posts, 1 April
Are you looking for a spot in Bavaria? Unfortunately the Bundessprachenamt has a time lag. Often the “Referate,” or locations around the country, will need teachers, but the central authority…
6 posts, 31 March
As soon as you find a flat, look at schools and check which Bezirk you are in for Grundschule kids, or choose which secondary school you would like (if they'll have you) and approach the school. They…
13 posts, 28 March
That - and before buying I´d like to know whether there are outstanding debts to the community of owners which may never be paid. Which might mean the remaining owners could find themselves holding…
14 posts, 22 March
You should definitely take the few days you need. Go to the doctor and get the certificate. Once you're feeling better go back to work, finish off your projects and hand them off. Document as much as…
78 posts, 18 March
If it's 4.50GBP then €5 is a good price. I have heard id Knipp bunt not Pinkel and have tasted neither. I don't think they are available around here. If I have to travel somewhere I can just go to…
6 posts, 18 March
You might want to consider going for an English/German Kita, if available in your area. We had no luck with the German only ones but with the English/German one we found having an English speaking…
17 posts, 17 March
Ah, I think I see the misunderstanding now, alderhill. I am not trying to rush out at all, but rather determine what a good period of time is to keep working with them specifically because I have…
1 posts, 17 March
Hi Everyone, The company I work for, ThinkParQ, a start up from Fraunhofer (ITWM), is currently looking for a sales assistant to join our team. Position is home office and preferably in the near…
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