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X-Cess Bar - Munich

X-Cess Bar - Kolosseumstr. 6, 80469 Munich, Germany

This is actually my favourite bar in Munich but it's never mentioned in the lists of the 25 top bars. The reason for that is probably because it's not famous for its drinks (I'm used to drink Helles when I'm there). Instead, the cool thing at Excess Bar is that you can actually sign down in a list and be the DJ for one night. And the people going there are really relaxed - not the usual posh Munich crowd! (Review by photojenny)

X-Cess Bar
Kolosseumstr. 6
U-Bahn U1/2 to Fraunhoferstrasse

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Dec.2003   (edit this review)


For those who don't know Excess bar (0,5l Helles EUR 2,50!!), it's a very tiny relaxed place on Jahnstr. where you can sign up on a list, bring your own cds or vinyl and be the DJ for one night. I'm always impressed how tolerant the people in that place are cause some of the "DJs" really have a quite an unusual taste in music.

Posted by: "Photojenny" at 8:14 pm on 10.May.2004

Yes, it's a real nice small cosy bar. And I love the dj thingy

Posted by: "x-cessor" at 1:51 pm on 24.Nov.2005

i love that place! it's one of those pubs where anything can happen - though I've never been there sober, it's probably a lot different during daylight

Posted by: LFF at 2:14 pm on 24.Nov.2005

I just read about this Cafè in the "Abendzeitung" according to the New York Times, it's supposed to be a hip place. Is it really worth a visit? Anybody?

Posted by: "me" at 12:54 pm on 7.Feb.2006

This is the place to go just before you pass out from alcohol poisoning... good end to a rough night of drinking. I wouldn't call it "hip", "grungy but quaint" would be a more fitting description.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 4:34 pm on 16.Feb.2006

Top bar, one of my locals, gets VERY busy. Anti hip hip iykwim. Helles € 2.50 Music pretty good most nights, none of that "loungey" shite.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 5:24 pm on 16.Feb.2006

This is the kind of places where in just 15m2 you're exposed to experience a change in your life...Many crazy people together supported by one howling perestroika hatted barman wich make the womans delight with lollypops by the way...oh!,if this thing i'm writing makes no sense at all that's becouse i was yesterday 'round this beautiful place. Refuse the trendy fashionable pubs-cafes-after-lounge and enjoy the last days of the true european decadence in this wonderful place. Earth to the barmans,the world needs more people like them.

Posted by: "lomito lollypop" at 10:00 am on 23.Feb.2006

it reminds me of the hipster bars in Brooklyn. Very laid-back. Cool alternative music.

Posted by: "Dan" at 11:07 pm on 7.Apr.2006

This is a gem of a place. I popped by on my own last night and was promtly handed a glass of sekt and a lollipop and quickly became engrosed in conversation from all sides. The barman is a sweetheart and it's full of friendly, open people. I doubt there are many bars like this around.

Posted by: "Tara" at 11:40 am on 3.May.2006

A former Dönner imbis turned bar. It is always with surprises. The crowd is very casual. Not the chiky-micky style. One can enroll as a DJ and turn discs. Packed on the weekends and thursdays..a small bar and friendly staff.

Posted by: "Domnic" at 12:39 pm on 2.Mar.2007

one of the coolest place in münchen, it reminds me about small underground bar in berlin. the problem is that on weekdays it's more than packed: the place is so damn small! and to play there as a dj you have to book in aaaadvance.

Posted by: "jimb0" at 11:46 pm on 2.Mar.2007

a great place!i have just been there last week during a work related trip in munich.it was a memorable experience especially for my friends who had the most menorable vodka shot ever...they are still trying to recover from it....!ha!ha! i was talking to this really tall guy frank -a mechanical engineer in his early thirties and a local and i am still looking for him since i was suppose to give some info about travelliing to greece.anyone who may know this person it would be great if he/she gives me an idea how to find him!

Posted by: "Kristina" at 6:45 pm on 6.Mar.2007

Always had a good time at X-Cess Bar. High on flirt factor, low on agro. Only problem is because everyone likes it, it gets really full later on and you literally have to shoe-horn yourself between people to get to the bar or tiolets and back.

Posted by: Kyle1860 at 9:52 am on 27.Nov.2009

it is fantastic! great bar with a great style and excellent music (indie, rock). people there are very cool, the flirt-factor is very high.

Posted by: "mia" at 9:16 pm on 27.Feb.2010

Last night I wanted to go there but it's gone forever :(

Posted by: "Michi" at 2:33 pm on 7.Jun.2010

i was in munich/berlin/salzburg in 2008, and i will never forget this bar. it was awesome, we met an art dealer from italy named alessandro and he offered to take me and my two friends out to get drinks, and of course we said yes, and he took us to this bar, and i will never forget the nipples/boobs on the one wall when you first walk in. it was busy, and the owner was an american dude who moved to germany and he was so hospitable, and said that he knows the drinks aren't fabulous, and it's not expensive, he just wanted a cozy place for younger/hipster crowds to hang out and have fun. i definitely reccomend this place to anyone travelling through munich.

Posted by: "alex bratton NJusa" at 12:49 am on 11.Apr.2011

x-cess reopens soon next to harry klein - you can google the abendzeitung article as of today!

Posted by: "x-cess" at 8:01 am on 11.Apr.2011

I heard that DJ Schoko Geigl is booked to play a 45" Singles Set at X-Cess on Sunday 22.May.2011. If not already reopened, it will be on Sunday. The new location is Schwanthalerstr. 2. In the passage where also the Atlantis Cinema and the Harry Klein Discotheque is.

Posted by: siskebap at 10:47 pm on 19.May.2011

I've been there too, in the new x-cess, it was great.

Posted by: "Pete" at 7:53 pm on 30.Aug.2012

Apparently ive been here twice theres a stairs in it that is all I can remember!! Also apparently your allowed to dance on the tables.

Posted by: "Mike" at 5:18 am on 11.Sep.2012
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