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Hofbräuhaus - Munich

Hofbräuhaus - Platzl 9, 80331 Munich, Germany

Does the Hofbräuhaus really need any introduction? To anyone who lives here it certainly doesn't. But for the benefit of our tourist friends, here goes:

The Hofbräuhaus could be fairly called *the* number one tourist attraction in the Munich city center. This place is everything that Bavaria is all about. It is a huge beer drinking hall and you'll see all the traditions of a Bavarian beer drinking. I.e. long wooden tables and benches. Beer which is only served in 1 litre sized glasses (the beer "Maß"). Giant pretzels on sale - to soak up the beer. An ompah band playing traditional Bavarian brass band music as well as covers of modern pop hits.

Platzl 9, City Center
U/S Bahn Marienplatz
Tel. 089 29 01 36-1 00
Website: Hofbräuhaus
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 11.30pm

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


An American was fined €1,260 for stealing two glasses from the Hofbräuhaus this week. Stealing glasses is a sport here. Everyone does it. But if a security guard challenges you on the way out, don't put up a fight. That's what this guy did and he got himself arrested and banged up for 4 weeks before being brought to trial and fined. Here's the news story (in German): Maßkrug-Dieb saß vier Wochen in Haft

Posted by: "Jack" at 5:40 am on 21.Aug.2004

I wouldn't go there to drink. Hofbräu beer isn't very good and despite the history of the place (Hilter held meetings there) the beer comes out of electric taps. They have bands there but they are not as good as I have heard them in the past. The food is quite good. The service is usually very slow to non-existent (I have walked out a few times) and some of the waiters seem to have difficulty with arithmetic.

Posted by: "Roland" at 2:16 pm on 30.Nov.2004

In summer the HBH has quite a nice beergarden... and Hofbräu beer is (from my recollection) made by Weihenstefan in Freising - the oldest brewery in the world - possibly to a different recipe, as Weihenstefan Original is flippin marvellous, having a heavy honey note to it. Best beer in Munich in my ever-so-modest opinion. > the beer comes out of electric taps Yes, you're right - its not real ale. And this isn't a country pub.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:55 pm on 30.Nov.2004

This pub concluded and capped off, truely, the best day of my life. I will never forget that day, nor this pub, for as long as I live. p.s. Even the Bavarian music is tollerable after a few litres or so...

Posted by: "Richard - UK" at 9:24 am on 21.Apr.2005

We had bad experiences once in the Hofbräuhaus. The sauce with the Haxe was too salty, waiter was unfriendly and seemed to find it funny. At 23:25 we were asked to pay the bill, which was strange since they close at 00:00 and wanted to order more beers. End of the night the Service Leader told a business colleague "lass Ihre Glaß auf'm Tisch". He said that he would, but then was told "dann machen Sie das!" Unhappy at being treated in this manner, I tried to get his attention but he ignored me. After saying five times "entschuldigung" to get his attention and being just ignored, I tapped him on the shoulder. He then told me not to touch him and soon after he spoke with security who stood by us intimidatingly as if we had done something wrong. Sent fax last November to the Manager, Herrn Sperger. Received a reply saying that they will investigate the situation and contact me again. No response, so called and left a message. They said they would call me. No call. Called again yesterday and they took my number and said he will call me today... Hmmm... let's see! :) Problem is, there are so many customers passing through that I think it really doesn't interest them if anyone has bad experiences.

Posted by: "Lee" at 10:10 am on 27.May.2005

Well, eventually got a reply from HBH. The Service Leader has since lost his job as a consequence of my fax and a number of other incidents. We also received seven drinks tokens and were assured it would not happen again - should have a good night out then ;)

Posted by: "Lee" at 3:51 pm on 22.Jun.2005

My tour group went to "RatHouse" as Aussies called it, in late aug 2005. We had an excellent time there, big giant litre steins made for great drinking, especially showing the Aussies that Canucks can hold our own! The only downside to the whole experience was that the waiter had a running tab for our entire group which was spread around at several tables. Through the course of a night many people moved around and some even left. At the end of the night when one of our poor blokes went to get "his" portion of the bill the waiter gave him a big shock 600 euro! So with what little people left behind we had to poney up what money we had in our drunken states to cover the others. We also had to make our way back to hotel since our bus left without the rest staying behind. So make sure you keep track of your tab especially in large group or you may get a surprise in the end!

