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Wirtshaus in der Au - Munich

Wirtshaus in der Au - Lilienstr. 51, 81669 Munich, Germany

Wirsthaus in der Au - Munich

Lilienstr. 51, Haidhausen
Tel. 089 4481400
S-Bahn to Isartor then a short walk across the river.
Website: Wirtshaus in der Au

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Quality food, beer, service, atmostphere. Highly recommended.

Posted by: "Jen Canale" at 10:14 am on 7.Apr.2003

One of my favorite joints. I always get the Krustenbraten - it is excellent. The home made beer is also good. Reserve early in the week! Good to bring out of town guests too. They always appreciate it.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 10:20 am on 26.May.2003

This is my favourite Bayerish restaurant. The duck is delicious and is usually my choice, but for a true German feed try the three types of knoedel, you can't beat them. Go there, experience the food, and bring your friends... its definately worth a visit!!

Posted by: "Simone" at 7:07 am on 15.Jul.2003

Wirthaus in der Au - my all-time favourite Bavarian local in Munich. Ok, so the food here is nothing particularly special. But then, what Bavarian food is? Is it possible to cook cabbage and sausage badly? Surely it's all the same? But the atmosphere here is great. It's located on Lilienstrasse (I think) which is on the other side of the Isar just past the Deutsches Museum.

Posted by: "Anon" at 7:50 am on 14.Feb.2004

Wirthaus in der Au is a great German restaurant. The decor/atmosphere is quite nice and the food and service are excellent. They have great Jazz/Big Band music on Sundays during brunch. It's worth checking out. We always take out of town visitors here. The Wienerschnitzel is tasty.

Posted by: Malinee at 2:54 pm on 26.Mar.2004

I had the pleasure of eating there on Thursday, April 8, for dinner. We shared a table with some locals and had a great time. Very traditional (and good) good was served. Even our picky eaters walked away from their satisfied. THe dessert sampler for two was enough for five people. Good portions, good beer and great atmosphere. Well work the distance from the traditional Munich tourist traps.

Posted by: "Tom" at 3:50 pm on 13.Apr.2004

We ate here once again about two weeks ago on a Saturday night. We agree with the comments above and we didn't book but were lucky to get a great table outside where the food was good, service excellent and overall price very reasonable. We've never had a bad experience here although it can get very busy at times. Well recommended.# Dekaboot

Posted by: "dekaboot" at 7:34 pm on 18.Aug.2004

Also - during the week they have a late happy hour. I think it starts at 10 - in any event, the short tubby guy that gets on the bar with his cow bell and yells is a good indicator of when the happy hour starts and stops.

Posted by: "Patently Obvious" at 1:41 pm on 21.Oct.2004

I went there to eat on Sunday. The place was quite full of German people and the main attraction seemed to be a loud jazz band. After a 15 minute rendition of "Eveybody Loves Saturday Night" it had the Germans appreciatively clapping as the extemporisation returned to the original theme but during the while I was loosing the will to live. The menu was limited. I was expecting to find Krustenschweinsbraten on it but it was not there. I ordered the three grilled sausages as I though it must be good, this being a Wirsthaus. When it turned up it was OK but not substantial and certainly not worth the 9 Euros I paid for it and I had to have another meal later. The beer served is Paulaner. This used to be a good beer a year ago but it not worth drinking now. The best part of the visit for me was walking out the door and not hearing the jazz band at full volume. I won't be going back there.

Posted by: "Roland" at 8:10 am on 7.Feb.2005

I was expecting better, I had a schweinsbraten before, and was disappointed not to see it on the menu. My Weissbier took an awfully long time to serve, Paulaner do a nice Weissbier. Rostbratwurst was good and tasty, but overpriced for 3 sausages, roast potatoes and some cabbage. I did not appreciate the jazz band, it was too loud for a start, and the audience (we excluded) would clap at any old rubbish. I would appreciate it more at a lower level, late at night but not at lunch. Back to Donisl next week

Posted by: "peter" at 8:18 am on 7.Feb.2005

we took some friends from the states here a few weekends ago and had a good meal all around. food was good, atmosphere nice and the best service i have had in munich since i got here. friendly, nice waitress, joking and in a good mood. also shared the dessert platter for 2 which was ample enough for five or six of us to nibble on. we will definitely return.

Posted by: "jane" at 10:22 am on 11.Feb.2005

I ate their twice the last week of May 05 and had a great time. Good atmosphere, service, beer, and food. Check it out.

Posted by: "mark rau" at 7:12 pm on 19.Jun.2005

Went on sat night, whats happening? now that the place is getting into more and more guide books for Munich there was quite a few tourists but the staff decided to be rude and ignore people who had been waiting quite a while, hope this is not going to be a case of we are getting full of tourists and becoming popular with them so stuff the service and lets be like all the other places in Munich that have BAD customer service. Never had this before in here, we left after 15mins!

