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Club 4004 - Munich

The 4004 Arena, which opened in December 2003, is one of Munich's "super clubs". With a floor space of 4000 square meters over two storeys (4004 sq meters to be exact, hence the name) this is one of the biggest nightclubs in Southern Germany. Some 5,000 guests can be accommodated per night. Entrance is granted to anyone who is well groomed and over 20 years of age. The target age group is somewhat older, 20's and pushing well into the 30's. Under 20's will have to make do with the neighbouring club "Nachtwerk".


The 4004 is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm as well as on the nights before public holidays.

There are five main areas:

Mainstream Hall - the biggest of the halls at over 1,000 square meters including a 300 square meter VIP-area. Music is current pop hits as well as "timeless classics" from all genres. Admission to the VIP area is by prior reservation only and you have to guarantee a certain taking at the bar (€50 per head).

House Club & Orient Lounge - 2 floors of 400 square meters each playing, duh, house music. There is a hole in the floor between the two levels which makes it good for gazing up (or down) and doing some people watching. The upstairs half, the Orient Lounge, has Hookah pipes for if you fancy a suck.

Party Club - 600 square meters and plays 70's and 80's music.

Cubanito Club - the smallest area at just 250 square meters. Music is Latin Beats, Salsa Rhythms, and Black Music

With an investment of nearly 4 million Euros this club must remain open for at least 10 years. The original plan was that 4004 would be a replacement for Kunstpark Ost. KPO should have closed last year. But now KPO has been reborn Kult Fabrik, *and* the Optimol Gelände has opened as well.

4004 Arena - Munich
Landsberger Strasse 169 (Munich center / Westend)
(10 minutes walk from central station or S-Bahn Donnersbergerbrücke)




Review by: "Anonymous" on 4.Dec.2003   (edit this review)


I liked the place! Me and sparty definitely had a good time there. Good music, relatively o.k. DJ's, a good "view", etc. Even the prices where o.k. Entrance €7.5 Beer €2.5 (for a 0.3L) BUT when we wanted to go home (at about 4am), the warderobe was a total mess!! The personal handing out the coats was gone and everybody was climbing over the counter and searching for their coats... UNBELEIVABLE!! We where lucky enough to find our coats, but it took us almost an hour! Next time, I won't be wearing an expensive coat, thats fur sure!

Posted by: "San" at 7:39 am on 7.Dec.2003

Yeah, fantastic place. Munich 4004 - they've done nearly everything right! Great layout, great lighting. If I was to design a club it would be very similar this. Dancefloors surrounded by raised level lounging areas so that between flinging yourself around like a loon you can do some decent people watching. I loved those all those cushions - and the hookah pipes. I've been complaining about KPO/Kultfabrik for years. This is very close to the alternative that I've been dreaming about. I say "nearly" everything right. The biggest let down for me was the music. At one stage I was in the main hall and they were playing Michael Jackson's Thriller. Not some modern jumped up trance-dance version mind you, but the orginal! So I think, fine. They are advertising as catering to all tastes. So I wander through to the next hall. "Relax" by Frankie goes to Holywood. Erm, okaaaay. Next hall, "Last Christmas" by Wham. Round in a circle and back to the main hall and we've since moved on to some German pop song that I've only ever heard at the Oktoberfest. And the place is jumpin' as all the Germans sing along. And so it goes on. The only hall which was playing consistently half decent music was the Cubatinos room. I was in there for about an hour and they had all the black stuff like Beyonce, 50 cent, Bad Boys inc, Blu Cantrell, etc. The other three halls were, in my opinion only, just bad. I guess people must love it though. And the managers must know what they're doing. I expected 4004 to be half empty. It wasn't. It was packed to capacity (5,000). Throughout the entire 4004 square meters you could hardly move. Pretty impressive. They obviously got the marketing spot on. We'll see if it continues. Door policy was relaxed. It seemed that just about anyone could get in. Beware of the directions on the Munich 4004 website though. It is more than 10 minutes walk from Donnersbergerbrücke. More like 20. You wouldn't wanna walk it in the rain or the snow. As for the wardrobe. Well, I did the usual English clubbing thing and went without a coat.

