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2 posts, 8 June
Hi Zorba, There is a St. Georges school in Duisburg, International School Düsseldorf and International School am Rhein in Neuss. There's also an international school in Essen. I am not aware of…
25 posts, 2 June
when the gesundheitsamt come knocking, and they see you are not at home, and you get the fine - how do you convince them that you were at your kleingarten and not (for EG) anywhere else that you…
1 posts, 1 June
Hi there, I'm a British/American wom... married to a German guy, and mum to a 7 year old boy looking for any other English speaking mums or dads of school-aged kids in the general area for…
5 posts, 31 May
?? rubbish bins are common. manhole covers are common. subterranean bin-area ? what? If it is on a public road, start out with the Strassen- und Tiefbauamt. If the cover belongs to another…
2 posts, 25 May
Looking at my Portuguese Vaccine booklet, i need to take my tetanus shot ( i work with metal repairs ) do i just have to go to the clinic or something else? will they stamp my Portuguese booklet,…
6 posts, 25 May
Good luck with everything. Even if you do get into Karlsruhe, it's better one partner commutes for a while rather than both forever. Besides, there are regular train connections between Stuttgart and…
1 posts, 25 May
I will be moving to Ochsenfurt, Würzburg in September. Can anyone help to let me know good gyms with affordable prices? A link will be helpful. Any help will be appreciated.
7 posts, 21 May
I also believe that legal insurance incl. the option tenant law is often more efficient since plenty of Mietervereine are overloaded with enqueries and cases and are not able to respond/act in a…
16 posts, 18 May
Pork bones, pork shoulder, pork belly, pig trotters and lard are all common stuff here. Even bacon (the recipe is only needs a tiny bit, so any German raw schinken will be a fine substitute).
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