Posted by: "Funky Fo" at 12:58 pm on 6.Sep.2005

Two things: 1. It's not a 'WIRSThaus', so don't complain about the sausages 2. Schweinebraten IS and always has been on their menu, your Bavarian sucks. Next time ask the waitress. 3. It has always been touristy 4. The beer was never 'homemade' Okay, that was four things. Oh yeah: 5. Yes, it is possible to make Bavarian food badly, thankfully Au usually makes it well. There is no number 6.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 2:13 pm on 6.Sep.2005

"Brez'n"-Wirtschaft where they try to evoke Bavarianness using phoney dialect in the menu, among other things. They're trying hard to be "in". Some people like that kind of stuff.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 12:41 am on 2.Oct.2005

very good bavarian standards and a couple of international meals, lively atmosphere (even on a Saturday evening), polite and effective service. surely in my top 5 of the best bavarian restaurants in Munich.

Posted by: "The Inspector" at 8:19 am on 12.Dec.2005

The wirsthaus in der au was a favourite resturant of mine - until it underwent its recent refurbishment. The menu has shrunk - Gone are half the dishes, gone are the weekly specials, and there was only a daily special. The atmosphere stinks. I was approached 4 times while I was eating - "was everything ok?" Once I had finished my meal, then came the friendly approach for schnaps or coffee.. No offer of desert! The empty no smoking section (the only place we could find an empty table) lacked atmosphere and "stimmung". Oh and dont get me started on the toilets - they have been pounced beyond belief - who wants a glass urinal!! All it needed now as a black bird painted on it to make sure some dodgy bird doesnt crash into it! Food was ok, just not enough of it for what it cost - €13,50 for schnitzel - I've had much better and more for €7

Posted by: "Phil Emery" at 9:35 am on 14.Apr.2006

The area near the main door is non smoking, and it seems to work really well, with the constant opening and closing of the doors seeming to purge any smoke which might drift over from the smoking section.

Posted by: "MunichMag" at 1:27 pm on 24.Nov.2006

Dudes, it is WIRTS-haus. Not WIRST(or WURST for that matter)-house. Wirtshaus translates to tavern or inn. Wirst is not even a word in German. Wurst is sausage.

Posted by: "Red" at 1:00 pm on 31.Jan.2007

Alright, keep your hair on!

Posted by: "P.E. Dant" at 2:06 pm on 31.Jan.2007

The atmosphere in the Wirtshaus in der Au is very friendly and has great service. When I was in Munich, I went there almost every day for dinner.The menue is very varied and GOOD!!! I hope to come to Munich again and go to this resturaunt! Schnitzel Rules!

Posted by: "Eli" at 3:20 pm on 23.Apr.2007

This is a great place for traditional Bavarian food. Try the light (leichtes) Weissbier to go with the Schweinsbraten. You won't get better value anywhere in Munich. I know, because I grew up here. Great service and it is big enough that you (almost) always find a table. In the summer the garden with many tables outside is really beautiful. Don't miss the Wirtshaus in der Au!

Posted by: "Thomas" at 10:18 pm on 26.May.2007

IMHO one of the best places for a Jazz brunch. I only frequent the Wirsthaus in der Au for brunch. Never had dinner there. Thumbs up for the brunch.

Posted by: z-man99 at 7:10 am on 19.Apr.2008

went here for dinner last night. great atmosphere and, despite being very busy, the service was great. big choice on the menu, and they have menus in English too.

Posted by: Moonboot at 12:27 pm on 18.May.2008

went there with friends...we wanted to try something new and as there were some really good comments... It was.....sooooo goood! really, I had a "Bullen mit rosmarin kartoffeln" mmmm just delicious. I also tasted the schnitzel mit Meeretisch Kruste... there is not a lot of merretisch but....mmmm mmmm as well. A big... i love it!!!! :)

Posted by: "frenchie" at 9:24 am on 15.Oct.2008

We went for dinner the previous Friday. It was a little tricky for me to find Lilienstr as I had not been to this area of town. Thankfully it was not snowing, or bitter cold, so walking around for a while was not too bad. The place was packed. I thought we might have to wait at the bar (which was not so packed), but we were able to squeeze into a table at the back/upper area). I had the schweinsbraten (I have to branch out and try other things) which was as always good, and my wife had the duck "portion" which was wonderful. Despite being busy the service was great with a waitress ready to answer our English questions. I tried the "home-brew" dark beer, which was nothing speicial. I much prefer the Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel. The lager was fine. We tried some schnapps for dessert, my wife was very brave ordering "herb" (I had apricot, sorry I do not recall the German names) which ended-up being slightly lavender flavored.

Posted by: Degan at 8:01 pm on 14.Feb.2009

absolutely disgraceful service. clean toilets. restrictive menu, not a lot of choice. overpriced. good location.

Posted by: "Hungry diner" at 6:51 pm on 19.Sep.2013
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