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Ratskeller am Marienplatz - Munich

Ratskeller am Marienplatz - Marienplatz 8, Munich, Germany

Very traditional Bavarian beer cellar and restaurant. Beautiful paintings on the ceiling. Has two non-smoking sections. Kid-friendly too - lots of crayons, books, etc..

Marienplatz, directly beneath the "Rathaus" (town hall)
U/S-Bahn Marienplatz
Tel.: 089 2199890
Website: Ratskeller

Ratskeller - Munich

Review by: "Anonymous" on 24.Mar.2004   (edit this review)



Posted by: "Loser" at 9:39 pm on 30.Mar.2005

The waitresses are hot!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 7:22 pm on 14.Jun.2005

I've been twice to the Ratskeller and both times, sitting in the no-smoking section, I could smell smoke. Not really recommended by me for the fresh air. Otherwise, nice wine.

Posted by: "Show'Em" at 6:29 pm on 21.Nov.2005

When did you go? They've expanded the non-smoking zones several times this summer, and I was last there a month ago (at lunch on a weekday) and it was fine for me (which is saying a lot).

Posted by: Gen at 6:55 pm on 21.Nov.2005

This place used to have average prices but now it's really expensive for the type of food - e.g. €17 for duck is rather a lot considering that round the corner in Frauenplatz you can get the same thing for around €14 in (in my opinion) a nicer, original Bavarian restaurant. That said, the food is always good quality, and they have a huge turnover of people so you're unlikely to have to wait long to get a seat. That's assuming you can find where to ask about it, as it's rather a maze there! Non-smoking zones do tend to be right next to smoking ones, which is not very intelligent, but at least it's better than none.

Posted by: "Richard" at 6:09 pm on 14.Dec.2005

We ate here for lunch and it was excellent. The prices for lunch were not bad (4-10 Euro) and the non-smoking room was completely separated from the smoking sections. The potato soup, pasta and express lunch sausage were all great.

Posted by: "Natasha" at 10:52 am on 5.Feb.2006

Hello, We did our wedding lunch there, and we loved it! we were few people so they reserved us a very nice table (non-smoking) with all kinds of fency decorations. The food was awesome (very well presented and super yummy) and the service exceptional. I would for sure recommend it.

Posted by: "ams" at 3:59 pm on 7.Feb.2007

Fantastic atmosphere. You must try the Lammhaxl just like good home cooking. Highly recommend it

Posted by: "Greg" at 11:45 pm on 23.Sep.2007

Good food and no smoke that I could smell, but the waiter (Herr Di Trapani) assumed we were American (we're South African) and proceeded to be less than polite. He then demanded a 15% service charge. It was only when I confronted him on the fact that for 15% he could at least be a little bit friendly that his assumption came out. His excuse was that it's not in his character to be friendly, and that would be OK. But to demand a service fee on top of that was a bit much. We didn't see any of the kid-friendly books and crayons for our 2-year-old either.

Posted by: "John" at 8:59 pm on 7.Nov.2007

The food was good, but the service was bad. We were really rushed by the waiter to order, but then we waited forever to get the bill. The waiter was not friendly at all. I do not intend to go there again.

Posted by: mgaia at 4:02 pm on 28.Feb.2008

We took our family for the Christmas buffet; very fun and great food. If you go, be sure to stick around for the dessert. I won't spoil the surprise. You should show up at 10:30 or 11 and plan to be there several hours, as they put the food out in courses and not all at the same time.

Posted by: mudshark at 11:13 am on 4.Jan.2009

I went here two years ago. The ambiance was great and very traditional. I don't remember exactly what I ordered, but I remember that it was all delicious. I plan to go back next month for my birthday when I'm back in Munich.

Posted by: robinh at 5:56 am on 11.Nov.2009

In 1959 or '60-ish was an outstanding restaurant called Schneider's Weinhaus. I think it was in the keller of the Rathaus. Can anyone confirm this? (02/21/11)

Posted by: "BillinBama" at 6:02 pm on 21.Feb.2011

Weinhaus Schneider is in the Sparkassenstr.

Posted by: Gen at 7:58 am on 22.Feb.2011

Weinhaus Schneider is located at Sparkassenstr. 1, right next to the old Rathaus (built 1480). URL with map and reviews: tinyurl.com/weinhaus-schneider The Ratskeller is located on Marienplatz, in the cellar of the new Rathaus (built 1909).

Posted by: PandaMunich at 11:10 am on 22.Feb.2011

Visiting the Ratskeller is worth it. You will no longer smell cigarettes, you might encounter a reserved waiter, you might not even be hungry! But don't miss this place. The atmosphere and the vaulted ceilings are worth it. Be polite to the waitstaff, smile and they just might smile back!

Posted by: "janfaw2011" at 2:54 am on 10.Jun.2011

We were there for a quick snack yesterday evening, and the waiter made the fundamental mistake of bringing the menu and starting to walk off without taking the drinks order. Then he brought the drinks and started to walk off without taking the food order. Not good. We both had Nürnberger Rostbratwürstl that were very good, freshly grilled and not desiccated. They changed my side order from Sauerkraut to potato salad without a murmur (I don't know if there was a surcharge), and that potato salad was the best I have had in a restaurant for a very long time. The prices are steep, even for that part of town - €32 for two beers and 2x6 Nürnberger with a side dish. The ambience is very comfy but does not justify the high prices.

Posted by: sarabyrd at 7:52 am on 10.Jun.2011

Not cheap, I agree, but the tables in the low ceiling cellar area are very cosy and I guess you pay for the surroundings as well. The wine bar is also excellent but at 8 or 9 euro a glass it's not cheap. Agree on the rostbratwurstl also.

Posted by: dixynormous at 9:25 am on 10.Jun.2011

I am from New York been to Munich many times. my last visit there was to meet my cousin from Australia we also invited my aunt and some cousins that live in the Munich area.had dinner and drinks at the RATSKELLER we all loved it. waiter was great too. and very good looking maybe we were just lucky couldnt find a thing wrong. i never miss the Ratskeller when i get to Munich. my favorite place.i tell everyone to make sure to go there if they go to Munich

Posted by: "Sylvia h." at 1:52 am on 17.Jul.2011

We discovered this by chance. We dined the next night in their outdoor area. It was lovely. They do have an english menu. After our meal we decided to explore the indoor restaurant after the waiter told us it seats 2,000 (maybe I cannot remember exactly the number he said). Indoors was amazing. Just ask to go the the rest room and you will pass by their numerous areas (huge, more elegant area, small wine bar, small lounge area etc... I imagine I could go to this restaurant 5 times and have 5 completely different experiences. I assume the menu is the same in all areas but not certain. Love it!

Posted by: "Kdubya" at 8:17 am on 17.Jul.2011

Wonderful restaurant nice evening with my family the greek waiter, a gentleman the one with a stupid beard, a rude, an impolite, a mannerless I hope he will be fired asap! Stefano, Agi and fagiolo from Italy

Posted by: "Ste" at 6:51 pm on 22.Dec.2011
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