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Sausalitos - Munich

Sausalitos is a Germany wide chain of Mexican restaurants. There are three branches in Munich; one on Tal in the city center (pictured), a second on Türkenstrasse in Schwabing, and a third bar outdoors in the Hofbräukeller beer garden in Haidhausen.


The two indoor bars are both pretty much the same in terms of atmosphere, clientele, food, service, etc. Both are also very popular and are always packed - although that doesn't necessarily mean that they're any good. McDonalds branches are usually quite busy too, but you don't see those featured in any quality restaurant guide.

TT meet ups at Sausalitos

Sausalitos is generally NOT considered a suitable venue for TT meet ups. The main reason being that it is so loud and crowded. TT meet ups are generally intended for people to get to know each other. It's very hard to get to know people, however, when you have to scream at the top of your lungs above the crowd noise. Also, the layout of the tables is such that it doesn't allow for easy mingling. That said, there have nevertheless been numerous TT meet ups here, although they went off with varying degrees of success.

Tal 16 - City Center
S/U-Bahn to Marienplatz
Tel. 089 24295494

Türkenstr. 50, Schwabing
U3/6 to Universität
Tel. 089 281594

...at the Hofbräukeller
Innere Wiener Str. 19
Munich Haidhausen
U-Bahn U4 or U5 to Max-Weber-Platz
Tel. 089 4599250

Sausalitos Germany Website: Sausalitos

Alternative mis-spellings: Sausolitos, Sorsolitos, Salsalitos

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Sausolitos - definitely worth a visit. Food is pretty good, happy hour is happy, ladies look good, price is ok - but it usually pretty packed at peak times.

Posted by: "Kevin" at 5:31 am on 10.Mar.2003

I am afraid I have to disagree most vehmently with the above review. The food is absolutely shocking and the service is even worse. If you even get any service that is. Has anyone ever received their food whilst it was still hot? For some reason Sausolitos is incredibly popular amongst the Mickey Schmicky crowd. I guess that's because they're all sheep and they all do the same as what everyone else does. I really can't rate this place badly enough. I only go there when dragged kicking and screaming by "friends" of mine. Another bad thing is that it is insanely noisey and hot in there. Absolutely no chance for a decent conversation with anyone. I wouldn't even class this chain (there are 80 Sausolitos in Deutschland) as a restaurant. It's a bar that serves bad food. But each to his own I suppose.

Posted by: "Jimbob" at 6:12 am on 10.Mar.2003

Horrendous!! Hot, smoky, sticky, disgusting! Stale tortillas wrapped around dried out chicken chunks, broccoli and stale corn from a can. You call this Mexican!?!??! The Sausalitos salsa chef should be behind bars, a travesty! Basically ketchup with unidentifiable chunks. But, if you don't mind bad food and excessive heat (but not in the salse), the beautiful people are here to look at (downing stale tortillas, haha!) Prost!

Posted by: "Dan" at 1:38 pm on 6.Aug.2003

Happy Hour from 5-8 pm. Value for money. Food tastes ok, but not sure whether you notice that you are so thirsty afterwards. My guess is they use lots of monosodium glutamate. The above comments about Sausalitos are right: hot, smoky, sticky...but it's pretty normal for a bar, isn't it?

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 2:09 pm on 27.Oct.2003

I didn't care for the food here but it's a pretty happening place in the evenings. It can get quite loud and smokey, but it's a fun joint. Stay away from the Nachos, they were disgusting.

Posted by: Malinee at 2:56 pm on 26.Mar.2004

I ate here over two years ago and wasn't impressed. I'm from the west coast, mind you, and nothing here in Munich so far has come close to the (fresh, halfway authentic) Mexican food we get back home... Sausalito's, however, remains a mystery to me. I don't understand the appeal of this place. I guess it's just not my kind of thing. They have a business lunch buffet that is nothing more than a calorie bomb: take out all the frozen foods you can find, heat them any way possible, preferably with lot's of grease, and put them all on platters. It's not even really mexican... maybe wishfully tex-mex. The desserts are 100% American (pecan pie and brownies?)... oh, the house brand Tequiza, too, is all you can drink. So you can stuff your face, but don't expect any nourishment...

