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Fujikaiten - Munich

Fujikaiten - Münchner Freiheit 4, 80802 Munich, Germany

This Sushi restaurant opened in Autumn 2003 and has proven fairly popular. Upstairs is also a small café bar called Ginza - although it never seems to be open.

Fujikaiten - Munich

Ginza at Fujikaiten - Munich

Fujikaiten - Japanese Running Sushi
Münchner Freiheit 4, Schwabing
Tel. 089 38666766
Website: Fujikaiten

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Glad you've got this place listed because the sushi deal here is excellent. Mid-day it's just 11.50 Euros for all you can eat, in the evening it goes up to something like 19 (although I'm not sure about that. The midday all-you-can-eat offer runs from 11am until 3pm. I'd recommend getting there at 1.30pm at the latest though. We showed up last Saturday at 2pm. All tables were taken so we were ushered upstairs where they have a kind of waiting room area. After about 20 mins a table became free. We indulged in plate after plate of sushi (and the bits and bobs which also come with it: eg. roast battered onions, spring rolls, etc). But we weren't fast enough. Shortly after 3pm the conveyorbelt was emptied. I was still hungry! So I'm going to go back soon to stuff myself silly and make up on what I lost out on last time. Very nice atmosphere. You always see Japanese people eating in there too. So that must be a good sign, right? Not only is the food tasty, good value, but it's fun too! Take a date. She'll love it. (No I don't work for this place. Just a very happy customer!)

Posted by: "The Brian" at 12:54 pm on 19.Feb.2004

Mr. Brian is correct. This is a great deal for €11). My bf has taken me there twice for Saturday lunch (you should reserve, but say you want a table on the conveyor belt!), then after fully stuffing ourselves (stopped counting dishes after 25) had quick espresso at one of the coffee place right next door, then took a lovely walk in the English Garden. The service personnel are so friendly. Really nice people and very accomodating.

Posted by: "Ella" at 7:09 pm on 21.Feb.2004

Ok, I was totally unimpressed with Fujikaiten. After reading the previous comments, I made a Saturday afternoon reservation. We get there and the place is packed, so I thought this was a good sign. But, alas.... My biggest gripe is the selection. For the first 30 minutes, the only sushi-type stuff being rolled out were California Rolls (fake crab, of course), cream cheese & avocado rolls (never saw this one before) and the occassional salmon roll. This is not an exaggeration. Very few pieces of the normally chewy nigiri calamari passed, but they didn't look good enough to pull. Finally, as I had gotten my fill on rice and avocado, a few pieces of salmon nigiri came out. One piece actually made it to me, since everyone else in the restaurant jumped on these. Maybe Fujikaiten has a better selection for dinner (we have visited Fujisan for dinner and were quite pleased with quality and selection there), but I doubt I'll give them a second try.

Posted by: "S" at 2:02 pm on 1.Mar.2004

The all-you-can-eat selection is substantially better in the evenings. Twice I've been at lunchtimes now, and twice I'd agree with the comments above. There was a lack of variety. California rolls and not much else. I went back the other evening, however, and there was all sorts on offer. Fresh shrimps, muscles, fruit, even ice-cream! Evenings are considerably more expensive though. They cost about 20 Euro as opposed to 11 Euro at lunchtime. You get what you pay for.

Posted by: "Nemo" at 2:50 pm on 26.Mar.2004

I went to Fujikaiten for dinner last week and was very impressed. I don't think I've ever eaten so much. Very tasty too. One complaint I have though is that the deserts seemed to come out very intermittently and were always grabbed by people nearer the serving hatch. [useless trivia] The chef and waiting staff are not Japanese. They are either Chinese or Taiwanese. This is reflected in the selection of dishes that you get, which often includes several Chinese, and even Korean, styles of food. Also they don't seem to be very good at Japanese kanji. Their business cards read "fujisan" and the receipts read "fujikaiwa". [/useless trivia]

Posted by: "Finbarr Saunders" at 3:59 pm on 26.Mar.2004

I think its 22 euros in the evening, although I was there on a Sunday so maybe its even more expensive at weekends. I recall that the drinks were pricey too. The food was good as is quite varied. The selection of Sushi is not huge though. Staff were very nice, my only complaints were that a lot (actually all) of the diners tend to leave the little windows open as they eat. This is fine expect that Germans seem to smoke a lot during their meals, which is not so nice. Smoked Sushi? No thanks!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 6:08 pm on 26.Mar.2004

Just another Sushi restaurant cater for non asians. Sigh

Posted by: Andy101 at 6:55 pm on 26.Mar.2004

The food is okay but what I don't like is that if you want to have the "all you can eat" deal you gotta sit inside. Went there last night (nice summer evening) and wanted to sit outside for eating - was told by the staff that all-you-can-eat is only available indoors because they can't be bothered going outside to wait on the all-you-can-eaters (as opposed to people eating a la carters). So I offered we'd bring in our empty plates ourselves and they still wouldn't budge. Bad customer service, petty, too - so we left without eating and won't be back, no matter how good the food might be.

Posted by: "mini" at 11:23 am on 16.Aug.2004

The deal is now 9.90 euros for lunch, which is a damn good deal for what you get. The sushi isn't world class, but it's not bad either. They serve other things as well, not just sushi. Overall, you can't go wrong for 9.90.

Posted by: Hutcho at 8:29 am on 4.Jul.2008

9,90 for sushi, something smells fishy... why do people go only for the prices and not the quality? Good deals might be good for the pocket but not for the tummy.

Posted by: "quality check" at 8:45 am on 4.Jul.2008

I went here a few times, but always felt a bit queasy afterwards. At the time they charged €19,99 for the all you can eat offer in the evenings. The last time I went there, I got an allergic reaction while eating their pickles. I walked out of there sporting huge flaming red blotches all over my decolletage. Never went back. It is run by Chinese, not by Japanese, hence the low prices.

Posted by: majorbummer at 9:43 am on 4.Jul.2008

Please don't dine at running sushi bars or "all you can eat" sushi place. They are no good. Evil. If you are in a mood for sushi, do the real sushi. I've found that Sushibar on Marschallstr a good place to be, although it may not compete for the best sushi in Europe.

Posted by: "Oh No" at 10:31 pm on 4.Jul.2008

Very bad experience in this restaurant: take an advice DONT GO THERE!!!

Posted by: tuga at 8:55 am on 19.Mar.2010

A little pricey at 19.90 (running sushi) for the quality you get. The sushi is average to below average: only a few types available and not particularly fresh. The variety available on the running sushi is definitely below average: a bit of shrimp, some noodles, some sushi, and some fruit. At least the service was decent, even though the previous reviews here suggest otherwise. But if you are desperate for running sushi in the neighborhood then I guess it's ok.

Posted by: "Dancarina" at 12:31 pm on 24.Mar.2010
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