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Champor - Munich

Champor - Warthestr. 5, 81927 Munich, Germany

Champor is reputed to be one of the best Asian dining experiences in Munich (as quoted from the TZ, SZ, and Welt Am Sonntag newspapers). It is certainly the first and only Malaysian restaurant in Munich. The food is excellent, very authentic and showcases some of the best mouth watering Malaysian combinations. Spice usage is abundant but not over powering and definitely not Germanized. Therefore, read the small print of scharf or sehr scharf well. Lots of fresh ingredients are used, and the curry powders are specially flown in from Penang. Yes, the owner is allergic to MSG. No MSG is used in the cooking.

Champor, Munich

Tastefully decorated, it is very cosy and excudes a warm home-like ambiance. In the evenings, the place is lit with candles in every nook and corner. Service is very good and friendly.

For Asian food lovers, it is good to know that the Malaysian kitchen is known to have one of the best cuisine in South East Asia. This being so as it has been inspired by different Asian cultures and kitchens like the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Nyonya, Indonesian, Portuguese and Thai.

Champor is a non-smoking restaurant.

Warthestr. 5 / corner Denningerstr.
München Bogenhausen / Denning
U4 Richard-Strauss-Strasse, or S8 Daglfing
...then bus 188 for 4 or 5 stops to Warthestrasse
(bus stops right outside the restaurant)
MVV Journey Planner

Open: Mon-Fri 11.30-14.30, 18-23.30 hrs
... Sat 18 - 23.30 hrs
... Sunday - closed

Website and menu: Champor Restaurant

For reservations call: 089 9931 7764. Remember to mention "Toytown Munich" for extra good service.

Also note: the Champor restaurant frequently offer special events. Find the latest by searching TT for "champor".

This is a paid placement posting.

Review by: "Anonymous" on 6.Jan.2005   (edit this review)


Great food and service (it does exist in Munich!). We ordered Mee Go Reng and two curries between the two of us and shared so we could experience multiple offerings. Food is a bit pricey (16 Euros for the Mee Go which I thought was a bit high for noodles), but you pay for authenticity and quality. With drinks, bill came out to over 60 Euros. One critique is that there tends to be a bit too much oil used for cooking. Other than that, was pleased with the meal. Will go back again. Highlight was the Lamb curry.

Posted by: tp1_kenobi at 11:56 am on 26.Mar.2012

Your taste is as good as your English.

Posted by: "True Malaysian" at 3:15 pm on 21.Feb.2012

My first impression of this restaurant, it is not really a true Malaysian flavour, I borned in Malaysia and grew up in Malaysia, I really know what is Malaysian flavours and the ingredients. I ever asked the worker perhaps he is a owner,he is from thailand. From their German speaking,it was Thai German. The food and the decor also Thai, not Malay, Buddah & elephant craving told us they are Thai. What are symbolise Malaysia, Kris, Songket even Kelantan Batik..those are Malaysia.. What are Malaysia speciality, Curry..Malaysian curry..Nonya Curry, Curry Kapitan, Nonya food Babi Ponteh, Fried Sengkuang, Ngoh Hiong.. those are real authentic cusine. I tried their Satay as a appetizer, such kind of dish can say real Malayisan cusine..what a joke, thse Satay sauce was aweful. I hope they will improve, because they can't cheat to Malaysian who has been growing up and taste thousands of time our own food.

Posted by: FelixLim at 10:07 am on 17.Feb.2012

Was there again last night, must have been my 6th or 7th time and every time the service has been great and the food even better I had the mango salad with prawns as starter which was just excellent, followed by the KangKung beef dish from their week menu which was just too good, so I would really recommend this place

Posted by: ginga at 10:07 am on 18.Dec.2011

I went back for dinner with Sue last night having been with a bigger group a couple of weeks ago. Both times the service and food were both extremely good even though both times the place was packed (even on a Monday night). Takes some getting to given its location but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys really good spicy food (and I mean Asian spicy not German) served by a very good wait staff.

