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Munich Restaurants

Below are what we, the TT editorial team, consider to be the very best of the Munich restaurants. Note that no payment has been taken for for these reviews. They are strictly impartial.

Top restaurant picks:   (last updated: August 2006)

Broader restaurant picks:

Gourmet: Tantris, Schuhbecks, Olympic Tower, Austernkeller, Landersdorfer
German and Bavarian: Dürnbräu, Ratskeller, W. Brauhaus, N. Glöckl
International: Cohen's, Seven Fish, Trader Vics
Italian: Talamonti, Vinaiolo, Acetaia, Il Grappolo, Degustini
French: Le Gaulois, Les Cuisiniers, Le Faubourg, Bistro Terrine
Indian: Tandoori, Rama, Sitar, Mugal
Thai: Yum, Benjarong, Kaimug, Tem Thai Cooking
Sushi: Shoya, Akakiko

Note: all of the Munich restaurants listed above are located within easy reach of city center public transport. The districts include: Altstadt (the old town), Lehel, Schwabing, Haidhausen, Neuhausen, and Isarvorstadt. Click to see the full listing of all: Restaurants in Munich

One of the very best, if not THE best Italian restaurants in Munich. Service is very very friendly. Food is top notch. Good wine selection too. Of course it's a little more expensive than your average pizzeria, the main courses cost between 14 and 22 Euros. They're pretty small dishes too, so if you're hungry you'll need a "Zwischengericht" which will be another 9 to 14 Euros. I think the restaurant has a Michelin star or two. It's not snobby though. They'll warmly welcome anyone. If you've not been, you must. You can't go wrong. Just remember to reserve in advance. On popular nights (Thursday through Saturday) you'll probably need to reserve 3 or 4 days in advance.

Steinstr. 42, Haidhausen
S-Bahn to Rosenheimerplatz
Tel. 089 48950356
Guest reviews: Vinaiolo - TT Munich
Official website: Vinaiolo


This Thai restaurant has the best service I have come across in Germany, and the prices are reasonable. The food is very tasty, the Pad Thai is good! Make sure you reserve WAY ahead because it's not uncommon for them to be booked out two weeks in advance. The atmostphere is nice, low-lighting, dark colors. This is a good date restaurant.

Utzschneiderstr. 6, Isarvorstadt
Tel. 089 23230660
Guest reviews: Yum - TT Munich
Official website: Yum Thai

Munich Restaurants - Yum

Talamonti is down the side street from Tal (across from Sausalito's). It has two sections - a restaurant and a bistro. I highly recommend the Bistro if you're looking for a dinner for two with some atmosphere. The owner often greets customers in the bistro with simple questions, "You like pasta? You like meat? You like salad with portabella?" The night I was there we ordered a three course meal (no menu, just "a 3 course meal please"), and the owner served up three delightful surprises, each excellent. Each course is small and full of taste. Rumor has it that the restaurant owner used to be an Italian film star, and pictures on the bistro wall echo those times past. Look carefully, the various characters do bear a resemblance. I recommend you give it a try when you are feeling up to a fun, unpredictable evening. The food and wine will be good, even if you don't know exactly what it is... note: prices are above average but not outrageous. In my opinion the best restaurant in Munich.

Hochbruckenstr. 3, City center
Tel. 089 296383
Guest reviews: Talamonti - TT Munich

Master's Home
Two sections - the restaurant and the bar. The whole place is decked out like a colonial gentleman's home. There are hunting rifles hanging on the walls, and a few stuffed animal heads too. The restaurant area is large and very quiet. When there are more than a few guests a pianist will have a little tinkle in the corner. :-)
The bar area is split up into 4 small rooms. The main bar, a "bathroom" which does actually have a bath in it, a bedroom, which does also actually have a double bed, and a study. Cocktails here are great - mixed by Italian waiters.

Frauenstrasse 11, city center
Tel. 089 229909
Guest reviews: Master's Home Munich
Official website: Master's Home


More Munich Restaurants
For a comprehensive index of many more restaurants see Toytown Germany's Munich restaurant guide.

Review by: "Anonymous" on 31.Dec.2005   (edit this review)


I can't believe you left Sitar off your list of best restaurants in Munich! Anyone who's eaten there will tell you it's the best Indian. Great food. No, really -=really=- great food. Spicey, but doesn't blow your head off. Perfect rice. Friendly waiters. Relaxed but clean atmosphere. And reasonably priced too. You can't fault 'em. Go on! Put them on your "top of the pops" list. You know you want to! ;-)

Posted by: "Lottie" at 8:42 pm on 17.Dec.2003

Vinaiolo just lost its star in 2004. Star restaurants in Munich are München Acquarello Gollan, Waldemar München Königshof Rothacker, Götz München Schuhbeck's in den Südtiroler Stuben (neu) Schuhbeck, Alfons and München Tantris Haas, Hans (has two) And have you ever been to Katzlmacher? Fantastic Italian. RATHER expensive though. If your aunt the doctor is coming to take you out, do go there.

Posted by: "Michelin2004" at 10:33 pm on 18.May.2004

Katzlmacher, the Italian osteria did reopen in munich city: Bräuhausstr. 6, 80331 Munich, with his owner and his chief in the kitchen. Tanti saluti.

Posted by: "gudrun seiter" at 5:55 pm on 14.Jan.2008
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