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Günther Murphy's Irish Pub - Munich

Günther Murphy's Irish Pub - Nikolaistrasse 9, 80802 Munich, Germany

Update: This pub closed on June 25, 2007. For discussion about the closure see the chat forum: Günther Murphy's has closed

Original review:

Günther's is very similar to the traditional English/Irish pubs you get in the UK / Ireland. And they have Guinness on tap.


It's a good place for watching football, rugby and Formula 1 because they have lots of overhead TVs, lots of standing room and a giant screen, but if it's a big occasion get there early or you'll be lucky to a) get in and b) see anything. Very international crowd sometimes, especially during large football championships.

Everybody speaks English and they do one of the best big breakfasts in town.

Günther Murphy's Irish Pub
Nikolaistrasse 9, Schwabing
U-Bahn U3/6 Münchener Freiheit
Tel. 089 398911

See also a plan of the interior layout.

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


The best night to go to Murphy's - other than the night of a football match and or a Tuesday Toytown after work beer - is Sunday's karaoke night. Now, I don't like either karaoke or Gunter Murphy's much, but it's the only game in town on Sundays. It's VERY popular, and you will have fun despite yourself. . . so many people singing and laughing, often at themselves. Their homemade chips are also yummy, but I'm a potato-addic.

Posted by: "Bela" at 2:13 pm on 12.Nov.2003

I can vouch for the Sunday nite karaoke. I used to work there back in ninety-six or so. Every sunday at about 9:30 "johnny from texas" had to perform "rawhide", the so-called "johnny-spot." After a few weeks and lots of liquor, I must confess I really enjoyed it. If Ultan or Grant or any of the other veterans are around, send my regards. Johnny from Texas

Posted by: "johnny lewis" at 9:34 pm on 9.Dec.2003

I have to say that I like Günther Murphy's rather too much - it gets pretty busy, especially for karaoke and football games, but is normally just about the right level of busy, especially if you show up early enough to get a good table. Food is not too bad either - prices are a touch on the high side for Munich, but you can at least drink proper Helles in this ex-pat bar, and listen to some good tunes as they have one of the better music selections in Munich. Bar staff and waitresses are all very good at their jobs, and very friendly... I've been to most of the ex-pat places in Munich, and this is my favourite.

Posted by: Jimbo at 2:52 pm on 8.Jan.2004

Murphys, dreadful place, overpriced beer and rude barstaff. One of the worst bars in munich. If it didnt have Football on it'd never survive, never....

Posted by: "alan" at 5:52 pm on 8.Jan.2004

Best bar staff in Munich by a mile. Superb place.

Posted by: 3 Lions at 8:51 am on 25.Jun.2004

They now have WLAN internet installed. Free to use. Available to all (not just AOL users).

Posted by: "Wire Les" at 8:03 am on 5.Jul.2004

Gunther Murphys is the best bar in munich. I spent the whole of my wage packet each month in there when i was working in munich.

Posted by: "Gaz" at 11:48 am on 10.Aug.2004

Price reductions! Price for a Helles is now €2.90, thus cracking the €3 mark for the first time since the introduction of the Euro. We have just concluded a new and improved deal with Hacker Pschorr, Erdinger Weißbier & Scottish & Newcastle (Strongbow cider). The net result is a large reduction in our beer prices. Cheers!

Posted by: "Günther Murphys" at 1:32 pm on 23.Nov.2004

Yeh, i agree with that Alan. Worst pub in Munich & the bar staff r very rude.......... especially that Wrigley bloke ! Ha ha. Can i have a pint u piss? Ju. Bowton !

Posted by: "Ju Farrimond" at 3:43 pm on 12.Jan.2005

Oh i..... PS. Wrigs if Katrina or Louise ever come in let me know......... Phil has been askin, ha ha.

