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13 posts, 7 April
And logged in once to ask a question and then never came back! But it's a great future reference, I see tons of questions on FB groups and always direct people to TT for answers
2 posts, 6 April
Hi Everyone, I know this has been asked a number of times over the years, but I'm hoping for some updated information. I'm looking for a therapist in the Dusseldorf area, though I'm willing…
21 posts, 3 April
Saxony has an extensive FAQ on its Coronavirus website. Perhaps Bayern does too? coronavirus.sachsen.de/h... In Sachsen it is allowed to visit your Kleingaerten with people from your household
46 posts, 1 April
Hey Kunha, This story will make you feel much better. I'm run an IT company in the US and started doing business in Germany back in '15 so I my visits were very often. I decided to get an…
2 posts, 1 April
I am sure both have their impact but i would not go so far to say it is only the wood stoves. Another question would be how many accomodations do have wood stoves and how much emission produces one?
20 posts, 31 March
If you need rather short boards, you could use pallets. Euro Paletten are the reusable ones that cost money/a deposit and lots of people use for furniture etc. Also sometimes treated, i think.
1 posts, 30 March
Hi fellow Aacheners, I have a Monatskarte Abo with ASEAG that I use to travel to work which is in Alsdorf ( about 16kms from Aachen Hansemannplatz) . Due to the unprecedented times we are…
1 posts, 27 March
Hey guys I just have to ask and if you can pitch in? So i was in a car accident 3 weeks ago or so- the other party was at fault crossing a red. Anyways this is what I did so far right after it…
1 posts, 26 March
What course should I be doing in university of Munster that may help me get a permanent computer/ software engineer related job in Germany. I am engineering graduate in computer science from…
145 posts, 26 March
OOPS! I guess this Old Fart, isn't as Social Media savvy as he thought! Thanks for the heads up. Sorry, I just now saw this post. I guess I really need to visit more often. Thank you!
46 posts, 21 March
Police around Heidelberg ... disbanded 12 aggregations above the cap last night, with groups numbering between 4 and 15 people. 77 people face criminal prosecution for violations of the Infection…
16 posts, 20 March
I have kids and in my former city a friend of mine had a similar situation. Just like some people adviced here. There two most important people you will need in this situation is Jurgenamt and a…
23 posts, 20 March
I have worked in Germany as a photo model, gallery model, commercial, pregnant model for outfits and so on but it was all part time.so i will be straight forward with the answer. Do you have self…
3 posts, 20 March
I moved last September to Manchester and had lot of stuff to move over. The shipping companies all had several consequences after investigation so I finally moved boxes 📦 by post. I can’t quite…
10 posts, 20 March
I use to live in Meerbusch and worked at the airport for about 6 months and it was quite accessible with personal transport.(15mins drive).There is also a very Good connection with the bus from…
2 posts, 18 March
I am confused. It sounds like you had a limited contract with the first employer, which has not (yet) been renewed. In the meantime you have an offer that would give you another two years of…
5 posts, 16 March
And more Retail: Only important stores stay open theaters, trade fairs and amusement parks close bars, clubs and discos closed Strict opening times for restaurants hotels and hospitality…
14 posts, 13 March
The school that you apply too, if this is a school not matching the recommendation, will offer an interview in which they will attempt to point out what other options there are for the kid. If you…
2 posts, 13 March
Hi there. As you have already linked yourself. Affordable prices in and around Stuttgart are a thing of the past... But you can get an Idea of prices by using one of the search engines...
1 posts, 12 March
Hello First of all sory for maybe bad English. I came to Heidelberg last week from Croatia. I would like to find some football club near town to start training or just to try some probe period.
3 posts, 11 March
Hi all, sorry for the delay with replying - I have been away offline. We are able to sponsor non EU. Also these positions can also be home office based anywhere in Germany for the right person. Full…
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