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Sitar - Munich

Sitar - Robert-Koch-Str. 4, 80538 Munich, Germany

Sitar - Indian Restaurant - Munich

Robert-Koch-Str. 4, Lehel - click for the map
U-Bahn U4/5 Lehel
Tel. 089 21112361
Website: Sitar Indisches

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Having tried numerous Indian restaurants in Munich, this is by far my favourite - and I visit it regularly. The prices are fairly average (which is to say, not cheap, but not too expensive either), the service is very good, and the quality of the food is invariably excellent. The dishes are not as hot as their UK counterparts, but they're not too far off.

Posted by: AquaticMeringue at 11:00 pm on 4.Feb.2003

I have to agree with The Meringue on this one - Sitar is by far the best Indian restaurant in Munich. The only downside is that they don't make the "proper" Onion Bhajis, although I'm sure they would have a go if they were asked.

Posted by: Malcolm Spudbury at 11:00 pm on 4.Feb.2003

This is by far the best Indian food I've had in Munich. Especially the tandoori dishes are great. The service is friendly and prompt.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 7:25 am on 4.Apr.2003

The food here is excellent. The prices are reasonable and the service is great. I highly recommend Sitar.

Posted by: Malinee at 2:57 pm on 26.Mar.2004

Enjoyed a very nice meal here with one exception... Prices and food quality were very good ! Service was quick but the waiter did have a staring eye which was directed at my Wife's blouse every time he came to the table. I understand this is an Indian custom but was not very impressed. Will go back in the winter months when turtlenecks are in again.

Posted by: "Munich Gobbler" at 9:27 am on 20.Apr.2004

I had to visit this place after the rave reviews... and I wasn't disappointed! Immediately I noticed that the interior of the restaurant, the prices, and the service were superior to the other Indian joints I have eaten at in Munich (which is not soo many, but enough). The food was also very good. The lentil soup is worth mentioning. I was very unlucky to have found a piece of a ladybug in my food... but I didn't let that destroy my experience. It was pure lack of luck, and it seemed it had probably gotten diced with the cilantro. Since the portions were generous and the food filling (Indian!), I stopped eating from the one dish and ate from my friend's. There was plenty to go around. They offered to gie us a doggy bag, which we declined, but I was impressed that they offered. Such American customs are rarely practiced here in Munich!

Posted by: "Seattleite" at 9:56 pm on 14.May.2004

this is a nothing sort of restaurant in a nothing sort of sleepy dead end area where you might take your mother in law. waiter(s) went through the motions in a very tiresome manner and i've had better vindaloos. there are countless better establishments in munich and surrounds. seek and you shall find.

Posted by: "flogger" at 12:57 pm on 5.Aug.2004

I was disappointed as well after trying out Sitar a couple of weeks back. I had gone there after hearing good things from TTers, but food was bland..portions were small...and service wasn't that great as well. But then I, prolly expect proper authentic indian food..rather than the fare they normally serve in restaurants.

Posted by: "Ashu" at 2:53 pm on 5.Aug.2004

Worst restaurant I have ever been to (Yes, ever). Trust me, I gave it a sincere try by going there 4 times and gave them the benefit of doubt evertime but last time I was there 3 days ago will be my last. I swear to good I almost threw up after tasting their Muglai lamb. The meat seemed like a week old and sauce was sweet (yes, can you believe, it was SWEET for curry's sake) and the rice was soggy and not completely cooked. The service was nothing to crow about. I don't know wht Toytowners go there. I for one will surely skip any TT event at Sitar from now on. There are a hundred other better places than this lousy restaurant. Sorry for being so harsh but geez, this place is trash.

Posted by: "Kash" at 7:02 pm on 8.Aug.2004

So why didn't you complain (nicely) and get it (and the rice) done again? We are in Germany (surprise), and you _are_ allowed to act like the Germans occasionally ... when it makes sense. Point taken about the mutton. Is always yuk there.

Posted by: NoGo at 2:18 pm on 11.Aug.2004

Nogo..point is not about complaining. The point is to forewarn other people who might want to go to the restaurant based on other reviews. I would prefer to know if a place is bad..rather than waste an evening..and money..not to mention spoiling my mood.

