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Starbucks - Munich

Starbucks opened their first coffee house in Munich on 14.Nov.2004. See the long discusion in the chat forum: Starbucks comes to Munich

The second store opened in April 2005 at Sendlinger Tor. See the related chat topic: 2nd Starbucks opens in Munich

Since then another store has been opening in Munich every couple of months. Current count is six. See the related forum topic: New Starbucks openings around Munich.

Starbucks Munich
Photo by: Nico

Starbucks branches in Munich (updated 15.Apr.2006)
1. Leopoldstrasse 56 - Schwabing
2. Sendlingerstrasse 27 - Altstadt
3. Rosental 7 - Altstadt
4. PEP - Perlach
5. Residenzstrasse 4 - Altstadt
6. Felitzschstrasse - Schwabing

See also the Starbucks Germany - store locator for Germany (wasn't up-to-date last time we checked).

Review by: "Anonymous" on 5.Sep.2004   (edit this review)


Being from Seattle , I will give my good friends in Munich fair warning: If you allow the cancer of the Starbucks shithouses to metastisize through your beautiful city , kiss your favorite tiny kaffe und brotzite hangouts goodbuy. Starbucks is not just a coffee house,it is a distroyer of cultures! Remember- Every time you put to your lips a starbucks product , you are kissing the ass of an American corperation the dosent give one shit about our beloved Bavaria.

Posted by: "Devon" at 8:32 am on 19.Jan.2005

I'm also from Seattle, and in addition to Devon's excellent points I would like to say this: their business practices are evil, and the coffee is crap.

Posted by: "alala" at 9:54 am on 30.Jan.2005

I would like to report that, happily, the Starbucks next to the Opera House and the Sacher Hotel in Vienna has recently TANKED. Talk about sacrilege. It's like trying to hock squeeze cheese in France. Anyway I can only hope that the same scenario will play out in this fair city.

Posted by: "-A" at 4:07 pm on 3.Feb.2005

this is all serious bullshit. their coffee is great and their business practices are some of the best in the US. They are named year after year to be one of the best employers to work for. (at least above 10000 employee companies)

Posted by: "CodeRed" at 3:17 pm on 4.Feb.2005

Starbucks have the best coffee. Its as simple as that. They won't put the small coffee houses out of business if they don't make good coffee.

Posted by: "nimda" at 3:30 pm on 19.Apr.2005

If German culture can't withstand a cup of American coffee, what is going to happen next year when Budweiser sponsors the Fussball WM? You people are just silly.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 4:14 pm on 20.Apr.2005

I see that a 3rd Starbucks is soon to open in Munich. This one will be on Rosental, near Viktualienmarkt.

Posted by: "Coffee Fellow" at 5:02 am on 10.May.2005

Better than Tchibo. And I can sit down.

Posted by: johnathan_muc at 3:52 pm on 22.Apr.2008

I have to agree with "-A", "CodeRed" and "numda" on this one. I love the small cafe atmosphere (which i haven't been able to find in munich yet by the way; any suggestions?). Starbucks does have good business practices, great work standards on every level and do not put small cafe's out of business.

Posted by: ZGS16 at 4:10 pm on 4.Aug.2008

You could not find a "small café atmosphere" in Munich except for Starbucks? That's sad (and strange, too). Try Cafe Platzhirsch on Viktualienmarkt. If you don't like there's a Starbucks right across the street.

Posted by: "Tom Dooley" at 8:53 am on 5.Aug.2008

current count -13 starbucks in munich! Crazy eh?!

Posted by: Rawsheen at 10:56 am on 5.Aug.2008
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