Posted by: "Ju Farrimond" at 3:45 pm on 12.Jan.2005

nice beer

Posted by: "steve" at 12:46 pm on 18.Jan.2005

Which Phil? I'll be in on Sat though

Posted by: Katrina at 1:27 pm on 19.Jan.2005

The best bar ever the girls are the craziest and the coolest and verry good looking you got the tall nice ass german the luanatic blond blue eyed irish, the pretty face and loud austrian and the big hands! brazilian the dont fuck with me south african bird you will just love em all.

Posted by: "the sexy ladies" at 6:09 pm on 20.Apr.2005

I am in Munich this weekend will you have the Bolton - Chelsea game on ?

Posted by: "Reggie - Bahrain" at 3:45 pm on 27.Apr.2005

gr8 4 the liverpool games n the grub. staff r too egar

Posted by: "minimouse" at 3:27 pm on 18.May.2005

Great atmosphere when Murphy's showed the F.A. Cup final Man U. vs Arsenal. Love the big screen and beer :-)

Posted by: "blix" at 7:46 pm on 23.May.2005

I agree with gaz - I spent far too much of my wage packet when I worked in munich last year - lots of good memories to show for it altho not much else!(apart from a bigger belly...) Almost had withdrawal symptoms when had to leave! Han

Posted by: "sugarloaf" at 2:43 pm on 14.Aug.2005

was there for football, the ita vs. roi game landed on the smallet TV facing the bar so the barmen could see it. I wasn't so happy with that, but what ever. The fact that the three onion rings were the best part of my burger is the reason that I won't be going back. The food at Kilians is much better and they serve Augustiner wich is by far better than the Hacker wich allways leaves my gut crook.

Posted by: "fdj" at 12:53 pm on 19.Aug.2005

That price reduction on beer didn't last too long. What happened to the new improved deals with Hacker-Pschorr, Erdinger Weißbier & Scottish & Newcastle? Can't you guys get the same deal on the beers that the little German pub around the corner of my place gets. Helles there is only €2,70!!

Posted by: "Gonzo" at 1:14 pm on 7.Nov.2005

maybe thier overheads are a little bigger than the little german bar near your house...........

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 9:34 pm on 7.Dec.2005

A DUMP!!!!!!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:41 pm on 9.Feb.2006

Thanks for your intelligent and constructive comment.

Posted by: "Editor Bob" at 3:02 pm on 9.Feb.2006

must admit it's the last irish pub I'd go to in munich the beer isn't great and I always feel I'm being overcharged which apparently is an accusation that has been levelled at this pub for a long time the other irish pubs in munich are better

Posted by: "anon" at 11:29 pm on 10.Mar.2006

I practically lived in Murphy's (along with Gaz, assuming it's the same Gaz) back in 2002/03. There was just something about it that made me feel at home there, even though I've never had a local bar. Ever (and Murphy's wasn't exactly local to me... damn 20 minute U-Bahn journey). Like any place it was the people and we got to know a lot of people there. It helps being the first ones in when they open, I guess. Took a trip back only a week ago and was surprised to find the beer cheaper. Hurray!

Posted by: "Liam" at 11:46 am on 14.Mar.2006

USA is now ranked 5th by FIFA. Anyone else planning on watching them trounce Germany on the 22nd? New in town. Would like to meet other expats in the area. English/German speaking. Thanks!

Posted by: "dallas_wolf" at 6:16 am on 16.Mar.2006

I would like to say to anon 11th march to reveal yourself, you sound like the biggest asshole as you might not have noticed but murphys is cheaper or the same prices as other irish bars in Munchen. Also your paying for the great service as its the best out of all the other irish bars and the cleanest glasses, at least they have a glass washing maching! in which i dont get cold sores from. So DVD "Dick Van Dike" go suck on yer pint elsewhere cause i sure would not like to meet you. xxx

Posted by: "murphys fan" at 12:51 am on 17.Mar.2006

Wow - trounce Germany. I am on board for that (strictly speaking of football, of course).

