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Vanilla Lounge - Munich

Vanilla Lounge - Leopoldstr. 65, 80802 Munich, Germany

A studenty coffee bar directly on Münchener Freiheit. Tries to be chick and trendy but doesn't quite get there. Nothing wrong with it though. Good for a coffee and a chat. Serves cocktails and a bite to eat too.

Vanilla Lounge - Munich

Vanilla Lounge
Leopoldstr. 65, Schwabing
U3/6 Münchener Freiheit
Tel. 089 38666836
Website: Vanilla Lounge

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


not that bad for a quick drink or for breakfast. Typical Schwabing, anyway, with this kind of funny and kind of annoying mixture of clientele: wanna be schiki-micki, bank and insurance employees and managers, hungry singles, very nice young girls, strangers...

Posted by: "Marco" at 3:52 pm on 3.Jan.2005

Went to Vanilla Lounge as I wanted somewhere with wifi. Just had beers and like the reviewer above said, it was a good mix of people including couples on dates, girls out for drinks, travelling businessmen, locals reading the paper. Not the cheapest menu but only had a couple of Weisses when I was there. It was very airy and a good location for people-watching. The wifi was good and was a pleasure to get some internet tasks done there. When I was leaving, I visited the bathroom and it was surprisingly awful. Bad smell and not so clean. Out of kilter with the rest of the place.

Posted by: ziertz at 1:19 pm on 20.Jun.2007

have eaten twice there and was not that happy with the food. once ordered a toasted sandwich that for some reason came with a thick layer of melted cheese draped across the top of it. then another time, asked for the panini with ham and salad on their menu. The panini was not what i was expecting or what I think anyone in Munich expects from a panini. Was more a chiabatta, thickly cut hunks of bread with densely cut fatty ham and shredded lettuce. when i told the waitress that it was not what i was expecting and what a panini usually looks like, she shrugged her shoulders and said there was nothing she could do about it. the usual great customer service skills one comes to expect in munich.

Posted by: fat girl at 4:18 pm on 7.Nov.2008
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