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Weisses Brauhaus - Munich

Weisses Brauhaus - Tal 7, 80469 Munich, Germany

Weisses Brauhaus - Munich

U/S Bahn Marienplatz
Tel. 089 299875
Website: weisses-brauhaus.de
Recommended Non-Smoking

1. Floor was already non-smoking starting May 1, 2005!

(Often misspelled Weißes Brauhaus, Weisses Bräuhaus, Weisses Braeuhaus...)

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Good traditional Bavarian food with waiters with humor. Nice alternative to the Hofbräu around the corner.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 10:21 am on 26.May.2003

This place is a bayerisch as it gets. Shock your visitors by ordering brain, a regular menu item. Food is good, service is typical Bavarian (fast, sometimes humorous, sometimes downright pushy).

Posted by: "Al" at 7:53 pm on 24.Feb.2004

Love to go there for Kaiserschmarrn (cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins dixit LEO) and Schneider Aventinus.

Posted by: "jmm1" at 2:27 pm on 4.Aug.2004

This is the best place in town for a good Weissbier and Weisswürste breakfast - amazingly crowded in the mornings with mainly local folks getting an early start.

Posted by: "Patently Obvious" at 10:27 am on 5.Aug.2004

Best Potato Soup in Bavaria!

Posted by: "mem" at 9:31 pm on 8.Jan.2005

here you have the best of Munich: - real bavarian atmosphere - real rude bavarian service - basic but incredibly tasty food - share a table with two "stammgäste", some Munich 1860 fans, your parents and a group of tourists.... and everybody has fun and speaks to each other - in such an enviroment, the beer tastes better Best in Munich in its category, in my opinion, just. It´s always crowded, so only go there if you are in a good mood because you'll need to wait and run after the waitresses for a place to sit...

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 9:26 pm on 18.Jan.2005

Service is very slow and usually rude when it comes - a genuine Bavarian experience. Food is excellent. Hell beer is from Tegernsee and is better than most of what Munich has to offer in that department. Opens about 8:30 on Saturday mornings so a good spot to stop if taking a morning walk.

Posted by: "Roland" at 7:30 am on 8.Sep.2005

damn good beer, mediumly good food, useless service - but overall a good example of munich dining.

Posted by: "the mongrel" at 7:16 pm on 11.Dec.2005

Went here on Sunday, and it was fabulous. The service was some of the best I've encountered in Munich, and the food was delicious, too. And with Tegernseer Helles to wash it all down in a smoke-free environment, what more could you want? I couldn't recommend it highly enough. How do we get a big thumbs-up added to the index page?

Posted by: Topsy at 12:23 pm on 23.Jan.2006

Please note the correct address is Tal 7 not Tal 17! I'm so picky! Me! But actually they refused me Weissbier in Conrads, when I argued that I was at the correct address according to Toytown. and that 'they' must be wrong!

Admin note: Thanks, address now updated

Posted by: ian at 7:45 pm on 31.Dec.2008

Nice venue and cool to meet people i've not seen for a while but possibly the worst barmaid we've ever, ever had. She decided that somebody hadn't paid for a weissbier and then refused to serve any of us, We talked to the manageress, who talked to her and she had to serve a round with zero tips. Funny, after the zero round she realised that she had, in fact, miscalculated. laugh.gif Everything ok excepting it then got personal and only certain people got excluded. Frankly, give this place a body swerve if you are new to Munich and speak English, it's shite.

Posted by: bluedave at 9:50 pm on 2.Jan.2009

I have never been confronted with such rude, dismissive and down right aggressive staff in my life. This place is a tourist trap and the staff should be used to dealing with tourists. After circling the place for about half an hour to find a table we were were blanked by four sour faced waitresses for over half an hour. Living in London, I understand that dealing with tourists can be tiring.Therefore I am polite and patient when in another country, particularly if I dont speak the language. So when I approached a staff member after having waited patiently for so long I did not expect to be screamed at. Literally screamed at. I think the problem was the 4 staff who blanked us for over half an hour were not the particular waiters for our table. She was. The fact that none of the staff had the courtesy to tell us and her response was to scream was just astounding. Unsurprisingly we left. Luckily we spent 4 days in Munich and met some really lovely people - if our only experience had been of this place I would have quite the wrong impression of Munich and its residents. Avoid at all costs, unless of course you enjoy being screamed, or ignored, by sour faced miserable staff.

Posted by: "danarelle" at 10:39 am on 9.Dec.2009

Funny, the same happened to us a couple of weeks ago where the waitress cleared a table after some patrons had left and we sat down as we were a smaller group and did not want to take one of the large empty tables. Two minutes later she comes over and shouting, tells us its reserved...at 10:30 at night?!? She had also failed to put a reserved sign on the table...interesting (in the end no one sat there). Anyway, we moved to one of the big tables and consequently had some of the friendliest service I've had in my 4 years in Germany...so don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

Posted by: LauKatOD at 11:56 am on 9.Dec.2009

Hmm - I really like this place. I've always had good service (by German standards, mind you), and great food and beer. My parents go there at least twice every time they visit us. But as with any establishment, there's usually a bad waiter or two around, and if you're unlucky enough to get that one on the night you go, I can see how it would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Posted by: mfreno25 at 2:40 pm on 9.Dec.2009

You can try all of their different weissbiers called TAP1 to TAP 7. TAP 6 being the famous Aventinus 1st brewed in 1907. And also their Eisbock beer with its 12% Alcohol content.

Posted by: ian at 11:05 am on 19.Dec.2009

I like the place, but not for the food. There is a good choice of beers and the service is friendly. The food is very average, I have eaten there 3 times with friends, each time the food did not arrive at the same time (first who was served already finished before the last one got the food finally) and some meals were cold or while others burnt.

Posted by: carandiru at 2:07 pm on 10.Mar.2010
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