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Chopan - Munich

Chopan - Elvirastr. 18, 80636 Munich, Germany (minimum of 40€ to use an EC card, no credit cards)

Tel. 089 18956459

Branches II and III: both are on Rosenheimerstr., across from the Müller'sches Volksbad, one is small, the other is tiny. Tiny one's called Chopan To Go.

Not actually Indian but Afghan! Open daily: 18-24 hrs

Review by: "Anonymous" on 7.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


maybe the best restaurant in town. try the pumpkin, you won't believe it...perfect... very nice guys work there... chopan when you read this...please open a restaurant in barcelona

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 4:35 am on 16.May.2006

This restaurant was just the best. Food, atmosphere, service perfect. I tried the pumpkin, it was the best thing i ever had in my life. We, a group of 8 people were just hooked.

Posted by: "Stefano Ruiz" at 11:35 am on 1.May.2007

This is definately our favourite restaurant in Munich. Fantastic food, like nothing I have tried before flavoured with amazing spices. The guy who owns it is super friendly and makes you feel very welcome, also nice cosy interior and good atmosphere.

Posted by: "pablo" at 1:11 pm on 21.Sep.2007

A new branch opened in late 2007 on Rosenheimerstr, just across from the Volksbad. Small, cute, pumpkin still just as tasty.

Posted by: "MD" at 12:31 pm on 21.Jan.2008

As I posted on another place in this site - We love Chopan! Excellent food, personal and perfect service, special atmosphere. We've been to the Elvirastrasse location. We can't wait to go there again...maybe tonight! Definately a special place.

Posted by: Schwabingirl at 3:14 pm on 16.Mar.2008

Went here two days ago (the branch on Rosenheimerstr.), and as people have said here, the food was great. Very interesting with the pumpkin and honey being the highlight. A word of warning though, No Alcohol served! Just in case you like a wine or beer with your food, rather than a coke or water. Other than that, nice place.

Posted by: JohnPaul at 9:07 pm on 20.Mar.2008

Went on Friday night with 3 friends visiting from me from the UK. Absolute perfect. The atmosphere, service and food. The pumpkin starter is a must. I will be visiting again for sure. English menus available on request, like i needed one :-)

Posted by: "RubberDotcom" at 9:44 am on 6.Apr.2008

My boyfriend and I went to the location on Elvirastr. last night and were absolutely amazed! The atmosphere, the service and the food were fabulous. I would definitely recommend the pumpkin starter (although it is not on the menu) and the spinach. Also, they do serve alcohol and have a great selection of wines. Will definitely be returning again!

Posted by: laurenrenee at 12:19 pm on 14.Apr.2008

My personal experience at the restaurant was wonderfulllllllllll! Or rather let me phrase that in German, Wunderbarrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Qais is a wonderful person and dedicated to hosting his customers with superb service, food, and a commitment to making the atmosphere as warm and welcoming as possible. What goes best with good service? Good food of course. And to say that the food is good, excellent, etc, would not be enough. The food at Chopan is spectacular. Each dish is better than the one before. It is hard to come out of Chopan with a "favorite" dish because they are all each special in their own way. You will want to go again and again and again. Don't miss out on this wonderful experience!

Posted by: "Nadia" at 1:59 pm on 22.Dec.2009

Went there last night. The atmosphere, food and service was great. The menus are only in German. However, the owner - who worked as the receptionist and waiter, was more than happy to translate to english. He also made suggestions based on your taste preferences. I will follow the same recommendations as above in regards to the pumpkin (Kürbis) starter, it was delicious. Seating is limited so I would call ahead for a reservation. They are open only for dinner 1800-2400.

Posted by: TexMunich at 1:22 pm on 29.Dec.2009

Will go to the Roseheimerstr. branch again tonight. It's the perfect place where to have dinner before going to watch a film at the Museum Lichtspiele. Very nice food and very friendly staff.

Posted by: Cisca at 10:05 am on 9.Apr.2010

I just got takeout from Chopan at Rosenheimerstr. I ordered two dishes that come with sides, which were not forthcoming - and the guy then said I'd ordered two completely different things, neither of which come with sides. The "chicken" appears to actually be pigeon, and the full sized meal that cost €12 includes two drumsticks, no side veg, and a handful of lentils. It also has a layer of grease floating on it. The aubergine dish tastes great, but there's not even half an aubergine in it and no other veg. When I pointed out that this wasn't what I ordered and where were my sides, the guy got really shirty with me and told me I'd not ordered anything that came with sides. He then suggested I go to McDonalds next time, and if it was a choice between the two I think I would.

Posted by: llees at 6:58 pm on 21.Apr.2010

well, we went to the ElviraStr. location last night and can honestly say, that was one of the best meals i've had in Munich. maybe you ate at the "evil twin" restaurant or they just don't like you? /shrug the pumpkin starter was amazing, followed by the best lamb i've had in Munich (almost matching the quality and taste of my favorite Afghan restaurant in Riyadh)... was accompanied by delicious basmati rice with raisins/pistachios and the smoked aubergine side. plenty of food (my GF couldn't even finish her main. service was attentive and friendly. will be going back and taking friends.

