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Friesische Teestube - Munich

Friesische Teestube - Pündter Platz 2, 80803 Munich, Germany

Just off Herzogstrasse halfway between Münchener Freiheit and Hohenzollen Platz. They serve over 100 different varieties of tea. All in little china cups and saucers and china teapots kept warm over nighlight candles.


Very cosy for a quiet Sunday afternoon cuppa. They have those soft sofas which once you sit down in you can't get up again.

Pündter Platz 2

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


It's like you're actually sitting in someone's living room. The tea is however not cheap, but it's a long tradtion in Munich and nice alternative to €10 cocktail somewhere else.

Posted by: "Ella" at 8:16 am on 25.Nov.2003

Super comfy and fantastic service with nice guests. We always come here when we're in Munich!

Posted by: "claudia" at 4:45 pm on 1.Jan.2004

Sunday afternoon. Slumped deep in the sofa. Sunday paper in one hand. A cup of Japanese Gunpowder Green in the other. Perfect. I spend every other Sunday afternoon here. If only there were more places like it in Munich.

Posted by: "Cuppa Chai" at 12:15 pm on 1.Mar.2005

A wonderful place to have breakfast...peaceful and relaxing. The portions are nice, it's not too smokey, and the service is friendly. They have quite a large and interesting collection of teas. Definitely a favorite.

Posted by: "Mia" at 10:59 pm on 7.Mar.2005
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