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Lardy - Munich

Lardy - Leopoldstrasse 49, 80802 Munich, Germany

Leopoldstrasse 49, Tel. 089 34 49 49

This place is so trendy it hurts. Managed to get in a few times, on sufferance of the doorman. Every other time, “Sorry it's full”, which looking through the windows was true, but then why did he let those two girls in.... Oh never mind.

Always packed late at night, but at least half of them are gorgeous women, so it's not hard to understand why. The easiest way to get in is to get there before the doormen start their shift, and that means before 8pm, or to book in advance and have dinner.

The service is nice and friendly when it is early and degrades as the night goes by, but we can't blame them for that as it is so packed. In the summer time it is easier to enjoy Lardy because the bar spills out onto Leopoldstrasse, and there aren't any doormen on Leopoldstrasse. Hah!

Review © 2001 Christopher Larmour & Damien Fournier, Groovy Munich

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Well, the food is okay, but the idea of being forced to go there before 8.00, in order to avoid the bouncer, makes me sick. It´s a restaurant, after all...but i guess they want to have the reputation of letting just the schickis get in... A sufficient reason to avoid it. Schwabing would deserve more places as the "X" or the "Jennerweind" rather than these pseudotrendy spots.

Posted by: "Marco" at 4:54 pm on 15.Dec.2004

I think the Lardy doormen are amongst the most harmless in the world. If you really want to go to Lardy (another topic altogether), just ignore them and walk in. A tougher doorman is the new guy at Eat, who really doesn't know what he is doing.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 9:35 pm on 6.Jun.2005

Are you a thirty-something munich guy who works high up in Daddy's firm? Is your highlighted hair swept back in a dandyish fashion? Are you wearing an approximation of an English Lord's hunting outfit? Do you like going to places where scrawny blond gold-diggers will descend like starving ethiopians on your fat trust-fund wallet? The come to Lardy and join the fun!!!

Posted by: "the mongrel" at 8:21 pm on 8.Dec.2005

This place is great. If you're a guy, get in before 9 as the door staff tends to keep the ratio 50:50. Music is retro and great to dance to on the small floor. It's easy to mingle and people are friendly. Bar staff are great and the drinks are well stiff if you can handle them. Wonderful place if you like to boogie and can handle some banter.

Posted by: "frankie" at 7:27 pm on 12.Apr.2008
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