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1 posts, 17:39 yesterday
Hello, everyone, We are currently residing in the Northern Germany but planning to move to the Hof district (a small town Bad Steben), Upper-Franconia. We have visited the area and nature-wise…
3 posts, 24 June
Since our esteemed leader  is out of the country in July I have been nominated to organise the meet-up for next month. Sign-up list for the next DUMB, on Friday, 12th July at 7:00 PM 1.
3 posts, 21 June
Wow, i-jalapeno, I am in exactly the same position except the hof that my house is on has two houses, the second of which I bought seven years ago so now I need an English speaking lawyer with…
15 posts, 20 June
What happens to the condition for naturalization of 8 cont. years in Germany - if you stayed 5 months in between abroad? First of all, under the AufenthG residence... permits can also become…
6 posts, 20 June
Maybe the other owners think they have found some chumps to pay for their new garden they have neglected for the past few years. All the more reason to let the mieterverein deal with them.
1 posts, 20 June
Events in June 20 - 23 06.2019 Musikverein Hofen Sommerfest with a Welsh Brass Band from Cardiff. Sommerfest beim Musikverein Stuttgart-Hofen: Das bedeutet vier Tage lang Bombenstimmung,…
1 posts, 17 June
I'm looking desperately to start or join a play group near Oldenburg.. Any moms here with kids around one year old? I'd love to meet up and start a playgroup with English/bilingual speakers.
7 posts, 17 June
Hey man, it's in Koln but you can go to this place isar-koeln.de/ueber-uns/... They speak a bunch of languges, including English. Just ask for whatever language you want. You pay 80 or 90€…
4 posts, 16 June
I wouldnt worry about it. Those longer lasting condoms have that stuff in it and its for sale here. FYI, small doses of depression medications are used in the states to help your issue. possibly you…
31 posts, 16 June
If you go for the pflegestufe antrag, you should tell them they need to show their abilities on a bad day when they are assessed, not try their hardest to look fit. We did this for my mom and she was…
3 posts, 14 June
Good for him! You know many years ago I saw something similar in Stockholm. We were waiting for the S-Bahn on a fairly quiet station and heard a scream turned to see a pram falling off the…
13 posts, 13 June
Hi everyone, So I've posted this before and you may have seen it already but I moved to Germany from Australia in 2015 and began working for Phorms Education as an English teacher - Phorms helped me…
7 posts, 12 June
Hey guys, I know this post is really old but for what it's worth, I came to Heilbronn with zero German and Phorms Education really helped me. I've been working for them since 2015 and we are always…
1 posts, 12 June
Hello everyone, I'm new here and did some research on related houses and school posts, but would still appreciate any advice to see if there could be anything wrong on my plan or thought. I…
2 posts, 12 June
The FIS is the only international school in the Nürnberg/Erlangen area. It´s exceedingly expensive, so I would try to get your employer to pay for it as part of your package. As far as quality of…
14 posts, 10 June
I live in Dusseldorf, and I'm very confused about recycling. Paper, Cardboard, Glass, and Bio matter I understand - communal roadside bins. tick. Taking plastic bottles (e.g. water) back to the…
1 posts, 7 June
Hello, I am a 20 year old student moving to Jena, Germany for 8 weeks this summer to do research at the university. As I cannot obtain a work visa for such a short stay, I would like to make some…
4 posts, 3 June
Just to let everyone know as there are too many views already on this post. Yes it is possible to initiate processing for Blue card for your new employer if you are on ICT. Just submit each and…
16 posts, 31 May
that's a freaking mouthful. I'm not sure which state is the "first-mentioned contracting state". But, irregardless, it seems 19.1 is clearer and resolves OP's issue (as he said), that government…
8 posts, 30 May
Hi there I’m living near Landshut (Kumhausen) and was interested to know if English speaking families in the area with kids around the age of 7-9 were interested to meet up. Looking forward to your…
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Photo of the Day: The naked moped rider stopped by German police

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38 injured by high levels of chlorine at Hesse swimming pool

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German word of the day: Digga

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