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Tacos y Tequila - Munich

Tacos y Tequila - Herzogstr. 93, 80796 Munich, Germany

Tacos y Tequila
Photo from the Tacos y Tequila website

Tacos y Tequila
Herzogstr. 93, Schwabing
U-Bahn U3/6 Münchener Freiheit
...or U2 Hohenzollernplatz
Tel. 089 30657700
Website: Tacos y Tequila

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Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


The best Mexican food in town!!! Please reserve a table beforehands as Tacos y Tequila is pretty small. Friendly staff, but you might have to wait a while till you are served when the restaurant is packed.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 2:06 pm on 27.Oct.2003

Definately the best Mexican food in Munich. Small portions, but very good. Fun place to hang out during a week night.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 5:08 pm on 28.Oct.2003

Yummm... We were able to spend 5 hours at this place without feeling rushed. Food was just like at home (in the southern U.S.), but portions were definetly a bit smaller (and probably a good thing...) Highly recommended!

Posted by: "Oatey" at 12:38 am on 10.Dec.2003

It had a colorful interior with good lighting, nice spot to relax, and good food. Basing on an expansive Mexican cuisine (coastal and south american influences), pick the top ten most well known dishes, and that is menu for this place. No mole sauce here unfortunately - but at least the chips weren't Doritos.

Posted by: Randy at 10:01 pm on 10.Dec.2003

I agree - nicely subtle music and lighting, good food, good staff. Knocked my half-full MaiTai over and got a complementary Marguerita for my troubles. Crowd not quite so hip as in the Salsalidos - but not loud and smokey. Check the daily specials slip of paper for something different.

Posted by: NoGo at 5:32 pm on 16.Jan.2004

When it's busy it's a good lively spot, but we tried it a couple of times during the week and the place was dead. The food, atmosphere, service & value for money at Enchilada's is far superior.

Posted by: "Inney" at 8:55 am on 19.Jan.2004

Just went to Tacos y Tequila. Is it the best overall Mexican Restaurant in town? I don't think so. It is a fantastic Taqueria though - somewhere to go for a taco, enchilada or burrito and a margarita (and I do put their margaritas as the number 1 in the city). As overall Mexican restaurants go, I have to put Joe Penas as the number one just for their guacamole. When it comes to Enchiladas, it might have a great space and a fun scene, but when it comes to Mexican cuisine, I have to put it pretty low on the list - they put vegetables in the Enchiladas Verde, which is a major sacriledge! Cheese, tortillas and tomatillo salsa - no more, no less! Anyway, just my opinion. I will certainly be frequenting T&T often - the service was great, the food was fantastic for what it is, and the cocktails are amazing.

Posted by: "SZ_Editor" at 6:25 pm on 20.Jan.2004

I found the place OK, but not great. Atmosphere was kind of boring, and it is dead during the week.

Posted by: "Al" at 7:42 pm on 24.Feb.2004

Four of us ate here last night and all agreed that the food was excellent. We had 3 or 4 beers each, a main course each and a small shared starter between us. We got out for €64 - so good value too. Service was a little slow, and the food did not all arrive at the same time, which was a bit off putting - nevertheless I would definitely go back. And as for it being quiet, it was about 3/4 full - staff also spoke reasonable English.

Posted by: Jimbo at 10:15 am on 5.Mar.2004

The food here is okay compared to the other lousy Mexican restaurants in Munich. Let's face it, Munich is not a place to go for Mexican food. The staff was excellent and the atmosphere is quaint and comfortable. I'd go back.

Posted by: Malinee at 3:02 pm on 26.Mar.2004

I would concur with all the other people making comments except that I think this is not only the best Mexican restaurant in Munich but rather the best Mexican location outside of Mexico or California!! I think portions are generous and the atmosphere makes it very easy to spend hours and hours and hours in this here. I highly recommend it.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:50 am on 1.Apr.2004

Perfect for relaxation - cocktails, lighting, staff, music, friendly, not too smokey - owner is mexican too. I always go back there.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 11:18 am on 1.Apr.2004

The food was very good, even for a spoiled Southern Californian, where amazing Mexican food is on every corner. However, the service was pathetic. The staff were confused about every order and it took 15 minutes to get our drinks. The bill was wrong, and that problem took 10 minutes to fix. Regardless, they were very friendly.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 7:54 am on 17.Jul.2004

One of my favorite places to go. Try the Flautas. Great Mojitos and the service is friendly. Most authentic Mexican restaurant I have found in Munich. At least they use celantro unlike most of the others. Go here...it is good and the atmosphere is great.

Posted by: "jodi" at 4:24 pm on 19.Nov.2004

I found the staff friendly and the food good, although overpriced. The margaritas are hand-shaken and very good. The food here is definately NOT Mexican though. It is, in fact (per the owner), Columbian.

Posted by: "CA girl" at 6:14 pm on 14.May.2005

Was here last night at the TT recommendation but apart from the nice atmosphere, was a little boring for a saturday night. Food was average, service slow, small food portions and overall I thought it was expensive for what we had. Not overly impressed so next time I'm in Schwabing I think better to try the Twisted Bavarian.

Posted by: "Anthony" at 4:54 pm on 3.Jul.2005

Guacamole from a frozen bucket freshly cracked open for your pleasure (cafeteria -size from Costco or the like? wouldn't be surprised), very small portion of dry, crusty refried beans, terrible rice. The enchiliadas not great, not Mexican, but not horrible. Strong margaritas and friendly service. From Southern California, and used to excellent Michoacan and Jalisco -style food, so take that into consideration. Mexican food in Munich makes me sad. Very sad.

Posted by: "desyl" at 8:03 pm on 25.Feb.2006

We went there last Friday and had an authentic Mexican experience. Unfortunately this included a case of Montezuma's Revenge the next day. I was reminded of that Seinfeld episode - "Poppy was a little sloppy." Stay away from the nachos, just go for the cheap cocktails during happy hour.

