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Haxnbauer - Munich

I stopped by Haxnbauer yesterday for a take-away schweinenhaxe after reading a discussion here on toytown (takeaway schweinshaxe). It was a good hunk o' meat. They charge 15 euro a kilo. The guy who served me was a complete ass. I asked in limited German if they had anything else for take-away and he pointed out that this was a restaurant and not an imbiss stand. Whatever. The meat was good, but I'll probably never go back.

Haxnbauer, Munich

Haxnbauer, Sparkassenstraße 6, 80331 Munich, Germany
Website: http://www.haxnbauer.de/

Open daily 11-24h
Tel.: 089 2166540

Submitted by: Tara

Review by: "Anonymous" on 18.May.2006   (edit this review)


So good we went for dinner twice, and we only stayed in Munich for ten days. We don't even have limited German, and we found they were reasonably friendly.

Posted by: "Richard" at 4:34 pm on 10.Mar.2007

Just ate there about 2 days ago 12/30... found it to be quiet and beautiful - seemed authentic, and we partook of the knuckles, both pork and veal. I also have limited German, but no problems, very friendly. And actually, it is not a "zu mitnehmen" place at all. Worth a try!

Posted by: "Larry K." at 3:13 pm on 1.Jan.2008

As the name indicated, the only meals I ever consumed there where pork shoulders (Schweinshaxn). In theory they prepare the pork shoulder in the way it’s supposed to be prepared. But 2 weeks ago I had an early dinner, and the pork shoulder was well done to say the least, which means dry meat on the outside. Since I have eaten there before, I recommend a better timing. E.g. rather at the end of the rush hour. This assures that the pork shoulder is not dries out. A constant disappointment to me are the potato dumplings, made from cooked rather raw potatoes. But that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.

Posted by: z-man99 at 7:17 am on 19.Apr.2008

I ended up at Haxnbauer during the Wisen this year. We were fortunate enough to sit with some locals in the Pualaner tent who told us about Haxnbauer and the next day we stopped in. We were lucky in that we went early 11:30 am because 20 minutes later there was a line of 50 people outside as the place had filled up. I had previously had Schwienshaxen at 3 other places - the Paulaner tent, the HB, and at the Chinese garden - Haxnbauer was the best - however I can easily understand the comments previous of a dry Hax late in the day given the prep. I must say though, the highlight of Haxnbauer is the mushroom soup! I have been pestering them with emails for the recipe to no reply!!!! I have tried to make it at home and am starting to get close - the trick is in reducing the mushrooms with pork fat rather than butter. My next attempt will include a touch of sour cream too. Haxnbauer is a must for any Munich visit!

Posted by: "Lugnut1" at 8:36 pm on 20.Oct.2008

hi, I ate there went a few years ago. Our English was limited since we are latinos. And we were discussing in Spanish what to order. What a surprise when the man who was taking the order start to speak in fluent Spanish!! he asked us about or country, or trip, and gave some advice about places to visit in Munich, It was one of the best experiences and the food was really delicious at a reasonable price.

Posted by: "Roxy503" at 4:53 pm on 12.Aug.2009

We went here for new years this year and were very disappointed. Two dishes of eight where cold and we heard the same from the table behind us. In 2 hours we only had a single beer each due to a lack of service. The Haxn was very tasty, but not worth being double the price of Hoftbrau which is just 2 minutes away. All other meals were average for the price.

Posted by: Aus_Johan at 12:32 pm on 3.Jan.2010

we went there last night, with a expectation for good knuckles and beers. The beers are nice, restaurant is well decorated, but the knuckle was too dry and the skin was not crunchy at all. Quiet disappointed actually.

Posted by: "baby elmo" at 6:55 pm on 25.Apr.2010

This place smelled and looked wonderful. So, we stopped by this place and waited patiently to be seated (about 5 min) and no one ever came to seat us. As you walk in there are two sides: to the left is the more formal side and to the right it appeared to be almost a take-a-way. After having waited we noticed that the section to the right was fairly empty and decided to take a seat. Upon doing so, the host quickly called us down for trying to sit down and brought us back to the waiting area. No big deal. As he stormed away he exclaimed (walking through the formal area) "this is not an international restaurant, This is Haxnbauer!" Seriously. I guess at Haxnbauer an two Americans, an Aussie, a Mexican, and a Cuban aren't allowed.

Posted by: jwhit45 at 10:15 am on 20.Aug.2010
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