Posted by: Ozged at 1:43 pm on 6.Nov.2011

Was there tonight and can highly recommend this place Not easiest location to get too but the food was incredible tasty and the service was great After I finished the starter, main course and desert I kept seeing dishes coming past that I wanted to try, looked great and tasted great too

Posted by: ginga at 11:51 pm on 10.Jun.2011

First visit to Champor last night. Food was fantastic! Ordered 4 different starters and mains and everything tasted wonderful. Service was very attentive and our glasses never empty. Will definitely return.

Posted by: Melrose at 8:26 am on 28.Dec.2010

Celebrated our wedding anniversary at Champor last night. It was a very enjoyable evening and I highly recommend it. For what its worth, I am Asian, and very picky about the authenticity of Asian cuisines. Hubby and I went all out....we each had an aperitif, starters (Scallops in Red Curry sauce, and octopus with lime juice, fresh herbs and shallots), 2 entrees (Chicken Ayam, and Mee noodles), shared a desert (coconut balls), 2 espressos, and a bottle of wine. The staff made sure to advise the wine was 32 Euro, as it was not on the menu and she wanted to make sure the price was ok. The meal totaled 117 which I find very reasonable. Everything was fresh, and cooked with love. Service was not just friendly but very warm, attentive and sincere. I have not been impressed with the customary level of service in Munich, so this was refreshing and appreciated. We will be going back. Definitely.

Posted by: li11er at 12:39 pm on 22.Aug.2010

Very tasty and friendly.The food is very good, we liked the fact that it was spicy as stated on the menu.

Posted by: "ninag" at 2:10 am on 17.Apr.2010

I can thoroughly recommend this restaurant, although dinner with starters, main courses, desserts and drinks can put you back as much as €45/head! I have found that the most reliable way of getting there is by U4 to Richard-Strauss-Str. and then walking along Denningerstraße for about 15 minutes. There are busses, but they vary according to day and time. The service in Champoor has always been reliably friendly. The spicy dishes (those labelled "scharf") really are spicy, so expect to drink more. The decor is refreshingly different. I would recommend reserving a table, as Champoor seems to always be pretty full.

Posted by: "APJ" at 8:31 pm on 5.Apr.2010

sounds like so tempting. Anybody can indicate around how much is it per person?

Posted by: Miss Shanghai at 10:30 am on 25.Mar.2010

We had a great meal at Champor. The Tamarind Duck and the Butter Prawns were excellent.Good selection of Malaysian food, Friendly service plus nice ambiance.

Posted by: "asianite" at 8:45 am on 25.Mar.2010

Champor's food must be really damm good that the writer Forstayen is willing to go there time and time again..... we have decided to try this place for the great food!

Posted by: "future guest" at 2:31 am on 17.Feb.2010

I read the comments with a smile:) You must be the competition:)) Anyone that knows and HAS been to Champor know us, the prices (20 a pop) - we do not serve liquid gold:))) and the the restaurant interiors / the whole restaurant has a glass front - no dark corners. And we are always full .... and I want to make bis - no empty glasses for long.....

Posted by: "champor" at 5:49 pm on 16.Feb.2010

If you're looking to be treated badly and eat good food, Champor is the place for you! The food is good, but everytime I think about going there, I have a to ask myself, "Do I really want to be treated badly tonight"? When my answer is no, I forego a trip to Champor. The absolute only think that makes me drag my feet over there is that their food is good. But after a long week, and an average plate that costs 20 euros a pop, do I really need the awful service that accompanies it - I think not. I'll explain, the first, second, and hence, yet a 3rd time I went to Champor with my guest, we were the only people there. Liking to eat early, we were the first people to grace their door. Without fail, and even though we had a reservation, they always seated us in the absolute worst-darkest table in the entire room. We always asked to be seated elsewhere and were greeted with a prompt and uttlerly excuseless NO! This courteous welcome was always followed with them taking the order, delivering the food (completely at their own leisure) and with never a follow up to ask, "how is everything", would you like another class of X to replace that empty glass I see staring at you! Never!!! Never has there ever been any follow up courteous service. After the food always came the check. At champor you feel more like an intrusion than a guest. We have seen other guests arrive after us (they seemed to have an in with the owner - the owner's guest or the like) and their orders would completely consume the kitchen to the point where, even though they arrived WAY AFTER WE DID, their food came out of the kitchen at an ungodly fast pace! Now that's the way to gain customer loyalty - way to go Champor! Overall, again, while the food is good, balance how you would like to feel after a long week - if you don't care about service and getting treated less than special - it's a good eat. But if you're looking to part with twenty euros per plate and get treated like cr*ap, this is the place to go.