Posted by: "Seattleite" at 10:10 pm on 14.May.2004

I was in the Turkenstr. one last night, and I have to say it wasn't all that schicky really. Didn't try the food, but the barman Oliver was a really nice guy who has lived in the states for a while - He gave me loads of free drinks, so no complaints!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 5:42 am on 16.Jan.2005

Bad place... a very bad place!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 5:20 pm on 18.Jan.2005

I was there Sunday night and had a great time. Their jumbo caipis/mojitos during Happy Hour are the business and I had an excellent "Club Burrito". Sure I've had better caipis & mojitos in other places but they tasted fine, were mightily large and did the job. Plus, I care not a jot if it's authentic Mexican fare or not, it tasted great. The Nachos Grande were not particularly Grande though, certainly not by Enchiladas standards. Service was very good too, maybe we just got lucky. It's a good fun night out.

Posted by: Keydeck at 5:39 pm on 18.Jan.2005

Yeah I have to agree with most of the reviews here. This place is really horrible. I am from Texas, so not only can I get real mexican food, but we also know for sure what tex-mex is and this place is neither. Someone above said stay away from the nachos and I would agree. Nachos served at baseball games taste much better than that! But on the other hand...It is almost always packed, so if you are looking for a 'happenin' place, go there. If you want to eat food, find another place...There is a McDonalds like two buildings up on the one on Tal Str. Go there if you want food. It will be much better!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 7:12 pm on 25.Feb.2005

The awful comments above have brought a smile to my heart, a jinlge to my pocket and an overall feeling of good will towards my fellow beings.

Posted by: "TexasTornado" at 6:55 pm on 26.Feb.2005

Sausilitos is utter, utter shite for all the reasons detailed above.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:59 am on 27.Feb.2005

In my opinion, Sausalitos is by far the best Mexican bar in Munich. During Happy Hour you'll get a 1/2 liter cocktail for about 5 Euros, the food is great and plentiful, staff, although very busy, is friendly at all times. The only thing that can be disturbing is that the air is filled with smoke, however, that's a common problem in German bars. I like the "hurricane" best, but I doubt you can handle more than 2 of those.. :) Make sure you reserve a place in advance if you plan on going there on the weekend, otherwise there is no way in hell you'll ever get seated. Dunno why this place appeals to me so much (I find the other comments pretty strange), it's just the atmosphere I guess, and the fact that it's mostly younger folks (<35) hanging out there is a factor as well.

Posted by: "David" at 2:50 am on 28.Mar.2005

No accounting for taste I suppose.

Posted by: "Mexican Tea Party" at 9:16 am on 28.Mar.2005

What is in the Touchdown Cocktail... it was amazing!!! It is a great place... you must visit in Munich

Posted by: "Sarah H" at 11:26 pm on 16.Apr.2005

I found the food terrible. How you can possibly screw up nachos??? Everything brought to our table was stale and cold. My Mexican friends would laugh at the thought of this place claiming to serve Mexican food. The service was also bad. The waitress took so long to bring our pitcher of margaritas that all of the ice had melted in it. No comment on how long it took to get some ice!

Posted by: "CA girl" at 6:32 pm on 14.May.2005

totally shite

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 12:05 pm on 16.May.2005

We loved it, happy hour(s) certainly were happy and it was well cheap and they served Carlsberg! Service was slow though, and one waitress very moody! Worth a visit though, we certainly enjoyed it, and easy to flee from if you haven't got the cash.

Posted by: "Year 12 Alcester" at 10:00 am on 21.Jul.2005

If you remember that Sausalito's is a restaurant serving Mexican food made by and for Germans, you won't be too disapointed. It's fairly good for what it is, but what it is really isn't Mexican. Think European cuisine with a Mexican influence. The drinks are great though, it's fun with friends, there are numerous vegetarian options, and they can often accomodate groups.

Posted by: "Hallie" at 11:47 pm on 22.Jul.2005

Went there a few weeks ago for drinks- not the usually power drinks used to getting from there, but we drank them anyway...... had chips and sauce, god, were the chips awful. Seriously, how can you mess up chips and salsa? But they did. Ran out of sauce to cover up the over salty burnt chips, why is it you get a big bowl of chips with a tablespoon of salsa?

Posted by: Carm at 8:16 am on 23.Jul.2005

I go to sausalitos regularly, and always enjoy the atmosphere, and have NEVER had a problem with service..we usually reserve the table near the main waiter station (Tuerkenstr. one) I love the food, the nachos ok, but the Chicken Fajitas were fabulous. You get so much for your money, especially during the happy hour. Possibly a little loud, but you can still talk whilst eating, but not a lot. NOt for people who like a quite place to have a good old chat.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:28 pm on 28.Jul.2005

The drinks are good value, but the music is unbearably loud.