Posted by: "steve" at 10:39 pm on 10.Sep.2005

My wife and I visited the HBH and had a wonderful time my wife is not a big beer dinker at all but what a trooper. She put up with me drinking alot. The beer from what I remember (I was drunk) was great. I do remember teaching the Japanese tourist there the CHICKEN DANCE. I felt like godzilla walking thru Tokyo,as I am 6FT tall and 280lbs we had so much fun looking forward to going back in December 2006.

Posted by: "Danny C." at 2:57 am on 1.Jan.2006

went there last week on Tuesday with my (half-German) boyfriend and his dad. as it was a seemingly out-of-season Tuesday we were expecting it to be dead but it was jammers! brilliant atmosphere! we had great food and service and chatted to others sat around us...a mix of tourists AND Germans and Bavarians. was a top laugh.

Posted by: Moonboot at 9:52 am on 13.Feb.2006

The 1st floor is completely renovated, a beautiful "Stube" now. They serve traditional bavarian dishes, speciality : Spanferkel or Schweinshaxn. Civilized athmosphere here. Tourists love the athmosphere in the Schwemme(Bierhalle) on ground floor, as well as Munich locals, who go there for their Stammtisch. If you need a cool spot in summer, the beergarden in the courtyard and the terrace are just perfect to spent some relaxing time. Don't forget the beer, for many better than Augustiner!!

Posted by: "stuckin muc" at 2:40 pm on 2.Mar.2006

love this place its great

Posted by: "don" at 2:59 am on 6.Mar.2006

This tourist trap doesn't deserve any customers! Ignore the signs that say "We will gladly fill your glass if it isn't served full" - The waiters wont. The staff are about o% bavarian and 100% rude. They have a tendency to take glasses away before they are empty and - on our last visit - took an almost full beer away as they said we had taken it from another table. In short - go and take your friends to see the place but then take them for a real German experience in either the Augustiner (Kaufinger str.) or the Lowenbrau keller.

Posted by: "David Ward" at 2:45 pm on 16.Apr.2006

I live in Munich, and although there is a new management since April 2004, I guess that the service is still quite rude and the food in the beerhall is quite bad. In summer try the Biergarten or the tables outside the beerhall on the "Platzl".In general I also prefer the Augustiner at Kaufingerstrasse. By the way Hitler has held speeches in a lot of places in Munich (including the Hofbräuhaus and Löwenbräukeller). As far as I know the most authentic and the most gemütlich place is the "Fraunhofer" in the Fraunhoferstrasse. It is an old Munich restaurant with original interior and really friendly service. It is big but not as huge as Augustiner or the Hofbräuhaus.

Posted by: "Münchner_Kindl" at 9:20 am on 9.Jun.2006

Can someone help me get the lyrics for " In muenchen stedt ein hofbrauhaus" (I appologize for my german spelling)? In german of course, not english if ther even is such a translation Thanks in advance Kurt

Posted by: "Kurt Roeloffs" at 2:20 am on 18.Jul.2006

Hofbräu München and Weihenstephan were both breweries to the Bavarian Royal Family and are now state owned and operated by the Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung(Bavarian Palace Department) and overseen by the Ministry of Finance. As most of the major Munich Breweries are now owned by foreign conglomerates (Ex.Interbev owns Spaten and Heineken owns Paulaner/Haacker-Pschorr) Münchners are very loyal and protective of HB. The preferred HB locale among the natives is the Hofbräu Keller located at the former brewery site. As for the dispensing of beer from an "Electric Tap", each one of those units runs about $10,000 USD and should guarantee a "Full Beer" every time. They were installed in the interest of establishing more consistency in dispensing. Overall the Hofbräuhaus is a great place to indulge in Bavarian culture, meet people from all over the world and drink some great beer. It is what it is - there really is no valid criticism - It is great place!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 3:35 pm on 10.Oct.2006