Posted by: "Ashu" at 2:46 pm on 11.Aug.2004

Kash, I think your review is not only harsh but just plain wrong. OK, so I've never had the lamb so I've no idea about that. Maybe Sitar really does have a lamb problem. But nothing wrong with the chicken or spinage dishes. Nothing at all. Dunno if they class as "gourmet cuisine" but they're very tasty I know that for certain. You say this is the worst restaurant you've ever been to, well, you can't have been to many restaurants then. Does McDonalds count as a restaurant? If so, do you say that Maccy D's is better than Sitar? If you do, well, there goes your credibility in one shot.

Posted by: "Jack" at 2:52 pm on 11.Aug.2004

Well I've continued trying other Indian restaurants since my first review (which was one and a half years ago), as it's nice to have a change every so often, but I've still not found any which are better than the Sitar (except for size and decor). It's certainly not any more authentic than any of the other Indian restaurants I've been to in Munich (I don't think a truely authentic restaurant would appeal to enough people to survive, to be honest), but the quality is at least as good as (and frequently better than) the Indian restaurants I've been to back home in England. Disliking it on the basis is IMO rather similar to disliking tex-mex because its not like authentic mexican food - fair enough, but it's not really a valid comparison. In response to Kash's comment on August 8th: "last time I was there 3 days ago will be my last...I for one will surely skip any TT event at Sitar from now on" - I should point out that on that particular date the curry night wasn't held at Sitar, but at the Ganga. I cannot comment on the quality of the Ganga as I wasn't able to attend.

Posted by: AquaticMeringue at 4:27 pm on 11.Aug.2004

"I should point out that on that particular date the curry night wasn't held at Sitar, but at the Ganga" Perhaps he went there independantly, and not with the TT curry night?

Posted by: "A Pedant" at 5:06 pm on 11.Aug.2004

Perhaps he works for Sangam / Sangeet / Sarovar and is trying to dis the competition?

Posted by: "Another Pedant" at 9:42 pm on 11.Aug.2004

Well the Sitar was good last night, there was about 23 people when I counted at one stage. I found that my Curry was a bit on the cold side when it was served, and their service wasn't the best, one or two people at the table got served 10 minutes after everyone else (and I don't think it was the fact that they came late), plus the nan's (food not grannies) came out a little bit late. That being said the meal tasted lovely , well worth a visit, plus they had Augistiner so you can't go wrong there.

Posted by: "pablo" at 8:50 am on 12.Aug.2004

To be honest, when people(who arrive on time) order at 915pm, and then all the late people turn up at 930pm (from the german evening), and still all the food arrives roughly together, then I dont think the sitar can be criticsed. I have yet to find a resturant that can cope very well with a group of 20 poeple. Excellent food, excellent beer and a lovely atmosphere outside last night

Posted by: pootle at 10:17 am on 12.Aug.2004

I have only had indian food once before (interesting side-note, I learned that when one - at least in the UK - refers to Curry one means not the particular spice mixture but Indian Cuisine generally), but I must say that last night was excellent. There was some wait for the food, but good conversation and a smattering of Helles bridged the gap nicely. Our host was also very nice and took the time to ask my opinion of the food. Answer: Deelish. Overall: It had a good beat that I could really dance to. I give it a 9.

Posted by: "rwgaul" at 10:57 am on 12.Aug.2004

Agree with pootle about the service. They did well to deliver food to pretty much everyone at the same time, even the latecomers who ordered half an hour after. It did kind of defeat the purpose of us ordering early though...

Posted by: Malcolm Spudbury at 11:33 am on 12.Aug.2004

Food last night, excellent as always. Have to say the staff were extra nice to evryone last night. Wouldnt be because the location has shifted the last couple of weeks would it? Doubtful, but they know us now and I guess they dont want to lose out business.

Posted by: 3 Lions at 11:37 am on 12.Aug.2004

Yep, great night, great curry, weird but good Peshwari Naan and nice cold beer, although my head isn't too happy today after that mix and 6 hours' sleep

Posted by: "JoolyBooly" at 11:39 am on 12.Aug.2004

The previous couple of times I was here the food wasn't so good. The last time I'm sure I got leftovers with a bit of extra sauce and chilis thrown on top. One of the reasons I was keen to try other places for the TT curry night the last few weeks. Last night's meal was a definite improvement.

