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Outland Australian Bar - Munich

Outland is an Australian bar in Haidhausen, just off Rosenheimerplatz.

Weißenburger Platz 3,
81667 Munich

Tel. 089 48997880
Public transport: All S-Bahns to Rosenheimerplatz

Open: Mon-Thu 4pm - 1am
Fridays: 4pm - 2am
Saturdays: noon - 2am
Sundays: noon - 1am

Website: outland-bar.de or outlandbar.de

UPDATE: Note that this bar underwent major refurbishment at the end of 2009.
Out-of-date customer comments made below might only be relevant to the pre-refurbished bar.

UPDATE II: The Outland bar closed for good in 2011.

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


I was in here recently with some colleagues for the first time. It has a great atmosphere, and the bar staff were really friendly and made us feel really welcome. It's also a very handy location, right by the rosenheimerplatz s-bahn. Makes a nice change from all these keller Irish pubs.

Posted by: "freddy" at 2:44 pm on 17.Nov.2004

Was here for dinner last night. Believe it or not, excellent spicy beef curry. Give it a try.

Posted by: "Show'Em" at 4:04 pm on 9.Dec.2004

Went there once, ate the shark...and it was great. The atmosphere was nice, location is great (just off the S-bahn...), even could find parking that day. Anyways, they refused to speak english with me (or my gf), yet they did to everyone else, it was annoying. I will be going back, for sure.

Posted by: "NOFXmike" at 5:32 pm on 16.Dec.2005

Should I recommend it, well as I practically live there, I would not say anything too negative would I now. Busy for Sports, particularly Rugby, well as some people say (G) "It's a Rugby pub isn't it!" Food is good and filling, big portions, one TT'er I know who is a regular, there are several, who is not the smallest guy on the planet, also occasionally complains that it's too much food. We are beginning a campaign to get late night snacks on the menu, for the professional drinker who gets that feeling for late night munchies! New people be aware it is Bar service only and pay as you go, except with creidt card tabs..

Posted by: "Yorkie" at 10:35 am on 30.Dec.2005

Has anyone found a better burger in Munich. I doubt it, theirs is fantastic !

Posted by: "dadams" at 3:40 am on 31.Dec.2005

Yes, Wassermann Schwabing.

Posted by: Keydeck at 7:29 am on 31.Dec.2005

Hmm i think the " not the smallest guy on the planet " may be me, but it's true the portions are huge and always excellent food. Cheeky aussie barstaff and a good craic, love the place and the folks in there. A good option if you tired of getting jostled and knocked about when you trying to watch sport, remember this for WC2006 but don't tell the tourists.

Posted by: "bluedave" at 2:32 am on 14.Jan.2006

Well Iv'e been there twice this week and going back this evening. It is a great pub, friendly staff, excellent food and a giant screen for the football - what more could a guy here alone on business want :-)

Posted by: "Dave Kay" at 1:30 pm on 30.Mar.2006

Nothing but good things to say about this place. Good food, good craic with a local pub feel. Will try and visit next time I'm in town.

Posted by: "Expat Mat" at 12:58 pm on 21.Jun.2006

The service there is slow, sloppy, and rude nearly 100% of the time. I know this cause it's me doing it. For some reason I have learnt that English punters enjoy telling Aussies off (and being told off). And hey, you're more then welcome. I would be rude too if you gave Australia to the convicts while you just sat back and drank your tea. But I'll do my best to make you walk out drunk, happpy and possibly laid (not by me). Aussie Steve

Posted by: "Aussie Steve" at 12:23 am on 23.Aug.2006

Excellent place, would recommend it to anyone. Tried the kangaroo and its wonderful. Portions are very good too. The service is friendly and fast. And great atmosphere too.

Posted by: "ADL" at 11:33 am on 27.Aug.2006

Crap place. Sick and tired of this expats comenting on this pub. Service is averige and so is the food.All you expats get a life. München is so much more then Aussie and Irish pubs and bars.

