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Seven Fish - Munich

Seven Fish - Gärtnerplatz 6, 80469 Munich, Germany

Seven Fish was in the papers a couple of weeks ago when the Stoiber sisters made an appearance at the opening party. Last weekend I got around to checking out the restaurant for myself. And I have to say... very impressed! We arrived early in the evening and it was already buzzing. Seven Fish was launched with the aim of becoming one of Munich's hot spots and I think they've succeeded already.


The restaurant is at ground level, directly on Gärtnerplatz. This is most definately a restaurant-restaurant, as opposed to a bar-restaurant. There is a bar area but it's only very small - 8 stools, no more. So only come here if you intend to eat. The decor is very stylish: fairly dark but with colourful lighting and a modern, polished appearance. The age of the crowd is mostly late-thirties and forties. If you're younger, however, you will not feel too out of place.

The food, as you will have guessed from the name, is fish based. There are main dishes for between €16 and €18. Or you can take a "Chef's recommended menu" for around €34. Alternatively you can try the bar food dishes which come in three sizes: small to large and costing just €4 to €9. Some examples from the bar food menu are: Shoket Salmon, Caribean Marlin, Thai Tuna, Greek Brazino, Asian Oyster, or St.Jaque 7 Fish.

Seven Fish
Gärtnerplatz 6, Isarvorstadt
U/S-Bahn Marienplatz, Isartor, or Fraunhoferstrasse
Tel. 089 23000219

Website: Seven Fish

Review by: "Anonymous" on 8.Feb.2004   (edit this review)


ate there on saturday. quite impressed with the food. wine list was nice (but why so many clarets in a fish place??). staff were friendly but a little bit slow at times. overall a very enjoyable experience

Posted by: jordigo at 1:13 pm on 22.Mar.2004

This is a nice place for dinner. I felt underdressed in jeans though. The food was excellent. The service was decent too. This would be a nice date place. More on the expensive side.

Posted by: Malinee at 3:09 pm on 26.Mar.2004

I take my last comment back. I went there a second time and the service was terrible, the food came out too slow and it was overpriced for what you got. I won't go back.

Posted by: Malinee at 3:22 pm on 18.Jun.2004

Was there last night without making reservation. If you go in after 7pm you can forget getting a table. Was fully booked with plenty of visitors being turned away from 8pm onwards. Good points: Ambiance nice, service good, food excellent and presentation first class. Bad points: Wine list extensive but very, very expensive. They make some serious margin on this !!!

Posted by: "hong kong fooey" at 7:23 am on 15.Oct.2004

We ate there a couple of weeks ago. We thought it was slow, expensive, and small portions. I am used to French food price and portions, but this was even small for me. I prefer the Brasserie on Frauenstr 14, over this restaurant for a nice dinner out in a similar setting.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 2:01 pm on 18.Oct.2004

Went there last night and was seriously hungry when I left after ordering a main course and dessert. The food was delicious and well-presented but the portions were very small at an average of 18 Euro per dish! Got a small side dish of mixed veggies with it but I left the place still hungry. Nice place to eat and a great atmosphere, but be prepared to spend about 40 or more Euro per person if you want leave without feeling hungry. We should have ordered the menu for 36 Euro- I'd recommend that if you're going. Service a bit slow.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 4:27 pm on 12.Dec.2004

had sat lunch there in the summer. boring food and uninspired vino - expensive for what it it - have fish in munich generally bad wont be back....

Posted by: "Grobah" at 6:00 am on 13.Dec.2004

Went there on a Saturday night n October very classy place very beautiful crowd reminded me of places n Manhattan.The service was good and the food was also good.Very hard 2 find parking places.

Posted by: "T" at 10:08 am on 6.Jan.2005

Went to seven fish last night and I must say we were impressed with the menu. Its a little on the expensive side but I guess fish is rather expensive where ever you go in Munich. The only negative point is that the service is incredibly slow..... we really wanted to have dessert but aftre waiting for more than 45 minutes for the main dish we thought better not order dessert cause we might have to wait till midnight for that. Other than that it was great. Will go there again when we have the whole night to spend there.