Posted by: Malcolm Spudbury at 11:43 am on 12.Aug.2004

Service was fine to me even if I ordered first and received last. Can't complain about that, nor that they didn't seem to want to give me a bill at the end. They were very good about letting us sit outside making quite a racket until half twelve altho they only have a licence until 11. There might be something in their attitude having improved slightly by the group not going there a couple of times. As Pootle and I walked straight past without stopping at about 8 the one waiter looked distinctly panicky, maybe thinking we'd be going somewhere else after all. Vindaloo was okay, a little thick and not sour enough for me but that's just taste. Certainly not spicy enough, I should maybe have asked for extra hot like AquaMarine, oops sorry, AquaticMeringue. Enjoyed it all the same.

Posted by: "Jeeves" at 12:53 pm on 12.Aug.2004

Had a lot of fun dining with you although food wasn't as good as it used to be. Told the owner about it. We'll see if they'll start improving.

Posted by: "Karen" at 12:55 pm on 12.Aug.2004

I have been very disappointed with curry houses in Munich. I was highly recommended this place so I went there, only to be disappointed again. For the meat dishes, like most curry houses in Munich (bar the Rama on Arnulfstr., I would stress), it is clear that the meat is not cooked with the spices or in the sauce but cooked separately and then added before serving. So the meat tends to be dry and tough and bordering on the inedible. I complained about it to the waiter to be told that other people ate it. I suppose native Germans wouldn't know the difference and think they are eating a real curry.

Posted by: "Roland" at 1:28 pm on 16.Nov.2004

This note is for the English living in Munich Have you ever wondered what indian restaurants were like in England when they first opened their doors to the public...pretty disgusting as they catered for the english palat. But over the years as the English have educated themselves on the indian food realised that the authentic dish was very different to the one served in the Restaurants so the demand for athentic dishes became more and more. Now you can go pretty much anywhere in England and get excellent indian food. So give the Germans a break they will too soon start to demand the authentic dishes... I know I am married to one and he is already demanding. PS vindaloo does not exist in India!!!!!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 3:13 pm on 14.Jan.2005

Went here Saturday evening and am not all that impressed. Had the creme of lobster soup as a started and it tasted very much like Magie's creme of tomato soup. My main course,lady fingers in a strong sauce was very good however. They have delicious(but fatty) garlic bread and the Papadams are very good too. Side-kick had lamb chops and was not all that impressed: hardly anything to nibble on and very chewy indeed. All in all I would say that this restaurant is as good as the next.

Posted by: "majorbummer" at 2:19 pm on 23.May.2005

Who the hell orders Lobster soup in a Curry House??

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 10:46 pm on 23.May.2005

Been here twice. The first time was excellent, the 2nd bloody awful. Admittedly when we ordered, the waiter told us there was a "small problem" in the kitchen and we would have to wait some time for our food. 30 minutes later our starters arrived but when my main meal of Chicken Tikka arrived, the sauce was only lukewarm and the chicken was still raw in the middle. The waiter did apologise and took it away, only to reappear with it again 5 minutes later. It had obviously been zapped in the microwave, the sauce was at boiling point but the chicken was still raw in the middle. YUK! I was offered another main meal free of charge but this had completely put me off. We obviously just picked a bad night but I won't be going back to try again.

Posted by: "Fiona" at 8:46 am on 29.Jul.2005

Tried the Sitar last week with a couple guys from work as this is my local indian. Compared to UK prices, its average+ but we were impressed with the food given we consider ourselves 'officianados' in the curry domain :) [ok - was my first Indian here, so i have yet to experience the range that people claim exists here] We were even handed a plate of raw chillies and the lime chutney when they realised we English. At 20Eur a head (pls tip) including a drink, not bad and will be going there again (not least because its close).

Posted by: "mjd" at 12:35 pm on 23.Nov.2005

Went there last night with a large group, and thought it was great. Had a lamb bhuna, asked for it a bit hot, and indeed it was... Perfect. Plenty of rice with it, very friendly and attentive service. I'll be going back. Often.