Posted by: "Dean" at 8:41 am on 19.Sep.2006

Gee, Dean, sorry to hear about your horribly "averige" experience in the Outland. I, however, have enjoyed every visit to the Outland. It's a nice, low-key place to go for a quick pint (or several) and the cocktails are also pretty good (pretty good = strong). Food is also good bar food. If you aren't looking for an Aussie bar, try avoiding pubs with an Aussie flag plastered all over their sign next time you go out. ;-)

Posted by: "Jenny L" at 6:31 pm on 29.Sep.2006

Re-visited Outland when I was down for the fest. Its still OK, like a local pub. That's all it is. Sorry to hear that it lost one of it's more colourful regulars recently. Their loss.

Posted by: "Expat Mat" at 3:06 pm on 11.Oct.2006

Hi Jenny L! Sorry about making a slightly hash comment on the Outland. It is Ok place but some people talk about it as if it was a god gift to men kind. I just think that MUC is so much more then Outland. So, if you want, we can catchup sometimes and go out together...I could show you some realy good places...both bars and restaurants...or maybe you can show me.. Stay well /Dean

Posted by: "Dean" at 1:22 pm on 13.Oct.2006

Complaints about service hmmm in Germany, don't think so Tried having banter with a German, hhmmm I don't think so. having a local is about having your beer (cider) poured before you sit down not havingto wait 7mins for it...sure there may be better places in Munchen, please go there

Posted by: "Gareth" at 12:43 pm on 19.Oct.2006

Have you been ordering Pils by any chance, Gareth? Quite normal that you have to wait 7 mins for a Pils... even the BBC knows that! http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german/cool/drinking.shtml

Posted by: "Becks" at 7:43 am on 14.Nov.2006

great place ,nice staff ,nice customers (once worked there back in 2000 -2002.great if your feeling homesick.

Posted by: "niki" at 1:42 am on 26.Jan.2007

Unbeleivable evening!! Avoid this place like the plague!! Went to the bar to order a long island ice tea. Got told by a sad aussie ginger ninja that it would be 4 euros but he expected a tip. Taken aback by his behaviour offered him 50 cents (for mixing the drink, not bringing it to our table or anything radical like that!!) and was told that 50 cents was an insult!! The words good and kicking spring to mind!! Please do not encourage them with your patronage.

Posted by: crabbers 63 at 11:59 pm on 6.Jun.2007

You must be joking. 4.50 for a LIIT? I'm there.You ain't from 'round here are ya? take care, space

Posted by: space at 6:02 am on 7.Jun.2007

Outland's been our local for yonks, even though we've now moved away and we've to take an S-Bahn trip to get there. crabbers 63, the cocktails mixed by the 'sad aussie ginger ninja' have never given us cause for complaint, and 4€ is really cheap, especially for Munich! the staff are friendly and the food's excellent, massive portions too as someone else also mentioned. always a good atmosphere with lots of fellow regulars to booze with. it's jammed when they're showing sports events but they have two big screens and a telly so no missing important matches! so we'll keep encouraging them with our patronage!

Posted by: Moonboot at 11:20 am on 7.Jun.2007

The Outlander was one of the first bars I visited in Munich when we arrived in late 2006. Have nothing but praise. In my first visit the landord introduced me to someone who might have helped with accomodation. It didn't work out but that is hardly his fault. Not a big user, we tend to to visit to watch the rugby and don't stay much after the final whistle. Always enjoy our visit and find it hard to understand some of the negative comments about this place.

Posted by: Jen&Mick at 9:07 pm on 4.Jul.2008

well i've got an aussie friend from back in Melbourne visiting soon..if we feel nostalgic, we shall stroll down the street from where I live now to the Outland..Bloody oath!