We went in February 2006 and it was a great experience. We ended up talking to Tobias and his friends at the Stammtisch table downstairs by the band. He was apparently the son of one of the owners. They invited the 4 of us to sit with them and we ate and drank the rest of the night with them. I got a complete tour of the bar and storage areas. I saw all the workings of the 10,000 USD dispensing systems mentioned in the above post, and even used them a few times. When the night was over, we did not owe a bill and we had DVDs and other souvineers to take home with us. He told us to finish up and the help would clean up after us. We sat in Munchen Hofbräuhaus for 30 minutes by ourselves while they got ready to lock the doors. We were the very last out the door excpet for the cleaning crew. You could not have planned a better first experience at the good ole HB.

Posted by: "Kevin" at 2:37 pm on 28.Mar.2007

During the meal the band plays the national anthem of each international diner on the night. On this particular night their had to be 1000 guest dining and at regular intervals the band would play the national anthem of each country. At a guess there would have had to have been 600 Koreans about 150 Japanese, 100 French and a hundred Poms or so and 2 Aussies me and my mate. Well you should have herd the raw when the Korean Flag came out and their national anthem was played. My mate leaned to me and said how the hell are we going to beat that mob in a yelling competition, after a few steins the Aussie flag cam out and then the good old National Anthem, yours truly jumped up on the table and let Rip “Aussie, Aussie Aussie, Oh! Oh! Oh!� Well what followed shocked us all. The whole hall repeated the chant not once but dozens of times with a little egging on from the 2 Aussies. For the rest of the night we had them bouncing around on tables like Kangaroo’s All of a sudden we had 1000 new mates the Korean guys lined up for beer belly fights with me, one after the other I knocked them down I lost count after about 20, These blokes really new about Aussie tradition I had to compete in sculling a litre stein. To my surprise I got beaten by a little fella but when he finished he passed out for the rest of the evening, the women all wanted to dance with us and get their photos taken (Who were we to decline such an offer) The excitement on the floor was better than the Brass Band infact once they realized that their guests were making their own fun they packed up and left.

Posted by: "Jeff Bonney" at 1:07 am on 27.Nov.2007

Well, it was a while ago [1980] but we had a fairly good time in the Hofbrauhaus, where two Aussie sisters drank us under the table. No fancy beer taps then, just a huge guy wrestling kegs, whacking the bung out with a hammer, and in with a mere spigot. I remember one waitress carried 12 litres of beer at one go [5 in each hand with 2 on top!]and did that more than once. We also drank in the Mathauser [sp?] which had alternate oom-pah bands and fistfights among the locals that we had to break up.

Posted by: "Mike from Canada" at 9:16 pm on 15.Apr.2008

The Hofbrauhaus servers can carry up to six of the filled beer steins in each hand! I was amazed the first time I visited because holding just one seemed heavy. I bought/stole one there to bring home and used it to drink on special occasions (Oktoberfest being one of such occasions). Mine broke about a month ago and I assumed you could only get them in Germany. I did some research online and found that there are a few places in the U.S. that have them. I was able to get one at the Hofbrauhaus restaurant in Las Vegas (Fun, but not as good as Munich). For those of you not near one of the HB restaurants, there are a few internet sites that sell them including OktoberfestHaus. I also agree with some of the other posters that Augustiner has a better Bavarian Bier. As they say in German, PROST!

Posted by: "Brendan" at 9:40 pm on 26.Feb.2010

I've had some good times at the Hofbraeuhaus before but I'll avoid the place after the last time. We went there with some friends visiting from Berlin and the staff were just rude a***holes. A simple question of whether we could sit on unoccupied end of a Stammtisch (the place was chock-a-block full) got us told to piss off by one of the waiters. Then, after we'd found a seat and spent a good couple of hours there eating and drinking we were left waiting ages for the bill. We ended up politely asking one of the other waiters if he could fetch his colleague with the bill as we needed to get going. Our waiter came and had a go at us, the conversation escalating to telling each other where to go. There were no language misunderstandings, we had a German with us who did most of the talking, and we weren't trying to skip out on the bill (paid in full with 0 tip). The simple fact is the staff at this place feel like they can treat people like crap.

