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Hide Out - Munich

Hide Out - Volkartstrasse 22, 80634 Munich, Germany

Hide Out - Munich
Live music at Hideout

Hide-Out is a live music venue. The club is mainly for blues and rock. They have a jam session every Thursday when all musicians are welcome.

There website also carries a bulletin board for musicians seeking bands and bands seeking musicians.

Hide Out - Blues Club
Volkartstrasse 22, Munich Neuhausen
U-Bahn U1/7 to Rotkreuzplatz
Tel. 089 169 668
Website: Hide-Out

Note, for many years this venue was located directly at Rotkreuzplatz. In January 2006 they moved to the new address.

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Live music at Hideout

Review by: "Anonymous" on 12.Jul.2004   (edit this review)


The new address for "Hide Out" (from 5th Jan 2006) is Volkartstrasse 22

Posted by: "Mike Lee" at 1:40 pm on 4.Jan.2006

Popped in late one Saturday night around 1am and found it to be quite lifeless. There was a few people in the bar but there was no live music and the music that they did play was a Greatest Hits of the '50's. It definitely wasn't loud enough for dancing. The atmosphere seemed more like a place for a nightcap rather than a place to rock on.

Posted by: ziertz at 1:51 pm on 2.Aug.2007
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