Posted by: forstayen at 12:18 pm on 16.Feb.2010

Champor has great service and for us, one of the best Asian restaurants in Munich (my wife being Asian herself),and being regulars (since the last 3 years)we have to state that not only is the service way above average, the food is too. The Tamarind duck is our favourite which is their signature dish. Spicy, stir fried with dried red chillies, (the waiter always warns us before we start) the meat is extremely tender and the Butter Prawns are fantastic. The other favourite of ours is the chicken dish with a special curry from Malaysia. Agree the coffee is not the best, but the owner herself says that she is not a coffee expert:) ( they do not serve milk coffee etc). All in all it is a lovely place to dine and relax.

Posted by: "Ed" at 1:57 pm on 16.Dec.2009

We have went to Champor recently - most of all based on the raves on this forum. It is located outside, but we went by car so no issue for us, there are free parking places just in front of the restaurant. The place is in a kind of small shopping complex so does not look great outside, but it was nicely busy inside and the atmosphere was very cozy. The staff is very friendly (for Munich standards even difficult to match)and waiters make you feel like a very appreciated guest. As for the food I have mixed feelings - the shrimps were great, full of flavor and spicy, the duck was really average - I have had better even in standard Munich Asian restaurants. My friend had a chicken which was not very good either, a bit like piece of rubber. The desert was very nice but then the coffee was crap. The prices were reasonable - we payed 85eur for 2 people for 3 course menu and drinks. All in all we have spent a very nice evening - but mostly because of wonderful service, the food was not above average Asian restaurant level in Munich which was a bit of a disappointment after we read the opinions here(and we are not terribly picky on food). We will give the place a second chance for sure though :)

Posted by: carandiru at 10:33 am on 16.Dec.2009

We were recently there at Champor before they closed for the summer holidays.Thank god for us! Having spent two months in Munich, we were craving authentic spicy asian food and we stumbled upon Champor which took our taste buds right back to Malaysia, our home. Fantastic and authentic food.... the beef rendang is a must try with the roti canai.

Posted by: "raj kumar" at 5:11 pm on 13.Jun.2009

Haven't been there yet, but just a small correction on how to get there by public transport: As it was said you can go there by bus 188 from Richard Strauss Strasse, respectively from Herkomerplatz (which is an exchange point for many lines). Equally well, you can go by bus 185 from either Arabellapark oder Josefsburg (both underground stations).

Posted by: "Ronald Fischer" at 1:41 pm on 15.Jan.2009

This place just gets better and better. Four of us went there on Sat night and were pleased to see how busy i.e. popular it was. The food was fresh and delicious, with just the right level of spices. The service was prompt and friendly, despite the number of other guests being served. Can't recommend it enough!

Posted by: "Kirsty" at 12:31 pm on 8.Dec.2008

I am thrilled to have found this place. After years of dining at 'formula' asian restaurants, here is one where the food is truly outstanding! The service was personal and warm. A thoroughly positive experience. Go there.

Posted by: "Sanjay" at 1:53 pm on 25.Oct.2008

Special events here do get booked out quickly. Don't leave your reservation for too late. www.toytowngermany.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52790

Posted by: Gen at 10:49 am on 25.Sep.2008

went tonight with some friends, and the service was outstanding, and the food! Wow! I love every bit of my chicken with peanut and lemongrass.

Posted by: Carm at 9:26 pm on 27.Aug.2008

I really enjoyed my bithday dining experience at Champor. Food and service were simply excellent! Can really recommend it!

