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Millennium Bar - Munich

Millennium Bar - Leopoldstrasse 42, 80802 Munich, Germany

This is possibly my favourite cafe/bar on Leopoldstrasse. It's relaxed with no pretence going on. It's Turkish owned and most of the guests are Turkish too. But what's interesting is that the boy-girl ratio always seems to be 2-6. You'll see table after table occupied by groups of 3 or 4 girls and hardly any guys. Why is that? I don't know. There are huge mirrors hung on both sides of the room so it doesn't matter where you sit, you still get a good view.

Millennium Munich

During the Summer they open up the terrace. And if there's a football championship on they'll show it on a TV here. Food is good too. They serve a pretty international menu - pasta, baked potatoes, Caesar salad. Huge variety actually. And all reasonably priced. The food is served from the long kitchen counter at the back. You can watch the chefs as they do their work, which I always like.

Leopoldstrasse 42, Munich Schwabing
U3/6 Giselastrasse

Millennium is located immediately above Pappatakis.

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


i was visting millennium for 2 years, but not anymore. the waiters are no longer polite. if they are polite it's simulated. if they could be friendly before, why not now?

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 6:19 pm on 20.Mar.2005

i really liked the bar and they were polite...thats what i think....if anybody cares

Posted by: "felice" at 10:31 pm on 9.Apr.2005

Hehe, yeah its cool in there, but its not true that its Turkish only, the owners are Turkish and Croatian... so the same with the people... greetings Damir

Posted by: "Cronite" at 3:56 am on 16.Mar.2006
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