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Escobar - Munich

Escobar - Breisacherstr. 19, 81667 Munich, Germany

Tel.: 089 485137
District: Haidhausen
Open daily from 5pm till 1am
Public transport: all S-Bahns or U5 to Ostbahnhof
Website: Escobar München

Review by: "Anonymous" on 4.Jun.2006   (edit this review)


Great place. Excellent Monday Mexican buffet for 9.50 Euro good cocktails and happy hour including happy hour all day Sunday. A bunch of friends and I got pretty drunk here on Pfinstsontag.

Posted by: "FearLES" at 9:50 am on 6.Jun.2006

Food was great. Awesome cocktails! Service - warm. Good spread of vegetarian stuff as well. Price - just about right!

Posted by: "grip" at 11:10 am on 10.Oct.2006

Food is good, but it took them ages to bring it last time I was there. Very friendly though and quick on bringing beer :) Nice place!

Posted by: "Paul" at 10:26 am on 11.Oct.2006

Slow service, and fajitas seasoned with Curry. Yuck. Fajitas with an identity crisis!!

Posted by: "2bucksnchange" at 9:36 am on 10.May.2007

Slow service and sad cocktails there last night. And it wasn't even that busy.

Posted by: false at 12:13 pm on 10.May.2007

Perfect food and cocktails, warm service. Also non-alcoholic cocktails are awesome. I recommend Rollito Diablo and Cheesburger.

Posted by: "Tiger" at 8:10 pm on 12.Jul.2007

get the zombie pitcher on the happy hour, and then youll finally understand what they mean. service is slow and very loud but if you go to the back on the platform you can get a quick corner and small table to crowd around and talk. never ate there

Posted by: cws at 12:25 pm on 1.Aug.2007

Can be a bit slow, very friendly though. Food is OK, nothing amazing. I've found the cocktails to be pretty good though

Posted by: Mr.Mosh at 10:12 am on 19.Feb.2013

Had very very slow service but amazing cocktails. I laughingly told the waiter that next time I would have to order two drinks cause he was so slow and he laughed and actually brought my table a round of shots on the house. Food is Tex-Mex not Mexican. But everything tasted good. I recommend the appetizer platters. On a scale of 1-10 (ten being the highest) I would rate as following: Atmosphere: 7 Drinks: 8 Food: 7 Service: 7

Posted by: toonensc at 2:02 pm on 13.Mar.2013

Very very loud atmosphere. Food is ok if you don't have any preconceived ideas about what "texmex" should taste like. Drinks were strong, but inconsistent. Service was abominably slow, but the servers were friendly and the place was admittedly packed. I don't think I would go back. But it might be appealing for the loud party shenanigans. If you're into that you may really enjoy it!

Posted by: "meh" at 2:46 pm on 22.Mar.2013
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