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Der Pschorr - Munich

Der Pschorr - Viktualienmarkt 15, 80331 Munich, Germany

Der Pschorr is a Bavarian beer hall located within the Schrannenhalle, at the eastern end - closest the Viktualienmarkt.


Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Feb.2006   (edit this review)


The problem with this place is that they can't decide if they are traditional or trendy. On the one hand, they charge nearly €14 for a few strands of pasta and a couple of mushrooms. And they have funny rags instead of beer mats. On the other hand, they have a band playing 'Viva Colonia'. Nibbling at the small piece of shaved parmesan while listening to 'Ein Prosit' was a little too much of a cross-cultural shock for me. And, almost inevitably, the service was hopeless; the waitress wouldn't even let us order our food when we ordered our drinks, nor when she eventually delivered them. She came back 10 minutes later to eventually take our food order. If I'd known the portions were so laughably small I'd have just eaten the Brezen and gotten the hell out of there. Avoid.

Posted by: "Small Town Boy" at 9:32 pm on 27.Oct.2006

Bit harsh I feel. Not the cheapest place in town but the menu is at least a bit different from pig, pig and more pig. But with the numerous offerings of the Schrannenhalle just out the back, the food is not so important - the EDELHELL from Holzfass, however, is another thing all together. This has very quickly become my No.2 beer experience for visitors (behind the Schneider haus original weissbier from fass, of course). The Edelhell at Der Pschorr must be the freshest beer it is possible to drink and it tastes it as well. Crisp, clean with slight wood undertones - and it is an experience just sitting and watching them change the barrels (which happens frequently, and adds to the freshness). They have just put the price up from 2.90 to 3.20 (typical over-the-top price rise) but it is still a great (and one of the best in my opinion) Munich beer experience.

Posted by: "mightymelbourne" at 12:53 pm on 28.Oct.2006

I feel totaly different from the first guy. My AP german class and I went to eat at this resturant since the Braunaur was closed, and foundthis resturant to be nothing short of heaven. Food was amazing, and our waiter was great. He looked exactly like Samuel Adams, he even gave us menus' and he autographed them so we could all remember this resturant forever.

Posted by: "andy" at 5:12 pm on 29.Nov.2006

I liked the atmosphere, the size and style and location. Food and drink OK. Service was poor. And the waiter did not even look a bit like Samuel Adams, whoever he is/was? Someone from the history books by the sound of it. Who the waiter looked like ranks quite low on my rating system. Beer quality is much higher up.

Posted by: "ian" at 10:53 am on 1.Dec.2006

Tonight they were allowing smoking.

Posted by: Gen at 6:54 pm on 14.Oct.2008

The service in this place is the worst I have seen in Germany!! Whilst the location is good, the service leaves something to be desired!!

Posted by: kfeeney12 at 1:00 pm on 4.Aug.2009

Have to say I agree and everytime I have been the service time has been shit slow.

Posted by: the Boy From Bozlem at 6:25 pm on 4.Aug.2009

Was there with friends in May and all of us were served at different times which meant some of us were finished just as the last meal was served. We'd have been better eating separately. Good beer 'vom Fass' though.

Posted by: Shedboi at 7:30 pm on 4.Aug.2009

I only drank beer there on Toytown Tuesdays. Out of 5 or 6 last night, I waited 4 minutes for one of them. Actually, when I arrived and picked my seat, before I could even get my rucksack off and sit, The waiter had already asked me my drink and I had it within 1 minute. I could see when one was eating with a group that it could be tumultuous when it is busy. That is the norm it seems unfortunately in Munich. Take care, space

Posted by: space at 6:08 am on 5.Aug.2009

Been there 2 times recently, and both times pleasantly surprised. Quick service, good food and lots of it (albeit a little pricey - but expected this given the touristy location) Convenient "beer garden" experience when visitors are in town, and the daily summers storms are threatening.

Posted by: Dame Edna at 2:15 pm on 7.Aug.2009

I generally wind up here several times a week when in Munich, and I've never been disappointed with food, beer, or service. Last time, sat on the patio and had amazing asparagus and schnitzel with hollandaise sauce. And helles. Lots of helles.