Posted by: tim555 at 4:33 pm on 28.Mar.2010

we went out here last week for dinner and beers. we ordered a few Schweinshaxns, a Sauerbraten, and sausages with Sauerkraut. the food was excellent and brought to us quickly. it did seem like there weren't enough waiting staff on though, it was hard to get our waiter's attention. but he was friendly at least. the food is very reasonably priced.

Posted by: Moonboot at 10:13 am on 29.Mar.2010

The Hofbräuhaus has a new telephone number: 0 89/29 01 36-1 00 in case you want to make a reservation at the Schwemme or upstairs in the much more cosy Bräustüberl. There they have traditional (but quiet) Bavarian music every evening. Enjoy the view from the tables situated on the "Platzl"-side. The fax number is 0 89/ 29 01 36-1 29

Posted by: "Naddl74" at 6:03 pm on 23.Jul.2010

This place did not interest me at all....crowded, waiters who almost run you over, no seats, no bar service.....yet packed? why...get over the marketing element of this place and just find yourself a nice beer garden............more than makes up for it... Wouldn't put me off Germany tho :) and the HB beer is damn nice...I was served no problem in the first instance, when I finally got a seat up stairs in what would of appeared the dinning area...howvever...after not ordering food, no waiter came back..........is this not famed as a beer Hall? yes I think soo...hmm that aside, I did go up and explain I was waitin twice for service, but with No result I went elsewhere...bit of a disappointment yes as this is listed as one of the top spots anyyyywayyss.........really enjoyed my trip to Munich in general soo go to Germany most definately, just dont' be rushin here! :)

Posted by: "Laura ....Ireland" at 2:40 am on 25.Sep.2010

I stole two of the gray liter earthenware mugs from the place back in Aug 1970. I didn't mess with the bouncers, I just took two mugs, went to the back door by the men's crapper, and knocked down the door. This got me into the back alley, and even though I was being chased, I made my getaway, and lived to tell the story. One mug was dropped and shattered in Jul of 75, but I still drink from the one I still have. It is my understanding they don't give the gray liter mugs out anymore unless you are a regular. I may be wrong,, but doesn't matter, I got my two out the back door.

Posted by: "twodog" at 9:35 pm on 2.Oct.2010

took some friends here for dinner a few nights ago they were very impressed. the hall was packed so we went upstairs to the rooms. Schweinshax'ns for the boys, Schweinebraten for the girls, all really good. service was cheerful too. the offer half portions of some of the main meals for kids, we got littl'un sausage and mash went down a treat. not too expensive either!

Posted by: Moonboot at 3:18 pm on 18.Dec.2011

not my favorite Munich experience. Tourist trap with attitude to match and mediocre (at best) food. Pass.

Posted by: lisa13 at 8:18 pm on 18.Dec.2011

Well, yes it is touristy but we have had good food there in the past, and it is always great place to take visiting friends. We went last month and had a great evening, oompah oompah music all night, lots of dancing. Was a lot of fun :-) Even got chatting to a few of the locals on the Stammtische, the guys with the big brushes on their hats.

Posted by: "Wendy" at 9:58 am on 19.Dec.2011

Touristy, yes. So what? I guess I am an extended tourist. I have spent 3 nights there and everytime had a BLAST. Love the atmosphere, the friendly travelers, the opportunity to meet new people, and the food is pretty good, too. I will be taking my sister and other Ami friend there over the weekend! Woohoo!

Posted by: Calisaurus at 11:02 am on 22.Dec.2011

To clarify what a "tourist trap" is in my view: waitstaff practically throws your order at you, refuse to speak German if they have any hint you're not a native, the food is overpriced and poor quality, and there's pee on the seats in the ladies room. The atmosphere is lively! That part is really nice, and I can see why people might enjoy it, but it's simply not my kind of place.

