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Sushi Duke - Munich

Platzl 3 - Munich Altstadt
Opening hours:
- Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm
- Sat 5:30pm-10:30pm
Website: daitokai.de / duke

Sushi Duke Munich

Review by: "Anonymous" on 10.Jan.2005   (edit this review)


Best sushi I've ever had. I will definitely go there again.

Posted by: "Dave" at 12:27 am on 8.Jul.2005

Really good sushi - incredibly fresh ingredients – put the likes of Yo Sushi to shame and a fraction of the price of somewhere like Nobu – sorry to compare with London, but my Munich knowledge is pretty scant!

Posted by: "em" at 7:53 am on 11.Jul.2005

I ate there with my girlfriend a few weeks ago. Expensive enough, but sometimes it is worth reminding yourself just how good sushi can be. Highly recommendable for business dinners and hot dates!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 9:53 am on 25.Oct.2005

Reviews sound great, got excited for a moment and tried to make a booking at 9.30 last Saturday night. What sort of a place in the centre of a big European city closes it's kitchen at 10pm on a Saturday night?? A little too lame for mine...

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 4:16 pm on 20.Nov.2005

Sushi Duke closed for good on 31.Dec.2005. Their rental contract expired and they didn't renew it. They are not opening up anywhere else in Munich (for the time being). Instead they recommend visiting their sister restaurants: Daitokai in Berlin and Daitokai in Cologne.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:01 am on 13.Jan.2006

For the best Sushi in Munich, go to Berlin or Cologne? Too bad. This was a fine establishment. All the Japanese I knew said their sushi was the most authentic.

Posted by: "Ella Star" at 9:52 am on 13.Jan.2006

Nooooooo! I'm gutted...This was easily one of my favourite places in town. :-(

Posted by: jml at 12:48 am on 14.Jan.2006

According to a sign in the window, the premises previously occupied by Sushi Duke will be taken over by the Shoya chain. It was not clear whether it will be a restaurant or shop, but considering the location one would probably assume the former.

Posted by: "Baka Gaijin" at 8:09 am on 14.Jun.2006
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