Posted by: "Bob" at 7:42 am on 7.Dec.2003

We took the tram 18 there, it was not even 5 minutes walk from the tramstop.

Posted by: "Sparty" at 7:45 am on 7.Dec.2003

It's always easy to complain about the music. Considering the fact that it's a German disco, the music was good. O.k., they did play the usual German-stupid tracks (Nena, Michael Jackson and yes, Bryan Adams as well), but with tracks like Miss Kittin (remix of Sweet Dreams) etc. they def. distinguished themselfves from the usual Munich-Club. Hey, I'd like a disco as well with MY music only (Aphex twin, 1.8.7, Death in Vegas, DJ Shadow, Trend Reznor, etc), but it's just not very realistic to expect that here.

Posted by: "San" at 7:47 am on 7.Dec.2003

well I have a suprise place to add to the list of crap door policies. 4004!!! We (fusili, tif, nicole & myself) went along at about 2am to 4004. The bouncer says sorry we don't need anymore people, and then lets in the next 10 people. We are standing around and Tif tells him in english what he thinks. This prompts the bouncer to tell us that he just doesn't like our faces and can we go away from the entrance. Another place I shan't be going to...

Posted by: "Big C" at 1:48 pm on 1.Feb.2004

Good Saturday night out. Nice place once you get past the warehouse style entrance hall. 50/50 m/f crowd I'd guess. Full, but still space to dance - the closeness is not a bad thing anyway... 33cl beer still 2.50 and entrance was 8.50. No problems at garderobe (1.50)- very quick in and out. Was freezing so I was glad of my coat :) Obviously no longer an exclusively over 20s club.. no ID check on the door.

Posted by: "GoNo" at 10:39 pm on 8.Feb.2004

I personally don't like this club. You get completely lost in there especially when ur a bigger group. The soundsystem is horrible. It is very anonymous, no atmosphere at all. You see ppl with mobiles trying to get in contact left right and centre. Too much hassle to stay together. The different rooms are supposed to play different kinds of music but it keeps changing in every room. You have to wait ages for getting your coat in and out the cloakroom. And agreed with above statement: The bouncers are idiots. The staff are pretty unfriendly as well. That's just my opinion though. I had a great time there nonetheless but that was because of the ppl not the location.

Posted by: bubblylady at 3:34 pm on 17.May.2004

It's always the people that make a location, isn't it? You could stick a bunch of people in a cold, wet, empty field, and they could still have the time of their lives. Look at Glastonbury. Agreed though. For a club, 4004 lacks intimacy. And nor does it have the "mega" aspect of the mega-clubs you get elsewhere in the world (Sanky Soaps - Manchester, Space - Ibiza, etc...)

Posted by: "Party Goer" at 4:55 pm on 17.May.2004

Great club! Was there a week ago (now back in the states). Went with a group of about 14 and had no problems with bouncers/getting in (didn't use cloak room and we all took taxis). Staff pretty nice. Loved the atmosphere/decor, and the music was alright, usually stayed in the mainstream and house dance floors. The only thing: people needed to dance more...When we first arrived alot of people just stood watching the dancefloor. Have more fun you guys! Highly recommended!

Posted by: "N.J" at 6:42 pm on 27.May.2004

is it open on monday's night ???? i will be in munich on the 19/07/04 - monday and i would like to visit your club - but i need to know if it's going to be opened. regarg - mike

Posted by: "mike" at 4:21 pm on 5.Jul.2004

'fraid you're outta luck there Mike. 4004 is closed on Mondays. In fact, as far as I know it's only open on Fridays and Saturdays. Plenty of other spots open on Mondays though. Check through the club guide on this site.

