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Schlachthof - Munich

Schlachthof - holding about 800 people - is a Club for very good local bands with a solid following as well as smaller more international touring acts. From soul to jazz to Woodstock tributes... just check In Muenchen to see if an act sounds good to you.

Submitted by: Erin Perry

Zenettistraße 9, 80337 Munich.

Review by: "Anonymous" on 29.Mar.2005   (edit this review)


For those of you that havn't heard of it before, the Schlachthof is also a really interesting place as it is Munich's slaughterhouse/ meat packing district. There are lots of gritty old buildings and a generally Dickensian feeling that you don't find in many places in Munich. And sometimes you can even smell death on the breeze.

Posted by: "mongrel" at 6:34 pm on 29.Mar.2005

All the above is true. But isn't this place now closed? I heard they went bankrupt and out of business last year sometime?

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:51 pm on 29.Mar.2005

yeah it went broke but returned. Their program's at their website including an author I love: Tuesday 5.Apr.2005, Axel Hacke: "Der weisse Neger WUMBABA" http://www.kultur-im-schlachthof.de/

Posted by: Gen at 8:03 pm on 30.Mar.2005

Only the Schlachthof restaurant went broke for a short time. The other parts (concert/party hall, "Ox") were not affected as they seem to be managed by different people. Don't forget to check out the other cool places nearby (Substanz, Südstadt, Valentin Stüberl).

Posted by: "joe" at 9:57 am on 31.Mar.2005

My wife and I went to the Woodstock tribute last year at the Schlachthof and it was great. I hope they do it again this year. It was amazing how well these local performers mimicked the original performers. We stayed the entire day and hated it when it ended.

Posted by: "Clay" at 3:59 am on 20.May.2005

went there last night . on mondays this place rocks.not so expensive 6 euro entrance and 3.20 for a beer.spoke to a number of people there who told me thats its only monday when its good.music from the 80's probably the best place to go on a monday in munich

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:10 am on 21.Feb.2006
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