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Teatro - Bar Tapas - Munich

Teatro - Bar Tapas - Balanstr. 23, 81669 Munich, Germany

With all the money we spend in this place, I am pretty sure we are the owner of a chair and maybe a table by now. Great Caipirinhas, great waitresses, tasty (but pricey) tapas food, very friendly, good for a chatty Mediterranean night out.


The walls are decorated with changing projections of various scenes, which gives you something to talk about. The best place if you want to meet people is at one of the Steh tische (the large standing tables). But you cannot book these places, not unless you are a face known to the staff.

If you are not a celebrity, booking a regular table is advisable, because it?s a popular place and definitely one of our favourites. Anecdote: I met the ideal woman in this place. It was winter. I was there with friends searching for the meaning of life. And I met this Austrian woman, from Kitzbühel, 30 years old, perfect skier, long beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, great smile, who liked cooking, spoke French. She was the CEO of her company and was driving a Porsche 993 Turbo. I offered to marry her after one hour and gave her my phone number. She never called.

Review © 2001 Christopher Larmour & Damien Fournier, Groovy Munich

Balanstrasse 23, Haidhausen
S-Bahn Rosenheimerplatz
Tel. 089 48004284

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Spent saturday night here with an old flame. Such a good night the embers started to ignite. We sat at the bar and met loads of people. Good Capis and wine and food and service. I can't fault this place.

Posted by: "Ray" at 12:53 pm on 1.Mar.2004

My favourite restaurant in Munich

Posted by: "Bond" at 12:49 pm on 24.Sep.2004

a spanish work colleague of mine says he is ashamed to be spanish in here because the tapas is not like in spain ...however, it's a nice enough joint even if the fodder is not up to a spanish mate of mine's high native standards

Posted by: "el_rocko" at 1:40 pm on 11.Oct.2004

Oh how the mighty fall..!! A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to Teatro expecting a nice meal.! Unfortunately someone had decided that each dish should have (rather than its own accompaniment..Cocktail Sauce.!!! Imagine will you...Tortilla Espagnol (Potato Omlette) with Cocktail Suace instead of Aoili (Garlic Mayo) Then comes the Potatas Bravas (normally with a nice Tomato sauce) with cocktail sauce. Such a shame as well because the food used to be wonderful.

Posted by: "Loonyspook" at 9:56 am on 18.Aug.2006

I have to row in here and mention the Garlic Mayo too. Except I am a great fan of it. Ask for a side of Garlic Mayo and use if for dipping in their fresh Ciabatta bread. Also something that's not to be missed, is their potatoes cubes, the cocktail sauce on them is to die for. Maybe they have up'd the standards again, but it's well worth a visit. The changing lights on the wall are pretty cool too, they even have a birthday scene and will play Happy Birthday for you if you request it. It's a 5 minute walk from the S-bahn Rosenheimerplatz, just walk along Balanstr. and keep an eye out for it on the LHS. Reservations recommended.

Posted by: false at 2:48 pm on 1.Dec.2006

Went to Teatro last night and have to say I was quite disappointed ... I really used to love this place, good food & good atmosphere but last night the food was way below standard ! Maybe the usual chef had a night off ...

Posted by: NJDQ at 8:34 am on 27.May.2007

Recently tried this on a Friday night. It was packed so we sat at the bar. Enjoyed the food and atmosphere. It was a nice Mediterranean experience -one of the few to be found in Munich.

Posted by: dudette at 1:16 pm on 28.May.2009

Hmmm went there last night, service was good, wine was nice, food was terrible : potato croquettes should taste of potato and be fluffy, not watery, everything else was lukewarm ... used to visit here a lot when I first moved to Munich, won't be going back ... :-((

Posted by: NJDQ at 9:37 pm on 24.Sep.2009

spanish croquettes are not made of potatoes!

Posted by: "Hirschundohrensaus" at 10:52 pm on 24.Sep.2009

Today I received the worst service in my 13 years in Munich, and it was at the Teatro Tapas Bar. The food has always disappointed, but it's nearby and I like the atmosphere, so I've been often. Tonight the place was half empty when we arrived. We were ejected from our table AFTER ordering and being served by the manager who said the table was reserved. So far, merely a misunderstanding, no big problem. He then brusquely told us it's our fault for not having asked him (the manager) if the table is reserved before sitting. No reservation sign, restaurant half empty, waitress mentioned nothing and served us, but now we're to blame. I would have expected an apology an offer to relocate us and something to make it right. Instead we were treated to rude accusations that we were bringing his seating plan into disarray because we had the audacity to take a table in his restaurant. Never again!

Posted by: "mro" at 9:39 pm on 4.Nov.2009

Great service. They even polished my sprouts. Twice. And I hadn`t even reserved a table or asked for a table. If you wan`t your sprouts polishing, it is very hard to find a better sprouts polishing establishment this side of Cape Town. And believe me, my sprouts have been polished with the best of them. 5 Stars.

Posted by: thegoat at 2:07 am on 7.Nov.2009
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