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The Arc Pub - Munich

The Arc is an international bar in Munich Schwabing. The main attaction of the place is that they show lots and lots of international televised sports. Many of these sports can't be seen anywhere else in Munich. The Arc has two TV's as well as a large screen projection.

The Arc was opened in August 2004 by two Australian friends. In April 2007 ownership passed to Keith, a whisky connoisseur and owner of Whisky-Emporium.

UPDATE: The Arc closed in April 2009.

The Arc Pub - Schraudolphstrasse 24, 80799 Munich, Germany

The Arc - Munich

The sports and TV channels regularly shown include:

The Arc - International Bar Munich

The beers on tap include Augustiner, Guinness, and Newcastle Brown Ale. The Arc also serves pub food such as burgers and stuff.

For yet more events see the TT chat forum: Events @ The Arc

The Arc
Schraudolphstrasse 24, Schwabing
U3/6 Universität or U2 Josephsplatz
Tel.: 089 28778138
Pub's own website: The Arc


Take the U6/walk to Universitat. Exit the North end of the station (if you're coming from town, the direction the train was going in), take the left exit at the mezzaneen level, turn left out the door of the station, left again and walk along Adalbertstrasse for four blocks until you hit Schraudolphstrasse. Turn left, and the Arc is at no. 24.

Incidently, the address 'Schraudolphstr. 24' was previously home to Leon's Irish Pub Munich, before that The Saint George (an English pub), and before that a very up-market sea food restaurant.

The Arc Pub - Munich

Review by: "Anonymous" on 23.Jul.2004   (edit this review)


Friendly and laidback staff, central location, yummy shots, atmosphere like in your buddies' apt back home and NEW ENGLAND SPORTS!!!

Posted by: "Isabella" at 8:04 am on 28.Oct.2004

Hazza! Does the Arc have a slow night? There is ALWAYS something going on when I pass by. The Songwriter's Night is a great night out. We had a blast at the Englisher Garten for the Summer Party (cos Leon's was closed and the Arc had not opened yet) Why can't the songwriter's return to SchraudolphStrasse 24?

Posted by: "TexasTornado" at 3:22 pm on 9.Nov.2004

We came across this place a few weeks back. Food was not good at all, beer was rather flat, poor service, not much of an atmosphere either, I would not recommend this place at all.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 10:40 am on 4.Feb.2005

You can't have been at The Arc. I've always had a great experience there. Good service, good food, good beer.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:53 pm on 28.Feb.2005

Kudos to The Arc for 1. opening early for F1 races on the big screen and 2. serving the best burger and fries (I have yet eaten) in Munich!

Posted by: "Tim" at 4:03 pm on 4.Jul.2005

Great service, friendly staff, good food, cheap augustiner etc etc etc. Top little pub, ideal as a local during the week, and can get lively enough at the weekend. Tucked out of the way enough to stop football fans, drunks from the fest etc ruining the atmosphere. Keep it up lads!!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 2:24 pm on 11.Oct.2005

Went there for a Sunday night to watch NFL football. It was great to hear English again. The service was friendly the food good and the atmosphere fantastic! Where else in Munich could you find corndogs on the menu? Highly recommended.

Posted by: "kush" at 1:28 pm on 24.Nov.2005

The Arc is brill....its just like me local in West Virginia Count Cavan Ireland...great crack, a homely feel and late late nights..its real Irish. Killians more for the Wannabees and and the tourists.

Posted by: "the_eagle" at 3:28 pm on 24.Feb.2006

The food is getting better and better each time I go there. First meat pies, then pizzas, and chicken wraps, all top quality stuff. Great laid back friendly bar staff. Best place to watch sport in town.

Posted by: "Kza" at 10:31 am on 8.Mar.2006

went there last night to watch champions league footie -it`s certainly more comfortable than other Irish/Aussie bars you could think of,and beers aren't so overpriced. Will definitely go there again

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 10:41 pm on 29.Mar.2006

Are you showing Origin III?

Posted by: "stuart" at 5:27 pm on 2.Jul.2006

We're showing Origin 3 at 6pm on Wednesday...

Posted by: Hazza at 1:37 pm on 4.Jul.2006

Loved the Arc when we were there in 2004.Me and 19 guys are coming to Munich August thru Dec. I hope youll have some college and NFL games on.Please!!!!

