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Wok & Roll - Munich

Wok & Roll - Steinsdorfstrasse 22, 80538 Munich, Germany

They also have an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Wok and Roll - Munich
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District: Munich Altstadt
S-Bahn to Isartor
Tel. 23708780

Review by: "Anonymous" on 20.Aug.2005   (edit this review)


Went for dinner there last night. 13.80 Euros for all you can eat buffet at night, cheaper during the day. Food was good and staff are very friendly. Quite a few Asian people eat there, which is a good sign I guess. Place is big, but does fill up quite quickly (after 7pm). There's also a take away area. Located right next to the Isar, opposite of the Deutsche Museum.

Posted by: "Dan" at 3:03 pm on 24.Aug.2005

It's great. My grilfreind demands their fried rice on a regular basis. The take out actually comes in boxes. Regular red and white chinese take out boxes. The owner is really nice too. Super people. Nice Employees. Good Presentation. Great Setting. Highly recommended.

Posted by: "Robert Johnson" at 7:53 am on 25.Aug.2005

14.80 Euros for all you can eat... hmmm, you can have this a little bit cheaper elsewhere. The sushi-rice was dry and tasted stale. The sushi is prefabed and not fresh. And at least, some of my friends get a rash or stomach pain from the food. Sorry, thats isacceptable.

Posted by: "Rainer" at 12:09 pm on 10.Oct.2005

I guess, 14,80 is acceptable. By the way the buffet comprised fish, sepia, shrimp, canard, paw paw (Papaya), etc. I believ nowhere in Munich you find the same asia-food-diversity in this category of price.

Posted by: "Gerald Brandt" at 7:11 pm on 20.Mar.2006

Comparing to the others' here experiences, I have a hugely different opinion. Attracted by the location and decor, I went to Wok & Roll for my Birthday "treat". Admitting I have not yet found good Chinese in Munich, I was hopeful but not overly optimistic. However, my friends and family were uniformly extremely disappointed. Our meal was truly terrible. The service was non-existant (couldn't get a drink, nor the check). The food on the buffet was lousy in the extreme, mostly greasy and cold. At 5 Euro per person it would have been priced about right. I guess every place can have a bad night, but I will NEVER go near this place again.

Posted by: "Dadams" at 7:04 pm on 23.Mar.2006

Ate there last night and wasn't that impressed with the place. The chicken was that fake texturised type of stuff.

Posted by: false at 1:01 pm on 16.Aug.2006

We ate here with five children and it was great. Not the food but the rotating belt where the all you can eat sushi and chinese food rolls by. The adults were able to enjoy a meal while the kids stared at food going by.. The children remained seated for more than an hour. The conveyer belts are behind plastic doors so the children's fingers can't touch anything.. they can just look and ask for different dishes. Food was ok... Not horrible but nothing extraordinary.. sushi was edible and so was the duck. I would go back for lunch especially with kids when you want to have a chat with your friends.

Posted by: "Eunomad" at 9:26 am on 26.Aug.2006

Terrible service. Terrible sushi. I went here last night with a friend. For 10 Euros we got a sushi plate with less than 2 rolls on it, and it was ice cold. We told the waiter that the sushi did not taste good and felt like it came out of the freezer. The waiter tried to explain to us that sushi is supposed to taste like that and didn't even try to order us a new plate, or to even help us. If you like sushi as ice cold as your waiters, this is your place. As for me, I will never go here again.

Posted by: strwbarie210 at 7:55 am on 8.Apr.2008

I agree with previous post. Terrible service and food in general. I was there last Sat with my wife. They had a year-old-looking sushi buffet so we went for the normal dishes. I am really into chinese food and I can say that's the worst place I have tried in Munich. Food was far too salty and industrially tasting, too much Maggie cubes I daresay... If at least it had been cheap! 43 EUR for small dimsum, two main courses and 25cl soft drinks! I'm never coming back.

Posted by: "nanobre" at 7:35 pm on 11.Apr.2008

A large group of us ate there and had the "All you can eat" midday Chinese buffet for 7.80. We were all impressed. I have had better Chinese meals but the food was hot, fresh and plenty of it. Service was also very good. I was wary of going after some of the previous comments but will certainly be returning soon

Posted by: "Satisfied Customer" at 5:23 pm on 24.Apr.2008

Had the 15,60 € Sunday brunch (the "Mongolian barbecue plus miscellaneous Chinese stuff" upstairs, not the Sushi thing downstairs). Decent food, wide variety of offerings. Nothing to complain about, IMHO.

Posted by: tom_a at 3:35 pm on 28.Dec.2008

Just in case anyone else decides to try this place - save yourself the money and effort and go somewhere else! My husband and I went to the buffet one night last week and found the food to be hot, but definitely not very fresh (think it had been sitting there for some time) and whilst you could eat as much as you wanted... there wasn't much that I did want! The service was also dire. Won't return. Expensive for really poor quality food :(

Posted by: Floral_One at 7:19 pm on 5.Mar.2011

After seeing the diversity of reviews here I was a little uneasy about trying Wok & Roll, but my lust for Chinese food won out. My wife and I went there last week and we both enjoyed the food and very pleasant service. I was in Munich again today on other business and went there again by myself. The food was hot and fresh and the service was very friendly and fast. I plan to visit them again the next time that I have occasion to go into Munich.

Posted by: Traunstein at 3:39 pm on 18.Aug.2011

Eh. You could do worse (and will do if you make the mistake of venturing into any place closer to the Tal). Decent prices, basic Cantonese/Hunan style stuff. Cheap-as-chips take-away if you just can't handle another döner or McNastyburger. Utter rubbish "unlimited rolling sushi" full of filling fried Metro no-name frozen wares and little that even the most westernised Japanese would recognise.

Posted by: BadDoggie at 9:22 am on 5.Jan.2013
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