Posted by: "Stymie" at 8:54 pm on 11.Aug.2009

I have never been disappointed with Der Pschorr, normally excellent service and food. Last time I went (a month or so ago) the Schweinsbraten was dry, slightly too thinly sliced and the gravy watery and tasted of Maggi or something, and was difficult to get a waiter's attention... awful! I complained to the manageress - she apologised profusely and asked if I wanted a Schnapps or something - I refused as I only wanted to inform them of what was wrong but was persuaded to have one anyway... Will give them another chance though...

Posted by: ThePieman at 5:42 pm on 17.Aug.2009

Amazing food, worth the price. Edelhell is easily the best lager beer in town. very high quality food.

Posted by: beagleboy at 1:37 pm on 16.Oct.2009

"Amazing food"....i think you need to get out more...and Augustiner vom Fass > anything on offer here. i was there last weekend with 2 friends, and after waiting 30 minutes for a table despite having made a reservation we had to wait 15 minutes to order a beer. then, after ordering (they were all out of my first choice Schweinshaxen [not sure how you can be a Bavarian restaurant and run out of this at 8:30 PM] had to wait 20 minutes for our second beer, despite asking our waiter repeatedly for a refill. when our food finally arrived, my meal, Schweinsbraten, was missing...the waiter explained he had mistakenly given it to the table next to ours. he said it would be out shortly. if by shortly, he meant over 20 minutes, then he was correct. i mean, how long does it take to cut a piece of pork, plop on a Semmelknuedel and fill a bowl of Sauersalat? my friends were already done with their meal by the time my plate finally showed up. sadly, it was barely lukewarm and the sauce was completely over-salted. the Knuedel was so-so and i only ate the meal because i was starving. not sure why anyone would go here when there are dozens of other, much better places to get your Bavarian on.

Posted by: zeeklafreek at 2:43 pm on 11.Nov.2009

Been in Munich one year now and had never experienced the bad service everyone complains about. Well that all changed last Saturday when a group of us visited the Pschorr. We were a group of 12 and were there to grab a beer or two before heading to a club. The rotund server with a handlebar mustache was already pestering us for our order before we had time to take our jackets off and get settled. I know this is a turn and burn type restaurant but this was a bit too much. He was visibly bothered by the fact he had to come back to take our order a second time because two of our guests had gone to the bathroom upon entering the restaurant. Why not wait 5 minutes for everyone to sit down before getting our order? One of our guests was visiting from albania and we were helping her with the menu. He stood over her shoulder rolling his eyes, tapping his foot and given every indication that we were wasting his time. When told we needed a few minutes he sighed heavily and stormed off while yelling insults in German. His bad behaviour continued throughout the 40 minutes we were there and we decided not to have a second round as we couldn't put up with his attitude. His behavior even left some of our party (the Germans in fact) so mad that it spoiled the rest of the night for them. Never again.

Posted by: Rnrchres at 4:10 pm on 11.Nov.2009

I'm in Pschorr about once a week and have yet to have a bad experience, so the previous posters seem to have been spectacularly unlucky. Service can be a bit up and down - it's a Bavarian beer hall, after all - but on the whole it's fine. The food is very good, sort of "up-market" versions of the usual German standards. The quality is better than most (according to the menu they source most of their meat from small Bavarian suppliers), and the house speciality is actually beef. Their cold dishes (ham, beef liver pate, obatzda etc.) are really good in summer, although in winter I'd rather go with something a bit heavier. The beef goulasch is well worth having, and the Schweinsbraten is definitely better than most. Prices are well above what you would pay elsewhere, though.

Posted by: Finnally at 5:12 pm on 21.Nov.2009

Is this the most expensive beer in Munich ? It was very nice but 4.10 Euros ?? Ouch.

Posted by: Weevil at 6:52 am on 7.Sep.2010

I was here yesterday and the atmosphere was excellent and full of people. It took only about 15 minutes before the food arrived and the beer was perfect. Yes, it costs € 4,10 (see previous post), but that is acceptable for the location. The most expensive beer you find at "Zum Dürnbräü" where the charge you € 4,80 for a Weissbier. Now, that's ridiculous.

Posted by: LukeSkywalker at 8:39 am on 15.Jul.2011
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