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Pasta e Basta - Munich

Pasta e Basta - Feilitzschstr. 23, 80802 Munich, Germany

For many years the establishment at Feilitzschstrasse 23 (nr Münchener Freiheit) was an Irish pub called Mulligans. In December 2004 it became "Pasta e Basta". As the name would suggest, this is an Italian restaurant. There's nothing too special about it save for one thing: the food is half price, always! Their tagline is, "Voller Teller, Halber Preis". There are 20 dishes on the menu with most of them at €3,45. A few are just €2.95. I had a Pasticcio di Maccheroni which is a large casserole bowl of pasta baked with meat, cheese, and vegetables. There was so much I could hardly finish. This, plus a Weißbier and tip, came to just €7 in total. Bargain! Can there anywhere else in Munich this cheap?

Pasta e Basta Munich

Pasta e Basta
Feilitzschstrasse 23, Schwabing
U-Bahn U3/6 Münchener Freiheit
Tel. 089 38998883

Review by: "Anonymous" on 12.Jan.2005   (edit this review)


I agree. It´s cheap and nevertheless not bad; on the contrary, it´s good. The ambience is a little bit fast food-like, and the waiters are "italian-simpatico-rude", but the pasta is good (honest, as one could expect it in Italy) and - as said - not overpriced.

Posted by: "The Inspector" at 8:23 am on 25.Jan.2005

My family and I ate there about two weeks ago during a Saturday afternoon. We were amazed at how cheap it was. Food was good, and they special made an order for my picky kids. I think our bill was around 21 euro plus tip for a family of four.

Posted by: "Stephanie Child" at 5:49 pm on 25.Jan.2005

I was there this past weekend and it was good and cheap.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 11:37 am on 1.Feb.2005

I ate here with my girlfriend today and it really is cheap. The portion of tortelini I hda was not that big but my girlfriend's pasta was more and quite enough for her. Good restaurant, but next time I'll also take pasta.

Posted by: "Johannes K." at 12:05 pm on 8.Apr.2005

isn't tortelini pasta too ?

Posted by: "tortelini man" at 3:10 pm on 8.Apr.2005

A great place to eat, food is great, prices are very low, service is friendly(in an Italian way!), clean and consistant. Plus they now have outdoor seating on the footpath. Long live Pasta e Basta!!!!

Posted by: "spock" at 5:28 pm on 8.Apr.2005

My lasagne was a bit frozen inside when I was there. I guess they didn't microwave it long enough.

Posted by: "Nicolas" at 6:19 am on 11.Apr.2005

I live very close, so it almost becomes my second kitchen. I always order a tiramisu after the meal, wonderful, although it's not homemade! For take away cost only 1.75. Can you imagine!!!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:51 pm on 11.Apr.2005

I'm from Munich and I'm more than surprised!!!!! Unimaginable low prices for superbe pasta in the middle of a city where everything is very expensive. I'm happy to live arround. This gives me the opportunity to go there very often from now on....

Posted by: "c." at 9:16 pm on 21.Jul.2005

I was recently there with some friends - incredible low pricing and very tasty pasta. Unfortunately I'm living quite far away. Would be nice if there were more like that.

Posted by: "Toto" at 1:37 pm on 20.Sep.2005

Hi! I went there on Monday with my girlfriend and we can assure that pasta dishes are very tasty...and believe us because we are Italian!! The waiters are very funny, especially Salvatore from Sicily...he is a typical rude-funny-waiter from the South of Italy, as we are too!! Hope you enjoy it!! Servus

Posted by: "Parabonaut" at 6:48 am on 23.Sep.2005

There is a new branch of this place opened up by fraunhofer ubahn (ex park-cafe noodles) Ate there last night, had the rigatoni with aubergines and it was absolutely delicious - and only 3.49! Unbelievably good value- and a great place to go before bar-hopping around Glockenbach.

Posted by: "the mongrel" at 12:22 pm on 12.Nov.2005

Yes, they have simply taken over the former italian restaurant Park-Cafe Noodles which was simply too expensive for my taste. Even the furnitures and the outside decoration is preserved, which is why probably people did not notice the change. Also, I have the impression that the prices are cheaper than the sister restaurant at Feiliztschstr. and they open until very late (1:00 PM!!!)

Posted by: "Juanjo" at 11:10 am on 6.Dec.2005

heya, could tell me which is the address of the one near fraunhofer ubahn? I usually get lost in a so simple way... thanks

Posted by: "pippo" at 9:44 am on 9.Dec.2005

It is on Fraunhofer str, literally next to the ubahn entrance on Klenze strasse. You cannot miss it!!!!

Posted by: "the mongrel" at 10:03 am on 9.Dec.2005

what does 'basta' mean?

Posted by: "diego" at 9:44 pm on 24.Apr.2007

My wife just loves this place, so we go there virtually every week. It sure has a canteen feeling to it, but the food is quite good, everything is served fast, and it's crazy cheap to boot. Quite crowded on workdays during lunchtime, but quite busy in other times too. They have beautiful spaghetti marinara, but other pasta & pizza dishes are good as well. Nothing apart from it on the menu, though :) 2 diego: I believe that the name means something like "pasta and that's it" or maybe "pasta and enough".

Posted by: ddt at 11:21 am on 26.Aug.2007

There is another Pasta e Basta, at the Fraunhoferstrasse 29, corner Klenzestrasse. Just at the exit of the U-Bahn U1/U2. The prices are low and I really can recommend the pizza, there is actually no other Pizzaria that can do it better.

Posted by: siskebap at 3:36 pm on 4.Sep.2008

The Pizza is far better than anywhere else!!! I used to drive from Westend to Frauenhoferstr just to go and collect one! Where else can you get a large mouthwateringly tasty pizza for €3.75!!! My world just got a whole lot sweeter yesterday - cos they just opened one up in Westendstr right by the Ubahn (4/5) and ónly a few hundred metres from my door!

Posted by: flug at 12:42 pm on 16.Oct.2008

Just came back from there...had gnocchi with spinach and coca cola total 6,15€. I checked the menu quickly, most of the meals are 4,5,6€ in total....

Posted by: "Suki" at 9:02 pm on 14.May.2010

I decided to go here at the weekend when I had my friend in town. It turns out that Pasta e Basta no longer exists and it has a new name on the door. Its called Pepe Nero. Prices are extremely reasonable. Two starters, 3 mains and 3 beers came to 40E including tip. The portions are an ok size for myself and my friend, for my boyfriend they seem a little small. Service is quick and friendly. www.pepe-nero.de

Posted by: Beany at 5:54 pm on 31.Aug.2011

Probably the best value place in Munich. The pizzas are great for the price and you can get a pizza and a beer and pay about the same as a McDonalds meal, for much better food. This one is not called 'Pasta e Basta' any more but the menu is pretty much identical to the other Pasta e Basta restaurants in Munich.

Posted by: tim555 at 10:32 am on 3.Sep.2011
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