Posted by: "Adam" at 9:17 am on 19.Mar.2006

I'm a newbie ... what's the easiest way to find the TT crowd on a Tuesday night? cheers

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 4:20 pm on 19.Mar.2006

Once we get past all the silly soccer this summer, will yous guys show REAL (AMERICAN) FOOTBALL this fall on Sunday nights live? Cheers!

Posted by: "YankeeGlenn" at 3:24 pm on 21.Mar.2006

When we get pass all the soccer this summer, I think I will not be going Guenther for some time... no interest for the so called REAL football...

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 11:57 am on 25.Apr.2006

I can't really understand why anyone would 'live in' an Oirish bar in Munich (Do you holiday on the Costa Del Sol, too?), but Guenthers used to do a cracking cooked breakfast back in the mid 90s, does it still? Cheers

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 1:59 pm on 25.Apr.2006

You live in an Irish bar in Munich whenever your own bedsit is ridiculously tiny and you want to socialise with your Anglophone friends and watch some football. I did go elsewhere too. Murphy's was just the living room. I give it four sofas, and maybe even a coffee table.

Posted by: "Liam" at 11:40 pm on 23.Jun.2006

What a spot. Locked there every night while in DL

Posted by: "Red" at 3:18 pm on 21.Aug.2006

Murphy's pub is excelent you should guys come at afternoon around 7pm, this is a good atmosfere expecialy for chillin.I am living near and I always gladly come to Murphy's.I like staff there they will always find time to answer question and they are polite.

Posted by: "Davor" at 9:52 am on 8.Sep.2006

Where is the hot blond waitress?

Posted by: "Anon" at 3:52 pm on 29.Sep.2006

Would that be real football with all the padding and stuff.Brits do the same called rugby with no protection!!!!!

Posted by: "Anon" at 5:25 pm on 30.Oct.2006

dis "real football" is notin but rugby for sissies!!!!! and where is de blond waitress gone?????

Posted by: "anon" at 7:24 pm on 31.Oct.2006

What's the best news I've heard in a long time? Günther Murphy's Irish Pub has now closed forever. Yippee! I hope y'all commit suicide on hearing the bad news.

Posted by: "No Eeejit" at 10:38 am on 28.Jun.2007

Sorry the place is closing; judging from all the feedback it sounds as though it's going to be sorely missed by many.

Posted by: "gucci little piggy" at 11:19 am on 28.Jun.2007

I found the pub the just a big shit hole. Full stop

Posted by: "Daire K" at 8:20 pm on 4.Jul.2007

It is true. The old gear from Wok Man was seen heading down the Gunthers stairs yesterday evening. The best quality chinese in Germany is coming back.

Posted by: "bogeyman" at 5:36 am on 5.Jul.2007

we are shocked that murphys is closed down, we loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: "steff and tony" at 8:23 pm on 21.Mar.2008

worked there back in 2005 quit and went to kilian's best move ever!shocked to hear it's gone.least kilian's still going...

Posted by: "mayday" at 5:18 pm on 10.Apr.2008

i was there in 2007, too many assholes thinking they were tough.

Posted by: "donegal danny" at 12:49 pm on 1.Jul.2008

i work here along time ago .made alot of friends but people move on and you lose touch would like to get hold of my parther in crime steve lace and his sexy friend soibahn paddy on andybarrow@hotmail.co.uk cheers

Posted by: "black andy(doorman" at 1:50 pm on 15.Sep.2008

I used to drink in GM'S 4 or 5 times a week back in 92-93. My girlfriend at time was a waitress there. I remember Andy and Andre on Steve? on door. I'm back in Munich this year and gutted it's now closed although I did pop by in 96 and it was a lot quieter than its hayday. Happy memories.