Posted by: deep_schismic at 11:15 pm on 15.Sep.2008

Gday Rick and the Outland and all those who call it thier livng room. I'll be back In August for 3 weeks and will be dropping in for a Bier or 5. Cant wait to get some propper service from this place surley a Monkey could do a better job then I used to :) See you soon from Down Under Sydney Aussie Steve aka The Ginger Ninja

Posted by: Aussie Steve at 1:21 am on 19.May.2009

just another sad depressing place in Germany where wandering vagrant alcoholic expats, engineering contractors welders hang out to fill their sad boring weekends (mostly) One would think from there 600-800 quid a week contracting wages they could afford clean clothes, new suits,.drive cars et instead of polluting German bars (& Dutch) with their eternal irritating tales of beer, football, beer, beer, horse-racing, beer exploits Yawnnnnnnnnnnn

Posted by: "Gordon McMillan" at 5:25 am on 22.Aug.2009

closed at the moment for a refurb, should be open again soon bigger and better. god knows when though, no info on their webiste

Posted by: Mr.Mosh at 12:07 pm on 9.Sep.2009

Sorry to say we`re still closed for refurbishment. Hopefully we`ll be open sometime in November. It hasn`t been possible to keep punters posted via our website as our graphics man unfortunately is indisposed.

Posted by: "Outland Bar" at 3:31 pm on 24.Sep.2009

Any word on the progress of the reno's? Last time I saw it, looked like there was still a fair bit of work to do?

Posted by: Mook32 at 12:32 pm on 12.Jan.2010

mid January 2087 was the official word. We got a tour of the premises mid-december because we met the owner by chance walking past, looks great. But he didn't know exactly when it would be done.

Posted by: Mr.Mosh at 9:00 am on 13.Jan.2010

Glad to say we`re in the final stages. I might have said that before though. Providing the check doesn`t bounce we`re looking at the last few days of Jan, fingers being crossed. Will keep you posted.

Posted by: "Outland Bar" at 5:22 pm on 13.Jan.2010

Glad to hear it...6 nations start on 6th Feb, so cutting it close!

Posted by: tj1212 at 7:50 pm on 15.Jan.2010

who owns that pub outlands? and what are thier connection to australia?

Posted by: "potty" at 12:57 pm on 25.Jan.2010

Rick from Wolverhampton...never been to Aussie in his life!!

Posted by: "weeder" at 5:14 pm on 26.Jan.2010

I remember asking him a few years ago whether they would play the Aussie Rules Grand Final live and he didn't know what I was talking about. Hadn't even heard of the game. :-D

Posted by: bludger at 11:37 pm on 26.Jan.2010

So, after hearing of the grand re-opening of Outland I thought I'd check it out last night. SWANKY is the word, as Moonboot already pointed out. There are absolutely no remnants of the "old" Outland sports bar to be seen, although I did spot a couple of regulars in there. Thank goodness the new toilets bear no resemblance to the old ones - this time it was a pleasure to use the facilities apart from almost getting a soaking from the overly sensitive tap! It is now definitely a restaurant instead of a bar. Very modern bar area with comfy bar stools. A bit sterile at first but once the lights were turned down it became a bit more atmospheric. Love the fish tank - nice & relaxing to watch! Food was tasty, however the prices have taken a hike upwards (suppose the renovations have to be paid for somehow). Service was an absolutely disaster, with regards to our waitress, who claimed to be Australian but could hardly communicate either in decent English or German and didn't appear to understand us correctly. First off she took over 10mins to even bring a menu, then brought the wrong cocktail when I finally ordered. Then brought the whole bill to the table after I said only I wanted to pay. Not impressed! To be fair, there was one waiter (in shirt, tie & waistcoat) who seemed very professional and courteous though, so it wasn't all bad. Nice location to chill and have dinner and it'll be pefect in summer when the floor to ceiling windows can be opened and tables set outside.

Posted by: "madgibson" at 10:47 am on 29.Jan.2010

"swanky", "more restaurant than bar", "price hikes" define just about every bar in Oz (at least in Sydney and surrounds) these days. So this sounds like a genuine Australian pub, can't fault them on that. Anyway always had good experiences at Outlands so look forward to checking it out.

