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Seehaus Beer Garden - Munich

Seehaus is very popular beer garden. Beautifully situated next to the big lake (the Kleinhesselöhe See) in the English Garden.

Closest U-Bahn station: Münchner Freiheit U3/6 - East Schwabing


Review by: "Anonymous" on 8.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Seehaus is probably one of the most crowded beergartens during the summer! However, it is nice to go there after a nice afternoon of lying in the sun by the lake. Beware though, because it is so close to the water, the wasps are really bad there! Cover your drinks and eat your food carefully.

Posted by: "M.K." at 9:39 pm on 27.Jan.2004

An excellent place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, the Seehaus is located on the edge of a lake (Kleinhesseloher See) in the Englischer Garten. If you are arriving in the mid to late afternoon you'll be unlikely to get any of the prime seats at the lakeside so it's worth showing up a bit early if you're intending to stay for a few hours. It's a younger crowd than you would see at the Chinesischer Turm and there's always plenty of beautiful girls around.

Posted by: Keydeck at 7:30 am on 28.Jan.2004

We had lunch in the restaurant there two weeks ago. I had Kalbfleischpflanzerl and got a gastrointestinal infection. Won't go back there.

Posted by: "mrgalak" at 10:00 pm on 30.Jun.2004

really good apart from that obnoxious irish barman mossy who works there

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:00 pm on 28.Jun.2005

I think Seehaus is over-rated. the clientele are snobby and posey at best. the food is over-priced and not that amazing by other beergarden standards. we always head 10 minutes further up the river to Hirschau, cheaper, better-quality food (and there's a Steckerlfish stand too yum-yum-in-my-tum) live music on the weekends and a lot more relaxed atmosphere. oh and plenty of pretty girls there too Keydeck!

Posted by: "Mr.Potato Head" at 6:43 pm on 24.Jul.2006

We ate here recently, the food and service were good however we were charged 8 Euros for a bottle of San Pellegrino.....you have to be joking, never again!

Posted by: "Melissa" at 8:56 am on 16.Feb.2008
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