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1 posts, 15:14 yesterday
01.10 - 09.10.2022 Stuttgarter Beer Festival and fair Cannstatterwasen Fellbacher Herbst 07.10-10.10.2022 Take the U1 and get out at Schwabenlandhalle for the fair. Remain seated to the last stop…
13 posts, 2 October
So, the second survey officer turned up yesterday, 1 week earlier than the actual appointment... She then complained that none of her other appointments, in our building, were at home... D'oh!
6 posts, 27 September
People think that Germany is a modern urban country but a lot of it is quite rural and traditional, small towns are perhaps more typical than big cities. I like the sheep, their slight odor…
7 posts, 24 September
Thanks for the tips everyone. I'm definitely looking to get the dehumidifier to help out. I should add, while there are water pipes in the ceiling that lead to the radiators on the main floor, there…
1 posts, 22 September
We’ve just officially moved into our new still-under-construction... home this week. I thought a good way to say hello to everyone - neighbors that we know and don’t know yet - would be to do a New…
2 posts, 16 September
16.09.2022 THW Rock Night 7.00 p.m. 18.09.2022 Open Day at THW  Zuletzt haben wir im Jahr 2019 unsere Pforten geöffnet und gemeinsam unseren Tag der offenen Tür im THW Ortsverband Stuttgart zu…
3 posts, 15 September
There will be an exhibition in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the town hall in Stuttgart on Saturday 17.09.2022.  Viewing times: 11.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m.  Rathaus Stuttgart Marktplatz…
1 posts, 12 September
There is a condolence book for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the British Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart. Opening times are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 12:00 p.m until  September 19th.
717 posts, 8 September
Hi all! I used to belong to this meetup group in Kiel up until I left to move to England in 2016. I'm back in Kiel again and would love to meet up with other English speakers for a drink, meal etc.
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US midterms: With a month to go, have you registered to to vote?

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Winter is coming: How to stay happy and healthy

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