Posted by: "Ben Panter" at 2:50 pm on 6.Mar.2006

Went last Sunday with the children. Had a selection of milder dishes, all extremely tasty. Staff were exceptional and even went so far as to explain to the children which dishes were slightly hotter than the rest. Already added it to my list of top eating spots in Munich.

Posted by: "Nick" at 7:59 am on 28.Mar.2006

Went to this restaurent last year...excellent food, nice service..simply wonderful..

Posted by: "Rajesh" at 2:47 pm on 10.Apr.2006

I went there with a big expectation but i have to say that we were quite dissapointed. Nice atmosphere, kind service, various kind of menu and price was ok- though, in spite of various menus, all tasts almost same and i found them too sweet.. too far "europeanized" so nothing for people who knows good indish already. I do not think i will go there again.

Posted by: "Kaori" at 8:00 am on 21.Aug.2006

Good night out with the guys but i have to say the curry after at The Sitar was the worst curry i have ever had in Munich bar none, no spice, not hot and just poor. Ordered Keema nan and it was hunt the meat. One of the waiters told us that the boss was concentrating his efforts on a new restaurant elsewhere and it showed !! Went to the loo and out of three supposed stones only one existed! Note to TT, give the Sitar a miss until further notice !!

Posted by: "bluedave" at 1:35 am on 24.Mar.2007

Thought I'd throw my 2 cents in! I have always been disappointed when searching a place here in Munich for a decent curry but the curry last night in Sitar was top notch. Chilli chicken was very hot and tasty, my friends weren't disappointed with their dishes either. Service was friendly and quick. Definately be going here for currys in the future.

Posted by: "ben" at 9:26 am on 29.Mar.2007

I was at Sitar for lunch today (menu consisting of soup or salad and a main dish off their noon menu), and the food was piping hot, fresh and delicious. My Lamb Sabzi with fresh vegetables really had fresh vegetables that were cooked but still crunchy, Scogs' Chicken Massala was creamy-spicy without burning the roof off your head. The place was almost full so taking orders and paying up took a bit too long but the food was served without delay. Definitely recommendable for a private or business lunch.

Posted by: sarabyrd at 2:44 pm on 9.Jul.2007

We ate here last 2 Jan 08 and I guess I just must be special. My vegetarian meal was so salty I had to apologetically send it back. They provided me with another but it was identical and so uneatable. But I did get a free beer. Everyone else seemed happy or at least more tolerant. Why do we always go to an Indian restaurant on a Wed? They are more expensive and quality is more unreliable than other restaurants - too sharf or too salty. I only go for the company. Any reasonable restaurant would do for me.

Posted by: petersen at 5:44 pm on 27.Feb.2008

All through, wonderful feedback about this restaurant has been posted. This comment is real and I trust this will astonish Sitar Lovers. I brought a food parcel today from Sitar and the realize food was very badly tasting. Rice was half backed. When my wife telephoned back and brought to their information to correct the problem, the gentlemen working/owner at the restaurant replied very rudely and told that they are fully aware of this problem. This problem is occuring only with PARCEL SERVICE!!! They offerred a free meal next time when I visit their restaurant!!?? Seriousness and service, specially for INDIAN customers are a question in Munich. Take care.......

Posted by: "Srini" at 6:08 pm on 18.Jun.2008

Sorry. This place does not deserve the two thumbs up -- a distinction it shares only with one other very deserving restaurant here in Munich. The past three visits over a year have been dismal. While the service is excellent, the food has been at best bland. And salty. And bland. When Toytown has half the restaurant reserved it shouldn't be necessary for us to explain five times that we want our food prepared "English hot" or "Indian style". Once we've explained this five times anyway we shouldn't receive food meant for a typical Bavarian's failed tastebuds. We should likewise not be admonished to use additional code words to get food which actual humans would enjoy. I've given Sitar far too many free passes, in large part for the excellent service (also now waning) and insistence of friends about the quality they enjoyed. I have not seen it, from the "Hyderabadi" curry night some years ago which led to the original Alternative Curry Night to the sweet, bland, no-spice "Butter Chicken" I shoveled down tonight because I was starving. No. No more. Sorry Sitar, you do not deserve a second thumbs up until you string up every last person who has ever walked into your kitchens and replace them with fresh blood. Even Tim Mälzer can cook a more convincing vindaloo.