Posted by: "springtini" at 8:02 am on 26.May.2006

This place is a rip off. Our bill came to EUR150,--. Food quality was less than average and despite having run up such a huge bill when I asked for iced water I was told that if I wanted water I would have to buy still water!! Service was also slow and tables are on top of eachother. Waste of a lot of money.

Posted by: "Anon" at 11:46 am on 4.Jun.2006

I guess it's a case of on the night... Went there last night - cool vibe, great food, tastefully and exotically served. Good attentive servers, with an interesting wine list - including Greek. Yes, above average prices, and yes perhaps slightly 'too out there' but the food was great, superbly prepared and cooked. fresh fish and shellfish are my fav and in Munich this is a rarity - enough of the schwinesaxe danke :)

Posted by: "mark" at 8:39 am on 14.Jul.2006

This was recommended to us by our hotel concierge. She had done brilliantly the night before, so we went with confidance. I am sorry to say, that we could not wait to get out. It's run by a Greek owner who appears to have passed on his own 'malaise' to the waiting staff, who reckoned they were all 'too cool for school'. To my mind, it was taking pretentiousness to new heights, the sort of early 90s 'fad' restaurant that lasted a year or so in London or New York, before everyone cottoned on that rude staff, small portions and high prices didn't mean a good night out.

Posted by: "London" at 9:39 am on 8.Jan.2007

We tried to go there on Valentine's Day. The arrogant staff made us very clear that we won't get a table - but it was obvious that they had tables left but didn't want us get one. Never happened to me before in Munich.

Posted by: "fly" at 8:46 am on 17.Feb.2007

Atmosphere nice near the Gardenplatz. Expensive. My soup was covered in butter. My "light" fish meal was also soaked in butter. So much that I could not eat the vegetables that came with the fish. Very small portions.

Posted by: "Susan" at 10:50 pm on 2.Sep.2007

Based on the reviews it seems hit or miss. I've been twice, both times I enjoyed it. Food both times was very good, but not excellent. For the price though (~50 Euro per person), I'd be tempted to try other sushi-style venues. It is a chic place, so to speak, but decor does not drive price. The guy behind the bar making the dishes was really nice but the remaining staff's friendliness is only so-so. I would go back again but only after trying other places.

Posted by: "STM" at 12:45 pm on 10.Feb.2008

Very beautiful place. Mezze, fisches and greek wines to discover.

Posted by: "Flo Bretzel" at 4:12 pm on 10.Feb.2008

took Peter there for his birthday this sunday. Food was superb and the service attentive and fast. The wine, which we chose very carefully (and then had it endorsed by the waiter, was one of the best Grüner Veltliner's I have ever had (Radl: Vinum Optimum if anyone wants to try it from the wine list)

Posted by: Bell the cat at 8:49 am on 12.Aug.2008

My husband and I went there for dinner last night. We were asked if we liked surprises (sure?) and the chef sent out appeteziers of their house specialities. I had delicious sushi grade tuna, two prawns wrapped in bacon, and a scallop and fish soup. 59 Euros, ouch! My husband had the same along with a baked fish appetizer 69 Euros. Food was fabulous but small portions, with a bill of 203 euros I would recommend to stay away from the surprsies, order from the menu.

Posted by: thecoloradoans at 10:52 am on 25.Jul.2009

This restaurant must be one of the worst I have been to in a long time. I think I ended up with mild food poisioning after eating the tuna tartar, which was obviously not that fresh, but smouldered in soy based sauce. It was expensive, service was slow, food presentation uninspiring, menu lacked variety, and portions for people with eating disorders. The bill came up to a whopping EUR 250 for 4 persons (1 starter and main per person, sharing 1 bottle of wine and water). I would not be heading back there again ever! Nor would I recommend anyone there.

Posted by: "Aud Z" at 5:24 pm on 8.Jan.2010

Nobody will ever go there again - it's closed and the team has moved to Blu Mediteraneo in Schwabing.

Posted by: Gen at 2:48 pm on 15.Jan.2010
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