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Hirschgarten - Munich

The Hirschgarten is the largest beer garden in Munich. They have capacity for something like 10,000 guests. It is called the Hirschgarten because they have deer. In German: Hirsch = deer, and Garten = Garden.

Hirschgarten - Munich
Photo from Hirschgarten

Hirschgarten Beergarden
Hirschgarten 1, Nymphenburg
S-Bahn Laim
Tel. 089 172591
Website: Hirschgarten

Review by: "Anonymous" on 9.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


This is a really great Beergarten to go to! It's huge, and generally very busy. It's expensive, but not as bad as many of the surrounding ones. The deer are a strange additon, but it is kind of funny to have dinner and then suddenly have a couple of the staring at you through the fence.

Posted by: "M.K." at 9:36 pm on 27.Jan.2004

This is the largest beer garden in Bavaria with about 8000 seats. The huge park used to be the hunting grounds for the local royalty. During the summer months the park is full of people playing football and having BBQs. In the ber garden itself you grab a Maß glass from one of the tables, rinse it out yourself under the taps and go get a fill-up. You've a choice of Augustiner, Hofbraü and Kaltenberg beers which is quite unusual for a Munich beer garden as, like the bars, they often tend to be tied to one particular brewery. Nice place to go, drink the beer, eat the food and watch the deer playing in the adjoining park.

Posted by: keydeck at 7:29 am on 28.Jan.2004

went there yesterday and as always the problem is you never get a full mass.if you take it back for them to top up.the staff get upset and cause a big scene.in future i shall stick to the augusterin beer garden in arnulfstr.

Posted by: "andrew towers" at 3:48 pm on 10.Sep.2005

Short measure beers are a big problem here. Less than one in ten of the beers I have bought there have been up to the mark where they should be. The schweinhaxen are cheap there but dry.

Posted by: "Roland" at 11:27 am on 27.Sep.2005

Best roast chicken in town - not dry and full of herbs. Cheap (ish) too! Beer cheaper than most biergarten in Munich and for shandies your pour your own limo. Not so full of tourists (if that's the way u like it).

Posted by: NoGo at 3:39 pm on 8.May.2006

No, the staff there get aggressive even if you complain straight away! The boss is a ratbag and it gets reflected in the staff. Hirschgarten Pros: Pleasant location. Open even in risky weather. Cons: Short measures. No play area. Smelly Deer.

Posted by: "ian" at 6:50 pm on 21.Sep.2006

The A la Carte menu food in the restaurant/Wirtschaft is excellent. The staff are pleasant or unpleasant according to how busy it is. The beer garden is massive, but not much different in terms of quality of food or service to most other places in Munich. You only find the deer to be smelly if you are sitting right next to them (hard to do, considering the fencing) or neurotic about eating near live animals!! The park itself is very nice, and there are not many other places to spend an afternoon or early evening during a hot summer in Munich better than this. Remember! Bier Gartens are Bier Gartens, and as such you are always running the risk of variable quality (and quantities). Bavarian staff are just as likely to be aggressive or nice depending on temperature, business, rowdiness, lateness of the day, etc, etc. In my experience, Bier Garten staff are no less or no more fiendly than your run of the mill Bavarian restaurant staff. Motivation is a big problem generally.

Posted by: chrisopera at 9:59 pm on 12.Jul.2010
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