Posted by: "john" at 8:33 pm on 27.Jul.2006

I am SO excited to see you are showing the ND-Michigan game. I will be there with about 15 of my heavy-drinking friends! Cheers!

Posted by: "Chris" at 1:42 pm on 14.Sep.2006

Nothing in the way of NHL on the schedule for this month! Disappointing.

Posted by: "Todd" at 11:44 am on 14.Oct.2006

I agree with Todd... more hockey, please!!

Posted by: "Melissa" at 6:03 pm on 14.Oct.2006

any chance you will be showing american college football Saturday Nov 4-- particularly Texas A&M vs Oklahoma?

Posted by: "John" at 4:21 pm on 1.Nov.2006

Will you guys be serving beer Saturday?

Posted by: "perdiido" at 10:15 pm on 10.Nov.2006

hello, very glad to hear that u guys screen english premier league, can u let me know what other liverpool games u r screening this december. thank u greatly, devoted liverpool fan

Posted by: "ugreson" at 5:08 pm on 19.Dec.2006

Click on the link at the top of the page 'events this month' and you'll see what's on...

Posted by: Hazza at 1:55 pm on 22.Dec.2006

Hey The Arc simply rules! no offend to our mates at Ned Kelly's but YOU CAN'T BEAT THOSE PRICES ;-) Been there one week ago with a mate to watch Liverpool vs Arsenal (yeah THAT fog postponed match ;-P).....and the staff was really friendly and the food and drinks were just great! I'll surely come again this week (or maybe next year...harhar ;-) ) !!! Cheers

Posted by: "bavaroo" at 9:37 pm on 28.Dec.2006

Had a massive night there a week ago with Sarah behind the bar!! Absolute legend! Kept the pub open long enough for me to see Haydo and Roy turn on a ton each against England in the Ashes even though i was the only one there. Recommend it to anyone, keep in touch mate!!

Posted by: "Skip" at 1:25 pm on 29.Dec.2006

Will you be playing the Penn State game on New Years Day?

Posted by: "eyesculpt" at 6:22 pm on 29.Dec.2006

How about the Super Bowl on Sunday night (Monday AM) on February 4th? Can we count on you to stay open late???

Posted by: Randy at 9:20 pm on 9.Jan.2007

Are you going to play the NFL playoff game this week, the 21st at 9pm (I think), New Orleans vs Chicago? I don't see it on your website. It's a big game at a good time, I'd love to get a chance to watch it.

Posted by: "Alex" at 9:48 pm on 15.Jan.2007

Took a bunch of about 30 mates here last Saturday night to celebrate my birthday, we were really well looked after the whole night. a BIG thanks to the staff working that night, and also to Jason & Harry for helping organise it all. cheers guys!

Posted by: Moonboot at 10:10 am on 26.Feb.2007

Hi there! I was wondering if you guys will be showing the AFL Grand Final live this year? I hope you are as coming to Oktoberfest this year really hinges on it! Prost!

Posted by: "Matt Dennis" at 7:13 pm on 19.Mar.2007

The Arc???? I don't remember much of it, though al LOT of beer, fun and delicious burgers. and the Polizei after our Karaoke act RAWHIDE!!

Posted by: "Maarten" at 2:25 pm on 13.Apr.2007

@Matt: RAWHIIIIIIIDE! RAWHIDE! awesome performance!! The Arc is just a cool place to be! And kudos to Keith (the new owner) leaving almost everything the same but adding a few new things! Can't wait what he comes up with...

Posted by: Bavaroo at 10:21 am on 19.Apr.2007

Hi. I'm coming to Munich on English Cup Final weekend, the Arc looks great - will you be showing the game?

Posted by: "Simon" at 9:59 am on 29.Apr.2007

Why is everybody so excited about this place ? Went there with friends recently and I´ll never make the same mistake again. It was empty (on a Sat night), the food was unswallowable and the ambiance - forget it . Been to several pubs in Munich and I can only reccomned to watch sports,eat or drink in a place with clean glasses and good food. Ther´s enough places to have a good night out.

Posted by: "reviewer" at 9:04 am on 3.Jun.2007

Traveling with a small group to Munich for Oktoberfest, will be in town the Sunday night of October 23rd, and looking for a place to watch the NFL games. Sounds like this is the place to do it, and how & when are we able to find out which exact games will be able to be viewed that day? Praying for the 49ers/Steelers game. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to seeing a game there and enjoying all the fun!

