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Osterwald Garten - Munich

Keferstr. 12, Schwabing
U-Bahn U3/6 Münchener Freiheit
Tel. 089 38 40 50 40

Review by: "Anonymous" on 26.Feb.2004   (edit this review)


By all means, don't go there unless you are seriously into masochism. This is one very bad beergarden. Sure enough, the location near English garden is great, the house and the interior looks nice. But like some restaurants in Munich with a great location and a good name, they know exactly they don't have to bother trying to provide good service or value for the money in order to get their house full. The food is uninspired, portions are small, prices outrageous. Beer is pricey as well, with 3.60 for the cheapest half-litre. Worst of all is the service, which is slow, rude and mixes up orders and can't handle complaints. I went to Osterwaldgarten about 5-8 times in 2007 because a club I attended had its meetings there. Every time there was some problem - with the order, with the billing, with the speed (or non-existence) of service. Subsequently, even my hard-headed German fellow club members decided to change locations. More recently (in 2009) I went there again. It was a business meeting and I could not opt out of it. The difference to 2007 I noticed is that they replaced many of the rough and incompetent German waiters with cheaper, rough and incompetent Eastern Europeans. Food was ok but you would need a magnifying glass to see the portions. And surely enough, when I wanted to pay for my part, the waitress gave me the bill for the whole table. When I pointed out that I want to pay just my own beer and food because the other people would stay on (as I said when asking for the bill), she got mad as hell as of course she would have to change her billing procedure. Good God lady, why don't work in a butchery if you can't deal with customers? Osterwaldgarten is tempting. It sits conveniently and looks beautiful. But I'd say: Boycott the buggers. It's too obvious a rip-off.

Posted by: leisure suit larry at 1:29 pm on 13.May.2009
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