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1 posts, 25 November
Hello all, I am moving to Germany from Zurich. Unfortunately, I have not owned the car for 6 months as yet (I had no idea I might move when I bought the car). I was wondering if it would still be…
18 posts, 23 November
Regarding the gay scene, like pretty much everywhere in the western world, homophobia is on the increase. Cologne is probably the most renowned gay-friendly city in Germany, and even there…
64 posts, 21 November
I‘ve tried quite hard to understand your problem (and do have some English legal training) but it‘s quite hard to establish what you‘re really looking to gain here whilst also retaining your quite…
15 posts, 16 November
The booster shot/ Erfrischungsimpfung: I phoned up my normal doctor's practice today and got an appointment straight away for this week. No questions about age or eligibilty, apart of course for…
2 posts, 14 November
The Steuerberaterkammer of your Bundesland will list "Fachberater für internationales Steuerrecht" on their website (including info on which country they're specialized in). Just pick one who focuses…
1 posts, 2 November
I am looking for watermeal to cultivate for my fish and bird (would try to eat it myself too). Currently what i hav got is duckweed instead of watermeal. watermeal i heard has got higher protein…
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EXPLAINED: How dental care works in Germany

EXPLAINED: How dental care works in Germany

You may have an idea how most healthcare in Germany works – but what about dental care? Dental work can be complex and it isn’t always easy to understand the costs involved. If you're an international resident and you haven't exactly mastered German dental vocabulary, it may be even more difficult!

Living in Germany: The new app helping you live like a local

Living in Germany: The new app helping you live like a local

If the last 18 months has taught us anything in Germany, it's that we've often overlooked what's right in front of us. From coffee roasteries to microbreweries and much more besides, Germans are embracing the 'hyperlocal' to live more sustainably and support their communities. Find out how you can join in.