Posted by: "Dave" at 1:12 am on 5.Jul.2007

High, will the rugby world cup warm up game between england and WALES be on. Its: Saturday, 04 August 2007 England v Wales, 16:00 GMT Thanks.

Posted by: "Elliot" at 8:07 am on 19.Jul.2007

is it safe to assume this boozer will be showing the RWC quarter-finals over 6/7 October? Over for the Fest but keen to see the games. Any insight appreciated.

Posted by: Vater at 10:20 pm on 26.Jul.2007

Will there be any American college football games on Saturday? Perhaps the 3:30 games which would start at 9:30?

Posted by: lesterjg at 1:53 pm on 31.Aug.2007

Will NFL games be shown Sunday Septmeber 9th? If so which ones?

Posted by: "whiney american" at 7:27 am on 6.Sep.2007

I just called and they will be showing three NFL games on Sunday. I don't know what the other two are, because I only care about Bears/San Diego. Go Bears!

Posted by: "MunichMan" at 3:58 pm on 8.Sep.2007

Any chance you might be showing the Scotland game on Wed ? Someone has to drink the Irn Bru you keep stashed behind the counter ? Thanks.

Posted by: NJDQ at 9:32 pm on 10.Sep.2007

Will be in town on October 6 for the Fest...any chance I can catch Penn State vs. Iowa?

Posted by: "Nittany Lion" at 6:43 pm on 11.Sep.2007

Will they be showing the Australian Rugby League (NRL) semi-finals on Saturday and Sunday? The Saturday game is between NQ and Manly and starts at 11.30am Munich Time.

Posted by: "Mark" at 11:13 am on 18.Sep.2007

Nittany Lion: Fellow Penn State here, the best bet is to go to the below website the week of the Iowa game, see if it's on any of the channels, and then go to the Chat Forum/Thread above (Events@TheArc) on this page and ask if the Arc could show it on TV...I believe they are playing the PSU @ Michigan game this week, as I'll be there to watch! Good luck..and GO LIONS myafn.dodmedia.osd.mil/ScheduleChart.aspx (starts http of course)

Posted by: Tatanka78 at 9:29 pm on 18.Sep.2007

Hello--sorry for the short notice, but my wife and i are on a vacation in munich, and would love to watch an nfl game sunday 9-23. we're steelers fans, but honestly, any nfl game would be awesome. it looks like, based on your website, that nfl games were not on the schedule. just curious if there is a chance of getting something played on a back tv? the games would start around 7 pm. response on the forum would be great or e mail to jonweimer@hotmail.com. thanks!

Posted by: "Jon Weimer" at 1:40 pm on 22.Sep.2007

hey its great your showing the afl grand final..wondering what time you open on 29th september.can i get in at 6am.no prbs look forward to coming in.

Posted by: "peter" at 9:06 am on 23.Sep.2007

Hi there, going to have a big crew in Munich this Sunday. Wondering weather you were showing the Australian Rugby League Grand Final (Manly v Melbourne)on the 30th???? Cheers

Posted by: "Jezza" at 12:35 pm on 24.Sep.2007

Apologies, I see you are showing it. What time is it on please?????

Posted by: "Jezza" at 12:37 pm on 24.Sep.2007

I was wondering if you are going to be showing the LSU vs. Florida game Oct. 6th? The game is on CBS at 228 AM Munich time. Thanks...

Posted by: "Peder" at 6:07 pm on 26.Sep.2007

I'm not a complainer and wish I didn't have to say this but I wasn't very impressed with the new management of The Arc (now two english guys). While we were watching the 2007 AFL Grand Final we ordered 3 beers and a little time later were told "this isn't a free cinema show so drink up"! No way to treat a patron and I certainly wouldn't send any Australian mates of mine to this pub to be treated like this. There are plenty of other pubs showing international sport who will cheerfully appreciate your business. Avoid it.

Posted by: "Jon" at 9:58 pm on 30.Sep.2007

Am looking to find somewhere to see Australia v England Rugby World Cup quarter-final (15:00 Sat 6th) as will be over with 9 mates for Oktoberfest. Will the Arc show the game?? We're all big drinkers unlike the previous poster (surely can't be a true Aussie?!!)