Posted by: lisa13 at 10:05 am on 23.Dec.2011

Cant understand the various criticisms of the HB haus. People seem shocked that its a 'tourist trap'. Its the Hofbrauhaus for f***s sake, rightly famous all over the world from Beunos Aires to Beijing, what do you expect? But for me the Hofbrauhaus is a bit more than this. As far as the premium tourist traps in Europe go and what they have to offer in terms of expectations, the Hofbrauhaus is indeed in the premier league. I find its attractions to be reasonably authentic, the music and the atmosphere always lively and amusing, the food pretty good AND (CRUCIALLY) yes the beer is almost always of a very, very high standard and not THAT expensive either. Im a dedicated fan of Hofbrauhaus helles (unlike many ex-pat bores who dismiss the 'touristy' HB and drone on about the superiority of (also good) Augustiner cos they see people walking around Munich drinking it)and always know Ill find a fine mass of it in here. And we always seem to be able to get a seat as well, no matter how busy it is. This puzzles me sometimes, its almost miraculous. Sure there are masses of tourists getting smashed in the HB haus but do you know what? I enjoy watching all the tourists having fun in Munich. Watching an Italian chap struggling with his second (or first) mass,a Japanese girl warily sipping a HB weisse beer, the mad groups of Chinese getting hammered upstairs or a group of Americans drinking real beer for the first time in their lives ;). I find this shit funny and it makes me happy. How could it not? I can understand some posters annoyance about the waiters occasional rudeness, Ive experienced this too (mainly in the form of trying to order a drink and being left sitting there like a dick for a good 20 minutes), however Ive also experienced this in 'authentic' Munich watering holes so Im inclined to believe its just how things are in many parts of the city so I dont even bother getting annoyed about it anymore. But it all seems worth it when that mass arrives before you. All in all Ive been there many,many times and almost without exception have drank top quality beer in a spectacular historic building in which shitloads of people are having a great time. Thats good enough for me. Someone above mentioned the Bavarian gentlemen who regularly sit in the side aisle stammtisch to the left of the main entrance. These wise and committed beer drinkers have been downing litres of helles in the Hofbrauhaus since they were knee high to a grasshopper. Walk past these magnificently dressed noblemen and look in their eyes. They know....

Posted by: Dezl at 9:15 pm on 7.Jan.2012

I was there last month and have to say it was fantastic service all round. Im sure there will be times of bad service, but I didnt see it in four seperate visits and id happily visit there again

Posted by: "steve clark" at 3:29 pm on 19.May.2012

I ve heard about the HB since I was a child. The experience reminded me of my childhood at Ridgewood NY beer halls. Food was great as was the beer. Yes it is loud and playful. What do you expect its a beer hall. My wife loved her dish of wurst and Rhine Wine. Enjoy life kick back and go with the flow Brosit.

Posted by: "Tony from New York" at 10:53 pm on 3.Jun.2012

Been there,done that.15 of us went there,having a great time,Oompah Band objected to our singing, clean I may add, and walked off. Security came up and saw the size of the problem,a Rugby Team,and backed off.We were joined by Aussies,Kiwi's,Scots,Dutch and Canadians in a great sing song,much to the annoyance of Security. Serving staff were superb,and food was good. Went back the following evening and refused entry,how surprising.

Posted by: "retiredhooker" at 6:21 pm on 29.Aug.2012

I was there once. Don't remember anything

Posted by: "Wolfgang" at 3:12 am on 31.May.2013

Never again there...I've been a few times in the last few years, and normally the service has been ok, nothing exceptional, but acceptable. But a few Sundays ago we were served by a couple of men, with eastern-european surnames, who were very rude, and at some points aggressive... - A Finnish friend of mine wanted to order a Milchkaffee, but initially he did not pronounce it clearly, and the (younger) waiter, who apparently did not understand it correctly, literally shouted at him "Michkaffee, oder!!!" - Later, some friends in my group moved to another table after ordering a couple of beers, and when the (older) waiter came with the beers, he was furious at them because they had moved tables, and this would make his job more difficult when remembering who had ordered what. I can understand his point of view, but he started to be aggressive, ordering people to not move from their table... I'll leave this tourist trap owned by the state (that is, subsidized by my taxes, which could be used for more useful things than this) to more stupid people...

Posted by: UpToWick at 3:42 pm on 6.Apr.2015
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