Posted by: "The Naked Clubber" at 7:25 pm on 5.Jul.2004

well it's a place for ppl who love to be in a trashy crowd. no style, no flow, no way, no go. sorry. neither creative, nor inventive, nor exclusive. you can go as well to babylon II or just listen to your favourite top20 hit radio station in town :)

Posted by: "TED" at 12:57 pm on 14.Jul.2004

Nice place, pretty good music, but..."target group above 20" in the description seems to be some kind of joke. Me and my friend have spoken with around 10 girls and half of them were teenagers. Hm, but nice teenagers :)

Posted by: "Maaestro" at 11:49 pm on 6.Aug.2004

This was my first night out in Munich and I have to say I was impressed. I like the different rooms you can go in, something for everyone. Definitely a large crowd, but yes as someone mentioned, very annoying when you see loads of peeps not doing anything on the dancefloor. But I see that in all clubs. Regardless, definitely Club 4004 a place to get wasted and have a blast!

Posted by: "BBB" at 10:28 pm on 28.Aug.2004

Loved this club. although it was rather big, music was great, and i had no problem with the staff. didnt use coat room so i cant comment on that. great atmospere, and lots of really nice people! also would highly recomend!

Posted by: "mike" at 3:52 am on 3.Sep.2004

BTW peeps. Recently a new tram stop (tram 18/19) has been built just outside 4004. I think it's called something like 'Lokschuppen'.

Posted by: "Sandy" at 6:54 am on 3.Sep.2004

I am an American living in Germany for the last few years and this was one of the nicest clubs I 've been to. I would recommend this club to anyone traveling to Munich. We got there by taxi, and all of the divers know where it is, so there is no confusion.

Posted by: "Ashley" at 9:12 am on 3.Feb.2005

Yes, finally a decent club in munich. Go here, you are guaranteed to have fun. Full of party people letting their hair down. Music is great, a couple of different areas so something for everyone. bar staff very nice.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 12:58 pm on 23.Feb.2005

Is there a dress code? Shoes? No denim?

Posted by: "Anon" at 10:55 am on 26.Apr.2005

Regarding dress code: I'd suggest a curly black hair wig, rug for a chest, big leather jacket and shades.

Posted by: "Hoff" at 3:52 pm on 26.Apr.2005

I have all those, but want to wear trainers too. Is this ok?

Posted by: "David H" at 10:16 am on 27.Apr.2005

When to 4004 for the first time it was great. loved the music, some hardcore clubbers were definetly present (this is a good thing). but 1 of the bar tenders was abit rude. there was no door policy no checks on dress code nor age (this is not always a good thing). but just for the music and peeps i#ll definetly be checking 4004 on a regular basis until i get bored or run out of money...he!he! DON'T ALWAYS BELIEVE THE HYP....CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF BE JUDGING.

Posted by: "Tenn" at 6:12 am on 1.Aug.2005

Be prepared for racial discrimination or be prepared to face those stupid bouncers when you get there. A couple of my friends were not allowed to go inside at 11pm and the reason is still not clear to us! Everybody else could just pass through. The bouncers gave some kind of a stupid reason which meant basically that they did not like the faces. It is ridiculous that such things exist today too. Guys, please find a better place to go than this!

Posted by: "Gaurav" at 11:35 pm on 6.May.2006

This is true!!! Just come back from Munich with friends and I can say that they made it pretty obivious that colour is the factor. All the locals with tanned or dark coloured skin face the same problem. You will have this problem at majority of the clubs in Munich Shame for what looked a decent city

Posted by: "Ash" at 7:05 pm on 11.Jun.2007

This club is pile of crap on the floor, they didnt let me in because they said they didnt like the look of me which is complete and utter sh*t, I forgot to mention I'm of an Indian background. Were living in the 21st Century and this crap is still happening. Well at least I was with about 15 other ppl, so they lost about 200 quid worth of custom

Posted by: germanguy0708 at 8:44 am on 10.Mar.2008

i forgot to mention, i am gay and indian so i definately didnt have a chance!

Posted by: "germanguy0708" at 11:43 am on 11.Mar.2008
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