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4 posts, 1 February
Only the short route, not the longer, which looks awesome. We had snow and incredible wind and were advised by the dude at the top to carry our smallest children and not let go, which was kind of…
6 posts, 23 January
Yes, as mentioned above. I did number 1 and 2. I didn't face any issues after this incident but just kept the police report as proof. Just be sure to bring your own report to the police station…
7 posts, 20 January
Supporting your family abroad can be tax deductible (up to 8.004 Euro a year), but you have to submit a lot of paperwork to prove that they really need your support, are not able to work (e.g. are…
12 posts, 12 January
Interest rates will cause the increase in prices in the Speckgürtel to pause a while but I suspect they will generally continue their upward trend as Berlin plays catch up with other cities that…
34 posts, 11 January
Pricewise? Furgeddaboudit. Over the top eye wateringly expensive. We are talking about 500.000 for a one bedroom pokeyhole to buy and north of a grand to rent, add up to 400 people coming for a…
2 posts, 9 January
Hi, I'm looking at a similar situation myself. I called TK and they said they consider earnings as averaged over the whole year as provided in the tax report. The limits for earned income while…
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