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17 posts, 16:47 hrs
Not really. As per the suggestions, I have called the station prior and inquired if this works. Also, I got information from the customer service in form of mail which I took in printed form. I guess…
1 posts, 13:51 hrs
Hallo there, I am considering buying a home in Viernhiem, close to the innenstadt (within 1km) and starting a family there. I am African and fiance is German. Is there anyone with experience…
8 posts, 18:34 yesterday
Depends on what you are talking about when you say "treat". A good Hausarzt is capable of running the appropriate tests to find the cause and prescribe. Or refer you to the right specialist.
5 posts, 15:20 yesterday
If you already have your regulator and hose, wouldn't an adapter be enough? Something like this: gasproducts.co.uk/carava... Notice I am asking so I am not sure this would be enough.
8 posts, 00:39 yesterday
abhishekzspace, Obi and Bauhaus have them. I purchased some earlier in the year when fixing the trap on the bathroom sink. Take the old one with you so you get the correct diameter. S.
13 posts, 31 May
See LeonG's answer above. Ask for the U2 form as soon as possible as it takes a while to set up. It helps if you have an address where you will be staying in the next country.
24 posts, 31 May
Do you have any advice to offer to OP or do you just come here to trash people? Anyway the VHS thing is good advice also, I've meet a couple cool people there. I'm not sure the volunteer thing is an…
4 posts, 30 May
I have also shipped stuff by post between countries: from Germany to Johannesburg, from Johannesburg to North Wales. And I used those nice yellow boxes you can get from the post office here.
6 posts, 30 May
If you would give your location, someone might make a recommendation. Are you renting by any chance? Our landlord had someone come around and snake our pipes once at no cost to us.
7 posts, 29 May
Thank you all so much! I had glanced through Kleinanzeigen. I did not have a breed in mind yet, as I was not sure what is available around here. My books covered American breeds. Thanks to everyone,…
3 posts, 29 May
translate.googleusercont... I've no idea but a quick Google would suggest that you make a sale contract (which you can download from the web), immediately cancel your insurance and then…
23 posts, 29 May
You made me laugh again with the Mafia joke. I don't feel Noblesse oblige really fits the situation. I'm generally popular with the local people as I do things for and with them and I am…
4 posts, 27 May
I think ‘um’ means that during social restrictions, meeting in person isn’t possible yet. Maybe you can make contacts online and meet in future when there are less restrictions. All the best.
58 posts, 25 May
Interesting! Thanks no chance to ask for a week holiday in between the 2 she was very clear she did not wanted me to have a gap. I was never sick this long so I didnt know the why of that. I am…
21 posts, 24 May
For Aachen try this:- aachen.de/de/stadt_buerg... For nrw in general try this:- schulministerium.nrw.de/... And for a leaflet in English about schools in NRW try this :-…
16 posts, 21 May
I have never heard of sex toys for male masturbation! Inflatable doll thingies- yes. Do you need a toy for that?😂 Wouldn’t a picture of your favourite politician do the trick? 💋😀
19 posts, 20 May
What about fishing with dynamite? Was done by the Amis in 1945 and we kids were waiting for it to get real fish ( not the biggest one, mind you) As for handling explosives we kids were experts in…
21 posts, 17 May
Thank you for taking the time to respond. Could you tell me more about the Allgäu route? Where would I find more info about it? Yes, we've googled our little hearts out, looked on all…
2 posts, 16 May
My friend was living in a shared student dorm where the radio tax was being paid by her room-mate and my friend used to give her share every quarter to the actual payer. Now , she has moved to a…
1 posts, 15 May
Hey all, So my wife and I recently moved to Offenburg and our first born child was born here too. We have settled in but are still looking to expand our social circle. With that said as I work in…
14 posts, 13 May
Ok, I will bite. Last October. The time before that was 2015. Now you -when did you last make an appointment to view an apartment? Aren't pissing contests fun? Now can you make your point (if…
2 posts, 12 May
You will have to pay the extra fee for applying at your new residence. And also have to do the paperwork. I did my theory, first aid, and eye sight test in Frankfurt, but then I moved to Munich. My…
9 posts, 7 May
Is there any special reason you think it is a good idea to move to a foreign country in the middle of a global pandemic? Not automatically. The exact procedure varies by state, however,…
15 posts, 6 May
Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour. This principle also applies to the employment relationship. In Germany, under Section 276 (1) sentence 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB), the debtor is…
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