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Drei Groschen Keller - Munich

Drei Groschen Keller - Lilienstrasse 2, 81669 Munich, Germany

Regarding the food, nothing particularly special. But you come here for the ambience and the traditional Bavarian style set-up. Coincidently, this place is on the same street as Wirthaus in der Au. It is also directly below one of the few English cinemas in Munich - Museum Lichtspiele. So convenient for a pre- or post-cinema dinner.

S-Bahn Isartor

Review by: "Anonymous" on 14.Feb.2003   (edit this review)


Wrong. Here is no "traditional Bavarian style set-up" to be found, but the whole restaurant (interior, menu, music) has been designed after Bert Brecht`s opera "Die 3 Groschen Oper". Defenitely a "secret spot" in Munich!

Posted by: "a" at 7:01 am on 30.Sep.2004

Just to add a tuppence-worth... The Dreigroschenkeller is named after the Threepenny Opera, written by Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill. Located just around the corner from the Museum Lichspiele cinema it's a great underground bar. The layout seems to be a bit all over the place with nooks & crannies everywhere and more car-boot-sale junk in every possible spot than you'd see in the tackiest of Irish pubs. The beer of choice here is Isar Plopp (a Weißbier). They brew it themselves and it's served in unlabelled Grolsch-type bottles. The 'Plopp' apparently is the sound that's made when the bottle is opened. It's quite amusing to watch women rapidly sucking at the top of their bottle because they've opened it too quickly and the froth is in free-flow. If you're in a group of 3 or more it'd be a very good idea to book as they are always full at the weekend and quite often during the week also. After 10pm, on Mondays to Wednesday, costumed actors roam through the bar performing songs from the show. That's quite enjoyable and certainly a different way to spend an evening. From Munich Nights: Drei Groschen Keller

Posted by: "MN" at 6:51 pm on 2.Oct.2004

Avoid the draft beer as it might be rank like the one I had. Only buy beer from bottle.

Posted by: "Roland" at 6:49 am on 28.Apr.2005

Great place to read a book uninterrupted. Nice surroundings. The service won't interrupt you. Sat there 45mn nursing a bier waiting for them to take our dinner order. It never came. They could save lots of money by not printing menus that they don't use. Total crap place servicewise. I would highly recommend it to people that I don't like. This place sux big time. I was on the verge to ask if they knew of a place to eat as we were leaving but I didn't and paid for the bier in as many pieces of change as possible. The big "0" on a scale of 1 to 10. take care, space

Posted by: "space" at 12:34 am on 12.Nov.2005

I have to say this truly is a find. Just around the corner from the Lichtspiele cinema (the side facing the Isar), the Drei Groschen Keller was an enjoyable meal for myself and my partner. The service wasn't the fastest, but it was still really friendly when it came. The food was basic in nature but really tasty and filling. If you fancy something a little different from the norm - and you aren't expecting Drive Thru speed service - the labyrinthine layout and quietly busy ambience offers a change that is at least worth one trip for the experience. Personally I wasn't there at a time when performances of Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera) was being held - so whether this changes the atmosphere, I can't say. I do plan on returning at this time to find out though! My hint ... take a lighter to light the candle on your table - until you do you won't be able to see the person opposite, never mind the menu! ;o)

Posted by: "Steve" at 7:59 am on 17.May.2006

A new management took over in February, keeping most of the good features of this bar/restaurant and eliminating the bad features such as the former management and the unacceptable standard of cooking and service. The entrance to the Dreigroschenkeller is a little hard to locate and to recognize as such, leading down to the rooms in the basement, but the three 10-Pfennig pieces on the lintel over the stairs are a dead give-away (10-Pfennig piece = Groschen). We were a group of 20 or so, some only had a drink/drinks, others chose from the limited yet select menu. One thing I miss from the olden days: They no longer offer a bowl of Pellkartoffeln, potatoes in skins that you then peel at the table. I shared a stack of Fleischpflanzerln (German hamburgers) served with gravy: Beef with Bergkäse (a special Alpine cheese), turkey with chopped red and green pepper, veal with herbs and bread cubes. All three kinds were faultless, they were well seasoned and hand-made, not packed solid, burnt on the outside and chewy inside. You get a choice of two side dishes: fried potatoes with bacon, rosemary potatoes, a baked potato, white cabbage salad with bacon (Krautsalat mit Speck), mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, buttered vegetables and salad. Don’t forget to order mustard, it’s not on the table. Others had Obatzda or fried vegetables with salad and feta cheese, and there was no problem in getting a bowl of Krautsalat or French fries even though they are not on the menu. All the helpings were large, the ingredients were fresh. The service was decent, sometimes not quite attentive but very friendly. Their specialty beer, Isar-Plopp, is rather sweet and heavy but I suffered no ill effects the next day after four of them and a generous complimentary birthday Schnaps. The Fleischpflanzerln are value for money, between €7.50 and €9.50 for three of them with your choice of two side dishes. All in all, I can definitely recommend this location for small and large parties and look forward to the next event there.

Posted by: sarabyrd at 12:28 pm on 15.Jul.2009

Some things never change, the Plopp beer is as always great and the service is as always garbage. Ordered a couple of beers and food, the beers came, the food did not. We waited....waited....and waited, finished our beers and ordered two more and we waited....waited....and waited for those too. Eventually we ordered beers from a different waiter and discovered that our food request had not even been ordered from the kitchen. We got our beers and then the other two beers that we'd previously ordered.

Posted by: Michael Jefferson at 12:27 am on 16.May.2010

And it closed a couple weeks later. Insolvent!

Posted by: Gen at 6:06 pm on 28.Oct.2010

And they've reopened. Must've been sometime before April 2011.

Posted by: Gen at 1:11 pm on 11.May.2011
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