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9 posts, 13:33 hrs
Not to rain on your parade, but the title was "Christian churches in Karlsruhe". AFAIK Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, the Angel Moroni and holy underwear go well beyond the accepted Protestant…
4 posts, 19 November
Same here. Also from Mannheim. Have you heard/had any progress yet? I was told by a Sacharbeiter that I should mail in my application.. I just did it yesterday. I found out that my country, Malaysia,…
26 posts, 17 November
Was it explained to you by the lawyer what happened i.e. what that notice means. What did the lawyer say the daughter or granddaughter did? Meaning, what exactly is Erbschaft ausgeschlagen?
6 posts, 12 November
Is there any firecracker shop in Rostock? I checked online, but the courier service will take longer. I need just some very simple, soundless, safe for children party firecrackers. There are some…
7 posts, 12 November
Yes, I totally agree on this, I think that is the point of the system, to make tradespeople scarce and make sure that they are packed with work, also create laws to enforce the use of them, which I…
13 posts, 12 November
Everywhere we have good and evil. Rostock was under East Germany influence and still now, it is not much developed, compared with other part of Germany. Sometimes it is hard for the locals to accept…
5 posts, 10 November
Thank you so much we decided to wait 6 minths more and i hope i can get it on time. In the worst case ill stay maybe until i get my Einbürgerung. My process may last longer, i read on internet in…
11 posts, 8 November
Just wanted to add that I pulled my criminal record information because I needed the papers for the job that I found, funny thing is there is no single thing in there! I was so happy when I saw that…
1 posts, 8 November
New to Germany. Single daddy with baby girl. Would love to meet new people and build a new network of friends. Ex IT manager for the uk government. Ex motorcyclist (see above 😃). Ex traveller.
1 posts, 8 November
Hi, If you're male with US roots and are interested in having a beer and may become friends with someone who has the US citizenship but never lived abroad then it would be nice to hear from you.
25 posts, 5 November
Hi I just wanted to let you know that we found an apartment :). The best was to call if a phone number was available and/or just include all your information (contract, visa, etc). They were…
21 posts, 4 November
There is a large Primark in Stuttgart and also a C&A. Both stores are in the city centre. Primark Königstrasse 27-27a 70173 Stuttgart stores.primark.com/de_de... C&A…
6 posts, 3 November
I just did a quick check on USPS - it gave me an estimate far less than yours. $71.45. You might want to have a look there or check out other carriers. It still seems wildly overpriced - but I'm not…
8 posts, 29 October
So I got this sorted out in the end. Our insurance basically provided cursory backup but had no involvement as the other driver admitted fault and we were dealing directly with them. Our…
21 posts, 29 October
Oldenburg is a student city, a collector city for the surrounding rural areaa, and is commutable from Bremen, plus is considered a good place generally. As such, rent is not cheap, though of course…
19 posts, 27 October
Yes, but you have to know what is required, eg if you go somewhere and want to come back, you could buy an out ticket and a return ticket, if the machine just stamps both tickets then you have just…
20 posts, 27 October
Bwooaaahh! yes, if only I had a spare 5k lay around with nothing to do! these things were actually my inspiration, but I come from a family of sidecar racers and I've always wanted to make a cool…
33 posts, 27 October
After Randstad, Manpower and Adecco are two other significant generalists. Hays are also fairly large in Germany, and then there's Persona Service. A google search on any of them will give you their…
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