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News Bar - Munich

News Bar is one of those kind of essential places to have when you ca not agree on something else that day, and it is pretty good too. They have a great range of breakfasts, and usually slender, friendly waitresses.

Why is it called News Bar? Well, they have three televisions tuned to news channels and a wide range of international newspapers and magazines displayed on the back wall. But beware, if you pick one up and start to read it, you pay for it. News Bar has a good pedigree, since it belongs to the stable of bars owned by Iris Berben, a German actress well known for developing friendly, trendy, comfortable cafes and bars, and I think this attempt fits that description very nicely indeed.

Review © 2001 Christopher Larmour & Damien Fournier, Groovy Munich

News Bar
Amalienstrasse 55

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


i hate news bar. it is a little messed up place in Maxvorstat, crowded with a lot of tourists and student schickimikkies!

Posted by: "bosh hosh" at 5:57 pm on 21.Feb.2007

I went to the News Bar twice. Though the place was empty, the service was horrendous both times. The second time I walked out. Needless to say there will not be a third time...

Posted by: stash at 10:22 am on 5.May.2008

I studied in Munich for a summer, and my friends and I frequented News Bar often. We found the service to be slow, but the staff was friendly. We enjoyed it most because there were usually 15-25 of us and they were able to accommodate our group.

Posted by: "Tah" at 5:22 am on 23.Feb.2009
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