Posted by: "Marty" at 6:12 pm on 28.Jul.2005

Had a great birthday party at the one in Schwabing. Drinks were fantastic and the waiter treated us very polite. Don't know about the food though...I'd rather enjoy a meal in a more quite atmosphere. But great fun!!

Posted by: "Bavarian_Welsh" at 2:36 pm on 29.Jul.2005

I was in Braunschweig, Germany a few weeks ago and the food and service top notch.

Posted by: "Joy" at 8:41 pm on 21.Jan.2006

I am staggered by all of these negative comments! I can only assume that few of you visited Sausalitos in Schwabing! I fly to Munich just to visit this place! I have not found cocktails to better the ones found in this bar anywhere. I am an airline pilot so have sampled the odd cocktail now and then in many cities, try their Tropical Frozen Fruit Margheritas, Touchdown, Hurricane and Strawberry Daiquiri! The food is just as good, hot and delicious (love the Quesadilla Vegetariana and the Yucatan Potatoes) stuffed with a huge variety of fresh veg and salads. The service is friendly and generous. I have never had to wait longer than 10-15 mins for a drink at the busiest times. A free round of tequila shots usually appears at the end of your night too! Well done Sausalitos.

Posted by: "Boeing girl" at 11:20 pm on 4.Feb.2006

Funny. I'm equally staggered by all the positive comments. Best cocktails in Munich? Are you completely mad? I like to think I'm a reasonable kind of guy. I have no axe to grind about Sausalitos or anywhere else. But the cocktails here are simply not up to scratch. Compare them to, say, Negroni in Haidhausen, or Master's Home near the Viktualienmarkt. These places are incomparably better everytime.

Posted by: "Airbus boy" at 11:39 pm on 4.Feb.2006

Don't know what people expect when they go to Sausalitos... if you want cheap booze (no real cocktails though), quick but unfriendly (sometimes even rude) service, standard "tex-mex" deep fried food, you still miss your last Costa del Sol vacation or the week in the alps beside the slopes @ the snow-bar... Sausalitos (Im Tal+Türkenstr.) is the place to be. It's a place to party and that's the only thing it's kind of good for, since there is always a big crowd willing to go mad and the guy/girl ratio is normally better than other places. Drinks/food/service - way below average to absolute crap. Party/people - OKish

Posted by: "HelterSkelter" at 10:59 am on 7.Feb.2006

Was to the one at Türkenstr., had prebooked a table, but it didn´t help. Four ppl. got such a small table, suitable for four drinks, but no room for any tellers. Had to have my teller in my lap. Good thing for me, that the food was lukewarm at best. Music way to loud. No place for a nice chatt.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:10 pm on 8.Sep.2006

O.K. Only tried the onion BBQ rings and they were disgusting but kept me on my feet after 2 Long Island Iced Tea! All the young hormones just willing to give it all up just to be alive, amazing!!!! If you think the waiters are rude, you must of had the food! If you want clean fresh air and organic ingredient in your food, just plainly stay out of bars all together, really! This place is for PARTY PEOPLE!!!! Not 30 something already too old for his/her age! The ocean ain Posted by: "Sylvain" at 3:27 am on 24.Oct.2007

See my previous post of 5th Feb 2006... and ignore! Went back there recently and was really disappointed. Nothing like I had experienced previously (pre 2005). This really was a great place once but not anymore :(

Posted by: "Boeing girl" at 10:50 pm on 3.Dec.2007

It's like Marmite you ethier love it or hate it. Personally I like it but it does get exeptionaly hot and stuffy, all the more reason to drink up :)

Posted by: LancashireLaLaLa at 4:42 pm on 31.Jan.2008

Hot women, no other reason to visit really.... although happy hour cocktails can get the job done at a bargain price

Posted by: tom7scc at 6:08 am on 2.Feb.2008

Good food and fun atmosphere... in the back! The bar at the front is like a frat party gone bad. But be warned, it's extremely crowded at all times! My fav is the vegetable quesadillas.

Posted by: germanyshelley at 3:25 pm on 12.Feb.2008

Best place.... the food is excellent, the plates are very large and the ambiance is perfect i have visited it 3 times with each trip i made to Bavaria

Posted by: "Tarek K" at 7:34 am on 28.Aug.2008

this place is only for a party on Fridays and Saturdays! The food is "pub grub".

Posted by: "party fan" at 8:20 am on 28.Aug.2008
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