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Chinese Tower - Munich

The Chinese Tower is a pagoda that was built when the English Gardens were created in 1789. Around the tower is now one of Munich's most popular beer gardens. Often a brass band will play live from the first floor of the tower. See an image of the Chinese Tower from space.

The Kocherlball takes place here every July.

Chinese Tower - Munich

Chinese Tower Beer Garden
Englischer Garten 3, Schwabing
U-Bahn U3/6 Giselastrasse
Tel: 089 395028


Review by: "Anonymous" on 9.Feb.2005   (edit this review)


The Hofbräu hell beer served there is poured from a wooden barrel. Except the barrel never empties. It is just a pipe fed through.

Posted by: "Roland" at 1:24 pm on 24.Oct.2005

Oh no! Now the secret is out.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:19 pm on 24.Oct.2005

Bad food and bad beer.

Posted by: johnathan_muc at 3:56 pm on 22.Apr.2008

They tore down the playground last year to make room for the public viewing of the World Cup and have not replaced it with anything equivalent for the kids. Just two swings and a small wooden house for toddlers. What a shame, because it used to be very popular with families. We don't go there anymore.

Posted by: ravnur at 2:27 pm on 7.May.2011

The playground's old equipment was removed because the TÃœV said it was unsafe.

Posted by: Gen at 1:30 pm on 11.May.2011
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