Posted by: "mchungry" at 6:01 pm on 20.Jul.2008

Went to Champor on one of my last romantic dinners for a while yet since my daughter came earlier than expected. As usual, the food was amazing! I had the beef rendang and it was to die for. For someone who misses Singaporean and Malaysian food, Champor can't be beat in terms of quality. Plus I always get my sambal on the side for the extra oomph!!! i love the fact that I may be so far from home but I can still get my favourite food made just the way it should be.

Posted by: OnPAR at 11:30 am on 20.Jun.2008

Oh yum. Dreaming of real roti chanai and curry, crabs and prawns. The best part of our three years in KL was the food (that was about a hundred years ago children). Can't wait to go. Just have to dig my husband out of his chair watching the football. This is the best news I've had for ages!

Posted by: "spatown" at 6:12 pm on 10.Jun.2008

Malaysia Boleh!! Tke it from a Malaysian. The food in Champor is like being at home in KL. Keep up the good makan!

Posted by: "Malaysia Boleh" at 10:41 am on 10.Jun.2008

I went to Camphor a couple of times with some Malaysian and Indonesian friends all due to the raves in this website. The food is alright. Yes, you can find a few authentic dishes, which are closer to Malaysian Indian food. Unfortunately we find most of the food are not authentic. And I agree with "Astronomer", the level of raves here is well, over-rating. With limited good Asian restaurants in Munich, one has to settle with whichever closest to almost authentic. But then again, this is our opinion. To others, this might just be a matter of definition. Happy dining.

Posted by: "Not so camphor" at 1:31 pm on 9.Jun.2008

Thank you for the compliments for the good food and service. Not all good things are at the door-step -that is what most of my Malaysian guests that are based in Augsburg say. Malaysians go any distance for good food:) It is really a matter of definition what means "awkward" in getting to Champor. Some people are used to the inner city circle, and taking a walk to the next eatery. And anything more than that is "difficult" for them. Reaching Champor by car from the inner city is 15 minutes max, ( excellent parking place) transport u bahn - U4 to the Richard Strauss and then a bus that drives directly to the restaurant promenade. And of course we have the taxi - right to the doorstep. And with regards to the advertising bit, well it is guests like you that write reviews and we do not think that your good review (apart from the public transport bit) had anything to do with the advert. You came, you ate and you wrote. Last but not least we thank you for being our guest - even if only once.

Posted by: "Champor" at 12:55 pm on 2.Jun.2008

I agree with Astronomer, the service at Champor is good and the food is ok but I would be unlikely to go again.

Posted by: "Melissa" at 11:30 am on 2.Jun.2008

I went there with a friend and agree that the food was very good, although honestly I thought it on par with some other Asian restaurants I've been to in Munich. The main objection was that it is very awkward to get to using public transportation, which is probably why I'm unlikely to visit again. I also kind of felt like the level of raves on this website are due in part at least to the fact that they run advertising on the site, which was irritating even though the food, service and restaurant were all very nice. Bottom line: if this were in my neighbourhood or I had a car, I would count myself lucky and go again. Not living particularly close, I probably won't bother.

Posted by: Astronomer at 9:02 pm on 1.Jun.2008

Visited the restaurant last night and had a lovely meal. Soft shell crab for starters which was superb. Shared a chicken curry and black pepper tiger prawns for the main meal. We were recommended to order a special bread/naan to go with the curry. We agreed but I thought the waitress was simply trying to sell us something we didn't need. However when we started to eat the curry we found that the bread did go extremely well (far better than rice). We had to order some more bread to finish the curry off... Overall it was great and I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Posted by: "Dom" at 8:51 am on 25.Apr.2008

We had a fantastic meal at Champor. Soft shell crab and satay appetizers were delicious. We each had a prawn main course. The black pepper prawns weren't hot but full of flavor. The spicier dish was truly sehr scharf(believe the menu!) as hoped for! There is a great atmosphere here. Kiren is so friendly, she really made us feel welcome. A great experience!

Posted by: "Carol & Kevin" at 10:03 am on 15.Apr.2008

I had such a wonderful evening at Champor and the food was simply excellent. Especially the black tiger prawns were very tasty. I like the spices and the warm hospitality. I´ll be definately back.