Posted by: "Pete" at 12:06 pm on 4.Oct.2007

Thanks so much for your hospitality during our time in Munich. I realised the circumstances didn't allow you to show the Rangers V. Lyon game but I was able to see the highlights and had a very nice time with my wife and our friend. We will definately return on our next trip to munich

Posted by: "John Keith" at 2:31 am on 5.Oct.2007

Jon, I'm sorry you had a bad experience at The Arc and I will investigate this with the member of staff who was working in the bar at that time. Just for reference, I am the only owner of The Arc and the person who treated you in this way was an employee. Kindest regards, Keith For anyone looking here to see if we will be showing the Rugby World Cup Semi-Finals and Final, the answer is YES! Both Semi-Finals will be shown; Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th England - France & South Africa - Argentina. Then the third / fourth place play-off will be shown on Friday 19th (I believe at 9pm). The final will be shown on Saturday 20th. See you there.

Posted by: The Arc at 8:10 am on 8.Oct.2007

Are you showing NFL on sundays or saturdays?

Posted by: "thomas" at 11:19 am on 24.Oct.2007

Every Sunday evening is NFL night, when we show at least 3 games live from 7pm. Some customers often request College Football on Saturdays which we can also accommodate. Keith (The Arc)

Posted by: Malt-Teaser at 6:46 pm on 24.Oct.2007

this is way overdue, but i am a huge supporter of the arc... this bar stayed open until 6am just so 4 red sox fans could watch the world series. also, it's great to be able to watch football on sundays on a big screen!

Posted by: CarolineIlona at 3:22 pm on 22.Nov.2007

I've had a jolly evening the 3 times I've been. Last night went to watch a euro cup game. Monthly now they have a jazz/swing band playing. It's a local high school group and they are quite good! Lots of fun. Also they are very accomodating with food if you want something changed or a different size. I like the place a lot.

Posted by: UncommonGuy at 2:59 pm on 15.Jun.2008

Once again the NFL Season is about to kick-off and once again, The Arc will be fully supporting NFL. We plan to ahow all possible NFL games every Sunday, which certainly means 2 different games, although most Sundays we can show three consecutive games across the large projector, large TV and normal sized TV. We will begin the season on Thursday 4th September with the season-opening NY Giants - Washington Redskins game. Then every Sunday from 7th September. See you there! The Arc

Posted by: "the arc" at 1:26 pm on 10.Aug.2008

Will you be showing the Steelers - Ravens Monday night football game Mon, Sep. 29/Tue Sep. 30? Sure hope so.

Posted by: "Cock D" at 3:30 pm on 20.Aug.2008

just wondering if its possible to show the prelim of aussie rules football between geelong and western bulldogs?

Posted by: "steve" at 10:04 am on 18.Sep.2008

Call or email them. This is just a reviews page.

Posted by: Editor Bob at 10:05 am on 18.Sep.2008

Great time Saturday there for Aussie final. What a great barman.

Posted by: "Aussie Joe" at 5:53 pm on 29.Sep.2008

Just curious to see if you will be airing the Green Bay Packers- Minnesota Vikings NFL game on Sunday, Nov. 9th as I would really like to see the game at The Arc. Regards, Jimmy

Posted by: "Jimmy P." at 5:21 pm on 8.Oct.2008

Gotta be one of the best (if not the best) places to watch international sports in Munich. Beer was good and less expensive than in other pubs/bars, food was good as well, at least the wings and wedges are awesome! Would definitely go back, would recommend it to friends.

Posted by: twhite_88 at 12:23 pm on 12.Oct.2008

Are you showing 6 Nations Rugby this coming weekend?

Posted by: "paul smith" at 4:54 pm on 20.Feb.2009

Are you showing Fulham-Liverpool FC on 4.4.2009

Posted by: "Alex" at 6:00 am on 31.Mar.2009

Are you showing Liverpool FC-Chelsea FC on 8.4.2009?

Posted by: "Alex" at 5:10 am on 1.Apr.2009

Are you showing the Scotland game tonight please ? Thanks !

Posted by: NJDQ at 10:38 am on 1.Apr.2009

The Arc Pub has closed, Its last night was April 29, 2009

Posted by: Darkknight at 5:46 pm on 31.May.2009

Any news on new ownership?

Posted by: Punchbear at 10:07 am on 11.Aug.2009
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