Posted by: zeeklafreek at 8:30 am on 12.Aug.2010

I ate there (Rosenheimerstr location) in August and it was the most flavorful meal I have ever eaten anywhere in the world. It is the first Afghan restaurant that I have tried and it was absolutely amazing! My dining companions also thought their meals were excellent (we shared samples) but my selection was out of this world. The lamb dish I chose was reasonably spicy and bursting with flavors. A nice touch for English speaking visitors is that they give you an English menu. The seating capacity is very limited so reservations will be essential on a weekend. They did serve wine when we were there.

Posted by: "Canadian" at 3:59 pm on 5.Sep.2010

With a bunch of friends, Sat Night, we feasted! All of us big curry officiandos, were intrigued by the menu and were very impressed with the flavours, spices and service. Having 'gone Persian' before, expectations were of simple, but well cooked food. The reality is it is our new 'Indian'! The waiter suggested for our group a selection they would create for 25 euro each. Starters and Main. Superb value, washed down with Andechser (a special treat!). If you like Indian, you'll LOVE Chopan and DO NOT IGNORE the rice dishes... Unlike an Indian, these hold a wonderful surprise... Go and find out 8-) Guide Price: 30/head inc. a drink Summary: Fabulous food, spicy, flavoursome and good service.

Posted by: mj davey at 7:07 am on 11.Oct.2010

Phoned them last night to book a table for 9 people and they told me on the phone that with groups of 6 or more they don't offer the a-la-carte menu. They do a set 2 course menu with a variety of dishes (€25 per person) for everyone to share, so didn't bother booking. We have one vegetarian and one or two "fussy eaters"so i decided it would just be easier to go somewhere where everyone could choose what wanted. Strange policy for them to have, but at least they told us on the phone, rather than when we arrived, so thought I'd post it here so anyone else thinking of going with a "big" group will be forewarned.

Posted by: MunichMag at 12:34 pm on 19.Nov.2010

Six of us went there for dinner last night and we all loved it--the food, service and atmosphere were outstanding. To address a couple of the comments above: although there were 6 of us we ordered a-la-carte (no requirements for a set menu as previous reviewer said) and they definitely serve alcohol. Maybe in the past they just did not yet have a license? Anyway, pumpkin superb as everyone wrote, as was the aubergine. Also tried and were excellent: the mixed starter, the meat (lamb and chicken both very tender and flavorful), the brown rice (seasoned with cinnamon and clove?), the Dooch yogurt drink (like a lassi) and the fresh mint tea. The staff were very friendly and seemed genuinely so. We will definitely go back.

Posted by: "eldeecee" at 5:03 pm on 6.Nov.2011

I went to the Rosenheimerstr branch and enjoyed the food and would recommend it The language skills of the waitress was not great and ended up giving us white wine when we ordered Weissbeer and Chicken instead of Lamb even though we gave her the number of the lamb dish, but still tasted great!

Posted by: ginga at 4:35 pm on 8.Feb.2012

Terrible service, but great food -- except for the moldy bread.

The service at "Chopan To Go" was terrible. It's an old guy who's clearly past his prime -- slowly brought the wrong orders to two tables while I was there, and the place is small enough that I could hear all the conversations about it. Very slow to take orders, and he knocked a nearly-full water bottle over onto the floor. No offer to replace it, not really an apology either, and he didn't even mop it up! I went up to the counter to pay because he'd been taking too long to look around all evening -- and my bill was ten euros too much. I think that was just a math mistake, but still, do your own counting.

The food was wonderful and I did get what I ordered: the pumpkin appetizer, then a lamb pilaf with smoked eggplant side dish. One bad thing: the bread tasted like it had mold on it, but it was too dark to see it properly. I had the feeling complaining wouldn't help, but I didn't try.

In this tiny one (further east than the regular Chopan two doors down) there is only one red wine, one white wine, and Augustiner Helles (not Edelstoff) in the bottle. None of these are on the menu, you have to ask for them, and there is no wine list. The food must come from the kitchen two doors down, so I'd go to that one instead and see if they have a better alcohol selection. And maybe better service. I think the lighting is just as dark though...

Posted by: Gen at 8:05 am on 28.Mar.2012

Chopan, Simply the best Middle eastern/Indian subcontinent restaurant ! In particular the Lamb dishes are excellent, juicy and tender. The rice sides are a delicious treat. My wife likes the grilled chicken though, full of wonderful flavours. Definitely recommended. Friendly staff, but when it is crowded expect delays as there is only one waitress at Rosendheimer strasse. I have taken a bunch of different people over there, Germans, Canadians,American, Indians they all loved it. Very consistent taste.

Posted by: umasgrad at 10:41 am on 28.May.2012

I went to Chopan with a large group of friends (16 of us), and we got the best value for money experiance ever! The place (On Rosenheimer str. 6) was not very big, but we got well treated, and didn't feel as if we were "squeezed in". They gave us a very good deal - We paid 18.50 Euro each, and got a selection of starters and main dishes for the whole table to share. There was more than enough food on the table and a very large veriaty to choose from. They even prepared a special vegeterian dish for one of the girls. The service was exquisite, the price reasonable and the atmosphere just perfect. I highly reccommand this place! (For a large group of people it might be better to call ahead a few days early and not on the same day)

Posted by: Reggie86 at 12:17 pm on 6.Jun.2012
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