Posted by: "Sabine Brunner" at 10:33 am on 14.Apr.2008

Were there last night with friends. Amongst four people we had 3 appetizers. Soft shell crabs were amazing. Ordered four dishes and wiped them clean. Fish, Shrimps, Chicken and Lamb - all cooked to just perfection that gives you the flavor of the meat and leaves a mesmerizing taste of spices on the tongue. Couldn't stop but, was no space to fill anymore :) Been to Malaysia and relished food there, must state that the food at Champor is definitely able to remind me of the food I had in KL, etc. Located in quiet, isolated location but, service and food are worth the visit. Very friendly and patient service. Soft spoken members, in spite of sitting after closing hours, offering a drink/coffee for-the-road :)

Posted by: "king" at 8:49 am on 1.Mar.2008

I went there on their 3rd birthday, they had a set 6 course menu for 45€. So me and both my friends decided to go for the special menu. I have to say out of visiting nearly 50 places over last four months in München This has to be one of the best. The food was all fresh and cooked wile we waited. So if you want a quick meal not the best loaction but if you want ur mouth to water after eating then this is the place for you.

Posted by: "Faz" at 3:07 pm on 13.Jan.2008

Here`s another great review for Champor! It was my birthday and (due to new baby) we decided to have dinner at home rather venture out. My husband talked to Kiren and between them they organised a take home feast! The food was fabulous, obviously beautifully prepared from scratch, and really took me back to my time living in Singapore. Can`t recommend Champor highly enough!

Posted by: "yumyum" at 11:39 am on 13.Jan.2008

I had my best meal at Champor since I arrived in Munich 8 months ago. The staffs and the boss are very friendly and speak very good English. The food is excellent, the price is reasonable and the ambience is fantastic! Nothing else I could ask for. I will certainly go back to Champor ago. BRAVO! ho jiak!(good to eat in Hokkien)

Posted by: jadedblue at 10:09 pm on 12.Jan.2008

Was in Malaysia a couple of years - and the food in Champor is really authentic. Spiced to the best. The lamb curry and the chicken pap..(no 66) was the best I ever had in a long time. Worth a visit for Asian food fans.

Posted by: "martin" at 12:21 pm on 4.Nov.2007

Yes, phillyboy, we remember you and your guests:) We thank you for the compliment of service. That is including the warning that the staff gave you.When we mean the dishes you have ordered are hot and spicy - it means hot and spicy (as also written on the menu) - and we did come by twice to ensure if it was ok with all of you. Our card is not Europeanized. It is authentic as it gets.

Posted by: Champor at 10:07 pm on 1.Nov.2007

Went there on Monday night with clients from the UK. The service was good, perhaps overly done as it became a bit annoying to tell the procession of staff that we had already placed various orders. The food was good, the milder dishes providing the better flavour though. The two hotter ones we ordered (one beef, one chicken) were lacking on the flavour side with the extremely hot one of the two leaving only pain in my mouth and not much taste!! I'd say the "two thumbs up" and the "best in Munich" are a little exaggerated (perhaps something to do with them advertising on this site?), but worth a try if you fancy something different.

Posted by: "phillyboy" at 12:04 pm on 31.Oct.2007

Best restaurant in Munich. Service and food very authentic Malay, and hot as you can handle!

Posted by: lazyitis at 9:43 pm on 19.Oct.2007

This has to be now my fave restaurant in Munich...I can´t believe to have finally located a restaurant that serves such authentic "Malaysian" food and spicy as well.hhmmmm yum!! The service was fabulous..very warm and friendly!! Highly recommend it to anyone who is dying to dive into some delicious authentic cuisine!

Posted by: EAnnR at 3:22 pm on 27.Sep.2007

Mmmmmmm...... simply SUMPTUOUS. Just initiated a diner's club with a group of my (German/Bavarian) squash club members/friends. Remit: to explore the varied tastes of Munich gastromomy in good company, with good food (hopefully), good drink and good conversation. Our first 'event' was at CHAMPOR and what a superb way to kick things off. The food was fabulous, the decor and ambience understated but warming and the management were very welcoming (a precious commodity thus far in Munich I've found). They even poured me another Dunkles Weissbier (free of charge) when the first wasn't poured correctly. I recommended the place to a few work colleagues/other friends and all reported similar experiences. We (Diner's Club) all ordered different dishes and tasted each others. The results were exceptional without exception. Every single one was mouth-wateringly (and some also eye-wateringly) delicious... To quote an age-old English adage... at least it didn't burn on the way AND on the way out.... often the case back home (and here in Munich) with your typical Indian tandoori restaurant phal/vindaloo. TOP MARKS for the restaurant and long may they continue to thrive and produce delightful and delicious gourmet experiences... Will doubtless be a frequent visitor.