Posted by: "welsh boy" at 9:32 am on 17.Sep.2008

was planning a wk end return to munich soon, was the 1st place i was going tohead for. spend 2 years in the place and 2yrs salary too a shock that it closed 93-95 hearing all the old names bring back so many memories, ultan graham, memory fade.... steve andy andre , someone missing from that line up.... ? andy you stuck me with a stun gun one night, just to see if it wood go through a leather jacket, funny man !!!! Used called me "MO" alawys at the corner of the bar under the telly with mick monaghan see ya

Posted by: Eugene McGrath at 8:32 pm on 12.Oct.2008

Ain't no doubt - was a cracking bar at a time. Was there in 02-03. Waitresses were the ticket, esp Frieda and.... that's it. Hotest bird in town for a long while. Alan the fool that tried to manage the bar was a complete root token. Thought he was the big wagon - but at 2 foot tall, he'll not be messing with much. Good drink, and food, good for footy and karoke. But once da Frieda bird left - what's the point. Big GAZ, keep the faith - sure you're married now.

Posted by: "NordyBoy" at 11:01 pm on 1.Dec.2008

Well Well Well....GUNTHER MURPHY'S.....what memories....I'm gonna throw out a few names here and anyone get in contact if you can....I've seen my buddy Eugene aka MO on here thank flip for that searching for you for a while....Ok i was there in 93/95....so here goes with the old familiar names....get in touch Claire Hughes, Shauna Donnelly (australian)...Leah, Mark Spark, moscow andy, (oh i see black andy's here too yay) graham,mick monaghan bth of em, dublin eddie, mark rea, sid, if ye come accross this message me lads we had some crazy times in GM and mo i was there when the lads stun guned u aaaaaaaahahahaha funny!!.....no need to explain further... last words have got to be "PLEASE BE QUIET N THE STREET THANKYOU"

Posted by: Maxine Robinson at 2:57 am on 9.Mar.2009

Yes, we were there too in 93-95 a bunch of Scandinavians. Is Gunters really closed?

Posted by: "nelehalf" at 2:49 pm on 14.Sep.2009

all from dublin..we were there in 1992 ,,great place,, we worked in the arebbella hotel as housemen,,,,,,,,,,,,, great memeruios

Posted by: "thomas,mark.paul" at 11:14 pm on 12.Nov.2009

Great bar,happy days and brilliant memories from 91'92,garret,johnboy,gene&lorraine we,d shift some stuff in gunthers,all singing all danceing drinkin bar! good craic! got to mention the lovely little scottish barmaid as well..gunthers sorry to hear you,ve closed end of an era.........

Posted by: "welsh martin.H" at 7:40 pm on 9.Sep.2010

Worked in Gunther murphys 20 years ago this year when it opened first with victor and Rachel ...Kay was manager ..and Alan Faye Julia saskia ..and our two door men ..both Steve ....god they were the days .... Geraldine mc gillivray

Posted by: "Geraldine mcgilliv" at 11:31 pm on 3.Feb.2011

Many a happy and damaged night in Murphys from 98 - 2001 with the old Viag crew. During the time Suzanne was working there (and a few other places) if anyone knows what happened to her drop me a line. But yeah, curry nights, loads of shots and a full fried breakie on a Sunday with a pint a orange juice to try and recover. Ace. Shame its gone, hope the Shamrock and the management change bring a bit more of the old feel back to the Irish scene in Schwabing -

Posted by: Onkle Les at 6:56 am on 31.Mar.2011

I loved Guenther Murphys. Used to go there in the 90's. Many happy memories. Shame that it closed :-(

Posted by: "Demz" at 11:13 pm on 16.Mar.2012

Well that's not my real name but you know who you are mates. Crewe from 91-92 Chris S, David Graham aka Wavy Davy, michael, Irish John ( always mad at something that one), Kate, Heike and others from German class I can't remember too well now. I remember either you smoked Winston or Gulloisse bought from the machine and said "Helles Bitte!" far too many times for a night. What great times and a place to speak english with your mates, Nicholai Strasse could get rowdy at close. A memorable place

Posted by: "Miguel di Munchen" at 6:17 am on 19.Apr.2014
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