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Osteria Italiana - Munich

Osteria Italiana - Schellingstr. 62, 80799 Munich - Maxvorstadt, Germany
Tel. 089 2720307

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Adolf Hitler's favourite restaurant! And the oldest Italian restaurant in Munich. Food very good and lovely courtyard for eating outside in the summer. Worth a visit.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:58 am on 3.Jul.2003

We went to Osteria Italiana tonight and will never go back there. In Katzlmacher, someone smoked a cigar behind me and I never noticed it. In Osteria Italiana there were three on our left and one on our right, we asked the waiter to turn on the ventilation and he said yes of course... and didn't do anything. When we left we complained and he said that cigars are a way of life and should be accepted. Even when he was just bringing our bill he walked by and dropped it on our table. WTF! The noodles and main dishes were nice enough, but don't compare to Katzlmacher (for similar prices). Our appetizers were bad: we had fried sweetbreads (tough like chewing gum!) and fried artichokes and they were all greasy as heck. I don't know how Hitler could've liked this place, he was a fascist nonsmoker like me...

Posted by: Gen at 9:54 pm on 22.Sep.2004

The waiter was right - cigars are a way of life and should be accepted. Live with it.

Posted by: "yoyo" at 8:51 am on 23.Sep.2004

They serve no beer. Forgot to mention that before. And re the cigars -- had they been listed as cigar-friendly, we wouldn't have even gone there.

Posted by: Gen at 2:29 pm on 26.Sep.2004

Our recent (Sept. 23, 04)dining adventure at Osteria can be considered as memorable. The service was excelent and attentive. Our menu selections were well prepared, tasty and pleasing to the eye. As for smoking; if you cannot stand the smoke, stay in your hotel room and remember, your are in Europe, get over it.

Posted by: "Ted" at 4:58 pm on 26.Oct.2004

Just came back from a week in rainy California. Was made to stand 20 feet from the bar door to have a quick puff of a cigarette. Did'nt bother me. If you cannot stand the smoke then ask to have your table moved 20 feet outside of the facility and wait to be served - "-)))

Posted by: "fag boy" at 7:46 pm on 26.Oct.2004

Hitler may have been a fascist nonsmoker, but lets face it, who the hell would have dared to smoke a cigar in front of him? Apart from Churchill of course!! ;-D

Posted by: "Anon" at 11:26 pm on 26.Oct.2004

Very good, great service and food. They make you feel like they've known you your whole life. I agree with the other reviewer, smoking (and dogs) are a part of the restaurant experience in Munich.

Posted by: "Nick" at 3:23 pm on 20.Jun.2005

I ate there with a colleagues a couple of years ago and the expirience was so memorable that I shall be taking a small party there when I visit an exhibition in September this year. Cigars and smoking has to be accepted - not a problem - one is there primarily for the company and food not to whinge about cigar smoke!!

Posted by: "m barnett" at 2:45 pm on 17.Aug.2005

There is definitely a monumental problem, and it's the incomprehensibly arrogant attitude of smokers who think nothing of polluting not only their own lungs but the air in public places. This is a slap in the face to other guests. I go to a restaurant to EAT and have a drink, not to breathe rancid, carcinogenic air. If I can't breathe, I can't enjoy the food. Peter Jennings, a smoker, just died a horrible death of lung cancer at 67, the peak of his broadcasting career. That's what you mean by "Live with it! -- ?

Posted by: "Musikus" at 12:30 pm on 20.Aug.2005

I've lived in Germany for 5 years and learned that no amount of complaining, no matter how right you are, will change anything here. Catering to the individual is not the norm. Partially because most germans care about atmosphere and don't care so much about the food quality or service, partially because of the high customer turnover rate for tables in a restaurant, and partially because of the low wages received by the waitstaff/cooks. It's frustrating but the only way to make your stand is to boycott the places you find insulting -- avoid places that you know are smoky, stick to the few non-smoking restaurants, or invite your friends over to your place and cook up a big dinner the way you like it. It's a tough thing but you have to accept that this is not the U.S, and will never have the same customs, no matter how right they seem to you. Peace.