Posted by: Superschnucks at 1:11 pm on 4.Jun.2007

SUPER FOOD AND SERVICE ! You really feel looked after the moment you enter the restaurant. The dishes we had were excellent and when it says it is hot then it is. If you are looking for Asian food that a little bit different is then look no further. Will definitely be going back.

Posted by: "Goldie" at 10:01 pm on 18.Feb.2007

Being a Malaysian, my husband and I decided to dine at Champor 2 days ago - as I really missed the food! Pleasant surprise -the food was excellent! And they were many things on the card- that were done home-style. Loved the Sambal Prawns and Ikan Bilis - was a little tooooo hot for my husband though! Thumbs up to the team!

Posted by: "pure malaysian" at 11:23 am on 10.Sep.2006

Really enjoyed most of our meal last night. Went with 4 people, and tried a variety of foods. Everyone agreed that the zanderfish dish was the winner...really tasty and different. The lamb I had was quite good, though not as good as I had been expecting from the reviews(few too many fatty pieces)the bread they recommend to go with it is first rate. The ginger Chicken and prawns were also good. Really enjoyed the springrolls to start. Thought the banana balls were too sweet and heavy. The only real dissapointment was the rice noodles with vegatables. It was heavy and starchy and rather bland tasting. Price is about 14 to 15 per dish, but the dishes are clearly fresh and above average. Certainly will go back again. Dinner for 4 with starters, drinks, meals and dessert was 180.

Posted by: "gemini" at 6:15 am on 10.Sep.2006

Finally made a trip to Champor about a week and a half ago!!! My verdict : Oh my god it was SHIOK!!!! I had the sambal ikan bilis and sambal prawns and it came out exactly as I had imagined! I love the fact that they don´t stinge on QUALITY! Oh and the service was excellent too!!! Kiren sure knows her stuff and her chef should take a whole lot of credit for making the food so authentic!!! A return trip to the restaurant is definitely in the making!

Posted by: "OnPAR" at 11:17 am on 18.Aug.2006

Amazing food! Best malaysian food I have ever had outside of Malaysia. We will definitely make more trips to restaurant.

Posted by: "G" at 8:06 pm on 21.Jul.2006

The combination of the lamb curry and the bread called roti canai is a must try .... heard that most Malaysians eat this for breakfast.

Posted by: "Peter" at 2:08 pm on 9.Oct.2005

Being a regular and a Champor fan, I totally agree with Susa. There are only 2 people serving -the owner herself and another lady. Knowing the people and the place well, an interrruption of "every 5 minutes" is an exaggeration on the part of Angie. Champor is really a place for those who are used to good service and hospitality.

Posted by: "Kevin Dovec" at 11:50 am on 1.Aug.2005

10 of us went there last week for a business dinner too. The service was absolutely great. The personal were very attentive. We felt very pleased with the full attention that we received. My clients (diverse nationalities),were very impressed with the food and the attention. I suppose different people, react differently to attention. I will definitely highly recommend this place to all business people and to those who appreciate warm hospitality.

Posted by: "Susa Jensen" at 10:44 am on 1.Aug.2005

Four of us were there for an evening business meal a couple of weeks ago. The food was fine but the waitress drove us nuts. Every five minutes she was coming over to us asking us if everything was fine, could she get us anything else, what did we think of the food etc. Which is nice. But not after the 3rd time of asking. We tried to make it clear we were discussing business and would ask her if we needed anything else but it didn't work. I half expected her to pull up a seat and join us at one point. I won't be going back in a hurry.