Posted by: tim555 at 8:26 pm on 29.Jan.2010

Rick used to have a bar in mai strasse called the winchester arms, long time ago. Great wee pub, just up from jollies bar.Good ole days they were. Jim

Posted by: "Jim Cooper" at 5:25 pm on 31.Jan.2010

The GOOD thing is, the Bush Burger and Razorbacks are as good as ever. The BAD news is it's 4yoyos more AND you only get four razorbacks 'decorating' the plate... It needs some of that lived in feel as it's too clean and 80's London Winebar. Not sure about the Rugby tho... 8-(

Posted by: mj davey at 7:32 pm on 2.Feb.2010

Just to clarify a few points... I was at Outland last night for the official opening party and yes the prices have gone up (bush burger and razorbacks by 3€, not 4€ & a pint of the black stuff from 4€ to 4,30€) but these prices are now in line with those in places like Killians or Mollys, so I think there is no cause for complaint. Rick told me that he will show the World Cup games this summer, but not the 6 Nations, so you have to go to one of the Irish bars to see it I am afraid. Didn't have a bush burger as there was a buffet layed on (razorbacks made an appearence and they tasted as good as ever) and the new top chef put on a mixed spread so we could sample his new fayre and there were some really tasty nibbles and bites on offer. Basically, if you want a nice meal in a swish place in Haidhausen then the new Outland is the place to be :)

Posted by: funguyeu at 11:11 am on 4.Feb.2010

Oh and I forgot to mention that they will be open daily from 9am serving breakfasts and such like

Posted by: funguyeu at 11:13 am on 4.Feb.2010

Just so this review page is clear, which it probably already is, the picture above is how it used to be. The only Australian influence now is the menu. Didn't appreciate being slowly served a pint at the bar and have them round up to the next Euro without a word when giving the change. Spaten beer. Personally I miss the old place :( never mind

Posted by: ollya at 11:35 am on 6.Feb.2010

I went in there this weekend and loved it!! It was freakishly busy but given that Liverpool/Everton & Six Nations & Man Utd v Portsmouth were all on in the same afternoon its only to be expected. We had a few drinks and a burger & chips to soak it up and all in all had a good afternoon.

Posted by: "Jo Taylor" at 1:35 pm on 9.Feb.2010

Will this bar be showing the 2010 grand final? as i will be over there at that time and am trying to find a place where i could watch it!

Posted by: "Sam" at 4:42 am on 16.Feb.2010

The Bush Burger was really good! I mean 'miles' better than I've found in other places.

Posted by: ian at 10:13 am on 16.Feb.2010

its still hard to tell if its worth going there if you judge most of the above comments!!! the toilets seem to get alot of attention and so does the seemingly bad service and price list :-(

Posted by: "Potty" at 10:05 pm on 21.Feb.2010

Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. It used to be such a cosy, cliché-Aussie pub, but now it has a rather cold atmosphere and looks no different to a thousand other restaurants. The crowd has changed and, not being the yuppie-ish type, I felt quite out of place and uncomfortable. The music was terrible, the food was okay (nothing to rave about, though, and not all that Australian) and the waitress was friendly. But in spite of the nice new loo (yes, that does deserve a mention) I don't think I'll be going back there.

Posted by: "iva" at 2:11 pm on 24.Feb.2010

I popped in out of curiosity at the weekend. I didn't eat anything so can't comment on that but otherwise agree with everything Iva wrote.

Posted by: Jeeves at 5:56 pm on 24.Feb.2010

I went on Friday with a group of friends. It was fairly busy but service was prompt and friendly. Food was not only very good but also attractively presented. I would recommend it. The only downer was the music. As for the toilets – they truly are well worth a visit