Posted by: "lostmymojo" at 9:23 am on 25.May.2006

Excellent mexican food, the best in Munich. The service was friendly and they even speak spanish. It is by far the most authentic mexican Ive had in munich. Nice atmosphere, mexican music, great tacos al pastor.

Posted by: "Anonimo" at 11:20 am on 27.Aug.2006

The best Mexican food, available in Munich, by far ! Their menu isn't quite as big as I would expect but their enchiladas are tasty. Also try their strawberry margaritas, or plain margaritas, they are simply YUMMIE !

Posted by: false at 11:09 am on 16.Nov.2006

I used to love this place but the more I go, the more I see how extremely inconsistent it is. The only part that never changes is the small portion. Even the margaritas, which are usually pretty good, can be super sour at times.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 9:21 pm on 12.Jan.2007

Definitely the best Mexican food in Munich. It may not be as authentic as Mexico, Texas, California, etc. but it is yummy and satisfies your craving for guacamole, tacos, nachos, fajitas, etc. Remember to specify if you want flour tortillas instead of corn as corn seems to be the default.

Posted by: "CMG" at 4:10 pm on 19.Sep.2007

when i ate there the last time, i had the feeling a bottle of oil was poured over my dinner.

Posted by: planetmoni at 9:19 am on 20.Sep.2007

the place is good ,just too many gringos around for my taste

Posted by: "juan carlos" at 1:42 am on 20.Oct.2007

Great place. The best one in Munich (and I am mexican). Way better than the one across the street (specially when it comes to staff, service and location). Prices totally worth it. I highly recommend it.

Posted by: veronicadiaz317 at 8:59 pm on 5.Sep.2008

I was there today and was INCREDIBLY disappointed. I had enchilada and 2 MINI burritos for the price of € 25. The taste was absolutely nothing special. What a waste of money and time! I do not recommend it at all!!

Posted by: "pape" at 4:36 pm on 8.Sep.2008

Tacos is not a nice place! Save your money and go elsewhere.

Posted by: "jena" at 4:48 pm on 9.Sep.2008

Yes T&T has become a little inconsistant. But I can't believe comparing it to the other "Mexican and TexMex" restaurants in town. It has the only authentic flavors to satisfy Mexicans and Texans, and others who know - its steady clients. The owner and family are back in Mexico and Yucatan often enough to keep their taste buds in tune. I find the portions too big. Who can have Carne Taco Y Tequila and not walk away stuffed. Corn tortillas should be the defalt. Wheat is phoney. Prices ok. Service variable. If you want schicky-micky, see-and-be-seen, go to Joe Penas - and choke on the smoke, or Tijuana and suffer the crowds.

Posted by: "TomF" at 6:35 pm on 29.Apr.2009

Family went there for a little pre-Cinco de Mayo (Cinco de Drinko) and were disappointed. Margaritas at 8 a pop that tasted terrible, almost not recognizable. Fajitas with lumps rather than strips of meat, the chicken was grainy (how did they do that?!), and the salsa was nuclear spicy, my asbestos wife even had trouble choking it down; certainly would overpower rather than complement any fajita. Run for the border!

Posted by: "thebrucer" at 6:52 am on 3.May.2009

Really good food! We both had the burritos and thought the food was excellent. Prices are a bit high but I thought it was worth it.

Posted by: BrianNJ at 9:12 am on 6.Dec.2009

Try El Patio, the restaurant across the street, instead. The owners are Mexican, chef-trained in Mexico, and the bartender makes the best mixed drinks in Munich. This is not Tex-Mex but authentic Mexican food!!! Price for two including a drink, shared appetizer, main course and a shared dessert: 50 euro, including tip. Tacos y Tequila is ok - just ok. Nothing to write home about. We went there once to try it out and are back to our favorite, El Patio.

Posted by: "mb" at 10:49 am on 7.Dec.2009

Love the staff and the food is great!! I come from Texas and my boyfriend comes from California so we know Mexican! We love this place because not only is the food great but the atmosphere is amazing as well.

Posted by: erassier1 at 4:56 pm on 17.Apr.2010

This is GREAT!!! The first time I have found real mexican food outside of Mexico, no tex mex; so I can understand why some people criticise the food... However Sausalitos, Enchiladas, Joe Pena sorry but that is tex-mex, that is NOT mexican food, I should know, I am one. It was delicious! and service was a bit slow but they were packed...

Posted by: "Ana" at 8:31 pm on 29.Jun.2010

You guys, just go across the street to El Patio - this is truly good Mexican food made my mexican owners who are really wonderful people. I have enjoyed the food at Tacos y Tequilas but the food was never super and the restaurant does not have the best atmosphere. But basically, you've got 2 Mexican restaurants that are the best in town that are across the street from each other! That is it when it comes to Munich - just 2 good quality mexican food restaurants.

Posted by: Explorer at 6:53 am on 7.Jul.2010

I live in Texas so I know Mexican food! This place was great! I was there early on a Thursday so it was quiet which was fine. The margaritas were off the chart wonderful!! The best I have ever had!! I had the chicken flautas which were also great! They had just the right amount of jalepeno pepper for a good kick in the head! I will be back for sure!! The service was also great! Thanks! Debbie from TX

Posted by: Dlputman at 9:05 pm on 8.Sep.2011

The owner and his son and staff have made us feel like family entering their personal diningroom since the day he opened T&T. We live in Solln, which is about 35 min. away and we wouldn't think of going out for true Mexican food and genuine hospitality anywhere else in München. Go more than twice and catch the fever.

Posted by: "Wendy and Thomas" at 5:56 pm on 17.Oct.2011
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