Posted by: BadDoggie at 9:30 pm on 3.Dec.2008

If Sitar was right next door to my office, I would still go to the repellent in-house cafeteria for lunch. The food was bland, the service was bizarrely patchy, promised hot sauce never materialised and the owner told us it was our own fault the food was crap because we ordered wrong. Sorry, Sitar. The boss seems very nice, but he can't carry an entire restaurant when it's staffed with useless cooks and waiters. Complete overhaul required.

Posted by: llees at 10:49 pm on 3.Dec.2008

Food is yuck .... does not taste at all .... I went there with my team ... and I have to say sorry to everyone at the end ... food was just un-eatable, service was the worst. First for the curry, we have to wait for an hour. Then naans were missing, another 30 mins, beer was not chilled and although I told them to make it desi style. Upon complain I hear ...it is your mistake, during order you should have asked us to make is hot (what the f***, desi style means no cream ... we dont want to eat chillies but want to have real Indian food in a Indian Rest.) and the story does not end here ... regarding naans, we should have ordered along with order. I dont understand if they have outsourced naan to some other resturant.... and story goes on .. Over all, this place does not deserve the two thumbs up. From my side 5 down ... will never go there again...

Posted by: "BadMood" at 7:54 am on 30.Apr.2009

Mmmmm a crowd of us went last night and have to say, wasn't spectacular, infact one of the girls texted me earlier so say she was up sick during the night with suspected food poisoning ... I had a few glasses of wine and felt awful this morning ... Next time will be booking GOA I think !

Posted by: RaithNo7 at 12:23 pm on 30.Apr.2009

> suspected food poisoning ... Often this poison goes by the name of Geschmacksverstaerker E-621. Heavily used by many restaurants and causes severe indigestion for some of us.

Posted by: AnthonyDoesEurope at 4:56 pm on 30.Apr.2009

Munich Curry Night: 30th June 2010... TT headcount: 12 with outdoor seating... Start: 19.30... Extras: Popadoms & dips... Service: attentive... Beer: Paulaner... My dish: Chicken Jalfrezi, which was OK

Posted by: walmerroad at 12:02 pm on 5.Aug.2010

I am very happy to say that after a slump Sitar has improved and almost achieved its former level of good service and food. My Hyderabad biryani had just the right amount of heat (I wasn't asked), the rice was cooked to perfection, the lamb tender. The garlic naan was full of nice, fresh garlic slices but could have been a bit more fluffy. I also tried the chicken vindaloo (hot and fruity) and the green chili chicken (a bit dry but flavorful). Service was very good, and the kitchen did not try to get everything out at the same time but spread the service over app. 10 minutes. Now, if only they did something about the Erdinger Weißbier ...

Posted by: sarabyrd at 8:05 am on 5.Apr.2012

As an experiment, I had Hiryali Malai Kebab, a dish I had recently ordered at another curry house. Sitar failed miserably in the direct comparison: The quality of the main ingredient was as low as you can get before you reach cat food level - watery, flabby chicken. The preparation was mediocre, the mint/spinach/coriander mix was sweet, almost like toothpaste, and half of the meat was charred. The three dishes on the Thali next door were interchangeably bland while the made to order Chicken Vindaloo was super spicy and very tasty. Sitar remains consistent in its inconsistency.

Posted by: sarabyrd at 7:35 am on 28.Jun.2012

Sara, for a start it is Hariyali (in hindi, the national language in India, it means Greenery. Thats the reason for mint/Spinach/coriander mix. Am sorry for your expereince, never been to sitar, but guess with your experience wont bother going there.

Posted by: askpriyesh at 11:41 am on 6.Jul.2012

Who ever visiting Indian embassy in munich have a best option for there lunch.. its good to taste the best of indian dishes. Very good, i had a good indian food after a very long time in germany's real Indisch taste restaurant..

Posted by: kumar555 at 9:27 pm on 6.Jul.2012
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