Posted by: swift at 1:57 pm on 1.Mar.2010

I visited the 'new' Outland last night, a Thursday at about 6pm. I had seen that the place was being renovated, aber wie! When I arrived, there were two ladies sitting, drinking coffee and two waitresses counting their days take. The German barman looked almost shocked when I ordered in English. This probably didn't help the bar conversation, as there was none. The place itself had now been transformed into a shicki bar/restaurant - with heavy emphasis on the restaurant. The bar sits about 10 people and the only remnant of the previous incarnation is a flat panel TV hidden behind the bar. When asked if they still show the rugby, the Barman answered, "we can do, although with no sound because we have music" - he then gestured to the PC serving the air with the 'soothing' lounge jazz sounds. As previously mentioned, the gents is unrecognisable from yore. It's now a slate colour hygiene centre fit for a hypochondriac. No, you're quite right, there's nothing wrong with that! - No rude jokes, newspaper clippings, rude pictures. Very minimal and clinical. In fact, 'minimal and clinical' probably quite neatly sums up the new Outland experience. The English conversation is limited, the staff are direct, the place wouldn't look out of place with a crowd of pre-party P1 revellers. If I was the owner, I would seriously consider renaming it to: 'Das Vorland' - It may help to attract the clientèle they're clearly aiming for. PS. Any negativity from my comments should not be taken as an attack on the place or the owners. It's merely personal catharsis at the (global) decline of the traditional pub in favour of more profitable food based bar/restaurants. I'll get over it, slowly - one closed pub at a time.

Posted by: Withnail at 9:01 am on 5.Mar.2010

I went there earlier this week with some friends, and whilst the renovation is very impressive, I was very dissapointed with the dining experience. The restaurant was busy yet there was only one waitress for most of the night which contributed to the unacceptably slow service for both food and drink. My bush burger was pink on the inside and my friend's "chicken" curry was definitely not chicken, but some as yet unidentified meat. Admittedly she said it was very tasty though! We asked for an extra portion of the still lovely razorbacks, but this request could not be catered for...Im not sure why, we received no feedback after asking. This place used to be great for watching rugby and football (and indeed any sport the clients wanted to put on) and was packed for big games making it a suitable and cheaper alternative to places like Ned's and Molly's. I cant help thinking that the owners would have been been better off using the extension for a locals bar in which to enjoy sport and a beer and a segregated part for the restaurant, as you sometimes see in UK food-orientated pubs. That way the landlord could have kept his old customers and made some new ones, although based on the food and service we experienced he may have struggled to keep them.

Posted by: tj1212 at 6:47 am on 6.Mar.2010

I find it amusing that some here recommend a visit on the basis of checking out the toilets... odd. Bars are more than the loos oder? Anyway, went past it and didn't go in, far too sterile. No, this Outland is not a bar.

Posted by: "Publand" at 8:38 am on 7.Mar.2010

Sadly Outland is no more a pub,rather an upgraded Bar which you can find ten a penny in Munich.spent many years watching sport,having good conversation,in an atmosphere unique to those suited to it.One good change..warm water in the Gents to wash hands.Don't think the Prices are too bad though.

Posted by: "Onceuponatime" at 7:15 pm on 16.Apr.2010

They had live music the last several Fridays and they are also showing more games again so I like it and when I took quite a group of German colleagues for dinner there they were all very happy with their food and have since gone back

Posted by: ginga at 1:18 pm on 10.Nov.2010

a crowd of us headed to Outland to watch the rugby today, the place looks great! our barman was friendly and spoke good English. coffee from the swanky new machine was yummy and the toilets are very posh now too. there is also a disabled toilet which is new. will probably be back there to catch a few more matches some time soon. there are two big pull-down screens, and a big telly screen at the side of the bar. quite a welcome change to trying to watch a game in the over-crowded Irish Pubs. the place is quite child friendly too, Rick heated up baby's dinner for her, and had some Gummi Bears for our friend's little girl. there are two high chair seats for diners' use too. hope to grab a bite to eat there next time and will report back... love the aquarium!

Posted by: Moonboot at 6:54 pm on 20.Nov.2010

It is not Outland anymore, so dont be suprised. In many peoples opinion, they should have renamed it and lose the very vague connection with Australia. It would have created a bigger buzz and lost it's Expat connection (properly rather than driving out the Expat community by the way too long renovation and the lack of UK Sport on the TV's in recent times). The food is more of the Italian fare anyway and is over priced but OK - but there is more attention to how it looks rather than the taste. Positive Points: Looks great Clean Toilets Negative Points: Too bright - no "ambience" or soul Food too pricey Should have been renamed

Posted by: Dust Anyone? at 3:35 pm on 23.Nov.2010

Im sorry, but 29.50 for „Mixed-Grill-Toowomba“ mit Rumpsteaks aus der Rinder- und Schweinelende, Krokodil und Kängurufilet an Fritten, Pfeffersosse und Beilagensalat is crazy. Brenner Bar & Grill maybe, but in a regular bar...come on.