Posted by: "Mia" at 10:49 am on 21.Aug.2005

"That's just the way it is", eh Mia? How about working on changing it. Join one of the non-smoking initiatives around. Vote for non-smoking measures if you're allowed to here. Ask at every restaurant you go to if they have a non-smoking section -- let them know there's interest. And of course, patronize those places that have recognized the need. Austria's one of the latest countries to provide non-smoking laws for restaurants. Lots of restaurants listed here, one link further there's a list of non-smoking organizations which have their own lists: Non-Smoking Restaurants in Munich

Posted by: Gen at 8:59 pm on 25.Aug.2005

Your efforts are valiant, for sure, and forgive me if I gave the impression that you can't try. Of course you can do those things, and give it a good 15 - 20 years and things will eventually change...a bit. What I'm saying is don't expect a general acceptance so quickly, don't expect the sweeping changes that occur in the U.S. It takes so long for the public opinion to change here, because of history, and people are very careful. And unless I see you out there ripping out the cigarette machines from every other corner, I don't really expect to see a major difference (i.e, no smoking in public places like the U.S) for a long long time.

Posted by: "Mia" at 7:37 pm on 26.Aug.2005

We had a rather amusing time there. I had a friend visit and we decided on a whim to go to Hitler's favourite restaurant (nothing nazi - we are both gay leftwingers and he is moslem). When we arrived we were greeted by a huge shaven headed waiter with a limp (rather like Lurch) who showed us to our seats. Decor was ersatz Bavarian rustic circa 1935 and didn't look as if it had been dusted much since being put in. Winelist was good if pricey and the waiter we got was very attentive and amusing. Being unadventurous we both opted for spag bol (it was a freezing night and we wanted comfort food). What we expected was a steaming pile of spagetti and sauce on a plate - what we got was a dainty little plate with a small helping of over cooked spag and a little dollop of sauce (made with Schwein and not Lamb). We were having an amusing time nonetheless and it didn't taste bad as such. Woouldn't recommend it for the cuisine and probably won't go back but it is possibly anecdotally interesting.

Posted by: "Bell the Cat" at 6:34 pm on 29.Jan.2006

We were there in December and had one of the set menus with 7 courses. Excellent food and the courses just kept getting better. Wine was well suited to each dish and the staff were all very pleasant. Would definitely go back. It wasn't too smoky but our group didn't include any smokers and nor did the big table behind us so that probably made a difference.

Posted by: "Lisa" at 2:40 pm on 31.Jan.2006

BelltheCat will be happy to know that Lurch is still there, thankfully we had a proper waiter (or two) and found the service, the food, and the price to be well above average. As previously mentioned, the decor is not what one is used to in Munich, but it is authentically Italian, right down to the courtyard dining room (which will, hopefully, continue to accomodate those of us who find that cigars, italian food and good wine go hand in hand). If you have friends or relatives coming in from overseas who actually wanted to get to Italy but came to Munich because, well, you didn´t move to Milan, take them here. Cheap? No. Worth it? If you are after good service, authentic food, an excellent Italian wine list, this is the place to go.

Posted by: Ratbert at 11:48 am on 16.Apr.2007

I've been there lots of time... and every time it was wonderful.. excellent food and above all excellent service.. And a special praise goes to GIGI ... GIGI the Osteria wouldn't go on if there wasn't you!!!!! W GIGI

Posted by: "Federica^^" at 6:34 pm on 8.Jun.2007

With the new laws re smoking now in force, the Osteria finally shows why it is probably THE best (and probably most expensive) Italian restaurant in Munich. Exceptional wine list, amazing food (the Beef baked in a Salt Crust is just astounding), and fast, friendly service. Added to that, the decor really takes you back to the first half of the 20th Century. All you non-smokers who hated the atmosphere before can now take a second chance and experience Italian cooking and service at its best!

Posted by: chrisopera at 1:47 pm on 17.Jan.2008

If it's now non-smoking I think I'll go back. Been a long time!

Posted by: "Adolf H." at 11:30 pm on 11.Feb.2008

Did anyone went to the restaurant recently? Is it still good?

Posted by: "Reda" at 2:41 pm on 28.Oct.2010

Had a corporate dinner at the Osteria Italiana. We started with apperitifs and ended the evening on grappa. I had the daily menu (around 57 Euros for four courses), the rest of the table (five persons) ordered à la carte (exemplary menu on the website). The food was excellent. Each dish was prepared to perfection. The other guests recommended the beef in a salt crust for two persons. It looked delicious. The wines were tasty. Service was attentive yet unobtrusive, in short perfect with a typical italian touch. The restaurant can definitely pride itself to be one of the best, if not the best italian restaurant in Munich. The atmosphere is "gemütlich" even though space at the tables with wooden dividers is limited.

Posted by: Joe Franken at 10:25 pm on 7.Mar.2011
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