Every four years an agricultural fair takes place parallel to the Octoberfest. The most recent one took place in 2004. Below is the blurb on that event...

When you've had enough of roller-coasting and dancing on tables in beer halls, why not drop into the agricultural fair for a bit of additional fun? Their animal show programme is hilarious, with border collies, one taking his commands in English, one in German, herding cows and sheep before said cows drag their hapless owners across the ring in a wild gallop that you never knew a cow had in itself.

Agricultural Fair - Munich Oktoberfest

Very nice are the horse shows where the Bavarian stud Schwaiganger presents some of its best-known stallions that have successful offspring even in our parts of the world. For those hungry visitors who despaired at the steep prices of Wiesn-food, the agricultural fair has plenty of stalls with the most delicious samples of pretty much all products agricultural (and some fine egg-based liquors as well) to sample. Speaking of agricultural products: if you've always wanted to know how to make butter or cheese, or what is involved in sheep-shearing, this is your place to be.

Additional Information:
(note - this info was for the 2004 event)

Opening times: 9am to 6 pm daily
Tickets Adult: 11 Euro (including entrance to all shows)
Group ticket (from 20 persons onward): €9.50
Disabled and students and pensioners: €8.00
Children under 6: free
Late afternoon ticket only (after 3 pm): €5.00

Further information and a full program of the show, which goes on until next Sunday, can be found at their official website: Bayerisches Zentral-Landwirtschaftsfest

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willy to that shite

Posted by: yoyoyoy at September 22, 2004 03:30 PM

Next one of these isn't until 2008.

Thank goodness.

Posted by: Tim at August 29, 2005 08:09 AM

The Fair is a nice event, however, I think that times are mature enough to seriously considering holding the two events at different times and enlarging the Oktoberfest.

As every other big turistical attraction, also the Oktoberfest is suffering increasingly from the constant increase in number of people attending, to the point that going there is not fun anymore.
The solution of this cannot be just moving a tent or changing the music program. Theresienwiese is a huge area, and today the Oktoberfest is not using it fully. Put the animal Fair before or after the Wiesn, or in any other period (for example, during the Frühlingsfest) and make room for 5-6 extra bier tents. The city will gain massive amounts of additional money, the Breweries too, the turists will be happy, the Oktoberfest will be more secure, and we will not need to queue up at 9 in the morning to get into a tent.
They could also specialise the tents, with different music programs, so that some of them would be quieter and some busier to the benefit of all.

Posted by: Anonymous at August 29, 2005 05:36 PM

...it's every four freaking years...

RTFM, oder?

Posted by: Anonymous at August 29, 2005 08:01 PM

please which of the activities listed below began in 1811 and is now held every third years:
1-elections for the présidential council of oktober
2-the oktoberfest olympics
3-an agricultural fair
4-the bavarian pretzel twisting championships

Posted by: zang at October 1, 2005 10:12 AM

I'm just curious, is the agricultural fair held every four years or every three years?

Would you mind answering me this:

Oktoberfest began in Munich, Germany in 1810. Over the years attractions and activities have come and gone. Which of the activities listed below began in 1811, and is now held every third year?
-Elections for the presidential council of Oktoberfest
-The Oktoberfest Olympics
-An agricultural fair
-The Bavarian Pretzel Twisting Championships


Posted by: Aliyah at October 1, 2005 09:10 PM
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