Posted by: Dust Anyone? at 3:39 pm on 23.Nov.2010

isn't that something from the Specials menu? the rest of the menu looks reasonably priced to us, in accordance to other places in the area at least. been back to watch the rugby there on the big screen today, there were a few more England supporters in this week. loving the little Xmas market outside too, popped out at half time for a nose around...

Posted by: Moonboot at 7:00 pm on 27.Nov.2010

we went for dinner, had Skippy skewers and this amazing huge chicken breast salad.... looked really nice on the plate, very appetizing and tasted even better!!! Service was great & personal! The price is moderate, it's actually rather cheap for what you are gettin offered, can only recommend this place. PS: the Kanga tasted at least as good as in most places in OZ, and i had it there at least twice a week for nearly 2 years.

Posted by: sarah.z86 at 6:50 pm on 30.Jan.2011

I was there with 6 of my colleagues last night and it was terrible! First of, 4 colleagues ordered kangaroo burger and they couldn't taste the meat, it was 'overly well done' to say the least. 1 guy ordered appetisers and it never came and when the waitress brought the main, he asked for his appetisers, and she asked whether he really wants it because the portion is small! My salad with roasted macadamian nuts came without the nuts and when i asked for it, it wasn't even roasted! my other colleague ordered veggie burger and it was served with bacon! and the staff didn't understand what was the problem! They brought it back 10 minutes later, luckily w/o the bacon. The vege burger was made of flour, maybe eggs, that's all. It had no vege at all. We will never, ever go there again! and will spread the word as well!

Posted by: clarajane at 9:34 am on 24.Mar.2011

Outland bar is no longer, doors closed last week and looks like it will be turned in to a Thai restaurant

Posted by: ginga at 5:59 pm on 4.Jul.2011

Finally that place has closed.

Posted by: "Pete" at 7:19 am on 9.Jul.2011

yes it has closed but there may be another smaller place opening some time soon, watch this space...

Posted by: Moonboot at 7:52 am on 17.Jul.2011

Well that's a shame. Where did you get that info moonboot? :)

Posted by: Mr.Mosh at 12:16 pm on 25.Jul.2011

one of the old regulars who's good mates with the ex-owner told me :)

Posted by: Moonboot at 7:49 pm on 25.Jul.2011

Hello, does anyone know if Rick is still around?????

Posted by: "Susan Mercer" at 9:14 am on 25.Sep.2011

Outland is no longer but Rick is still around, Molly's late afternoon is a good gamble to find him

Posted by: ginga at 4:24 am on 26.Sep.2011

Sue, you can e-mail me at rick.parry@gmx.de or for that matter any of the old clientel of The Winchester Arms.

Posted by: "Rick" at 11:00 am on 29.Sep.2011

good to see you`re still around rick i can remember you from the winchester arms! back in the late 80`s drinking in the winchester arms then to jolly`s and cheers (in the goetheplatz area)and i can safely say i miss those days! whatever you do next rick please don`t do any australian or irish pubs,let`s have an english pub again in the city! ;-)

Posted by: mr.average at 1:46 pm on 3.Oct.2011

Personally I think Rick did a good job when it was the OLD Outland Bar - the new one just completely lost all of it's "bar-ness". I was such a fan of the rusty metal sheets and the beer barrels, it was cool, it looked "Australian". The meals were good and I liked going there to watch the games. Why a schicky-micky restaurant, there are thousands of schicky-micky restaurants in Munich, and only 1 other Aussie Bar... which wasn't even as good as the Old Outland Bar. :o(

Posted by: Puss in boots at 8:31 am on 15.Nov.2011

Yes - quite right Puss in boots – we want the old Outland back! Rick - PLEASE.

Posted by: Swift at 10:34 am on 16.Nov.2011
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