Posted by: "Angie" at 11:12 am on 28.Jul.2005

Went there last night and it was full house. Despite that, the service was still excellent and attentive. The food was excellent and different. The Cook does not "Germanize" the food here. Authentic Malaysian all the way - and "scharf" means "scharf".

Posted by: "Christopher" at 9:22 am on 17.Jun.2005

Took part in the Cook & Dine promotion. Absolutely lot of fun!!! We cooked 3 different items, Chinese, Indian and Thai influenced dishes. It was all prepared and all we had to do is listen to the Cook's instructions. Wish it was the same at home... It was fast, fun and we learnt to use the wok correctly:)) A fun evening with friends and something for the album.

Posted by: "Mike" at 11:17 am on 8.Jun.2005

went again last night and loved it again. Must-have: resam soup. Don't combine the lamb curry and #51 though, 51 is subtle and gets overpowered by the highly seasoned lamb. MMM good. The SZ wa there last night too, look for a review soon.

Posted by: Gen at 3:30 pm on 7.Jun.2005

A must visit for Asian food fans. The food was excellent! The Sweet Chilli Prawns with coriander,lemon grass and fresh chilli was my fav. Will go back to try out the rest of the menu!

Posted by: "Valerie" at 1:24 pm on 5.May.2005

A nice, cozy place with a homey atmosphere - suitable for private and business luncheons/dinners alike. Very friendly staff - if you get a chance be sure to chit-chat a bit with the owner and/or the cook - both are Malaysian and speak fluent English. Apparently Champor is the first Malaysian restaurant in Munich. Some dishes will sound familiar to you from other Asian restaurants (esp. Chinese or Indian) and they are, but usually with a nice twist to it (and no sodium glutamate!). The menu has something for everyone: beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish/seafood and some vegetarian dishes as well. But be sure to leave some room in your stomach for dessert;-) Prices are reasonable, parking is usually no problem and there's a bus stop in front (bus #187+188). Take a look at www.champor.de for further information (incl. menu) and upcoming events.

Posted by: "Susanne" at 11:53 am on 26.Apr.2005

Been there for buffet lunch. Food is good and very worth the price. Good location for having a business talk.

Posted by: "Andy" at 11:50 am on 12.Apr.2005

Been to Champor several times now, and haven't once been disappointed. They're having a sitar recital on the 23rd April, which should be good fun.

Posted by: "kenny" at 2:46 pm on 11.Apr.2005

Apparently the owner is planning to run a malaysian cooking class some time later in the year. Should be interesting.

Posted by: "Amateur Chef" at 1:09 pm on 8.Apr.2005

Been to Penang a few years ago and just loved the food. Being in Champor brought back many delicious memories. The Masala Prawns were excellent and the lamb curry with the bread was just mouth watering. Was like being back on a holiday! Very friendly service.

Posted by: "Kenny Russo" at 12:07 pm on 8.Apr.2005

Yeah, what Gen said. Definitely worth a visit if you're into asian food.

Posted by: "Random Name" at 1:50 pm on 6.Apr.2005

I loved it last night. Right near Arabellapark, Malaysian cuisine influenced by Indian, Thai, Indonesian, etc. food. Wikipedia on Malaysia can give you an idea. I don't know if I more enjoyed the lamb curry, the chicken vindaloo (Malaysian style, it's yellow!), the shrimps with incredibly crunchy green beans, or the beef dish. All dishes can be milder or hotter as you like. The beer is Unertl, a nice choice. For dessert, I don't know if I enjoyed the extremely light fried banana balls (I've had them end up greasy in too many places) or the tapioca flour coconut balls. The latter are an acquired taste -- if you like the Japanese gummy rice dessert balls (as I do), you'll like these. If not, stick to the banana. The service was so quick it was almost unsettling! Kiren, the owner, is thinking about offering cooking classes too, probably in winter. It only took me 45 minutes door-to-door to get there from the south side of town, and that's with Public Transportation. I'll be back.

Posted by: Gen at 11:02 am on 6.Apr.2005

If you're looking for something different, try this restaurant in Denning. You'll be treated to fantastic Malaysian cuisine and wonderfully friendly service. There's something to suit every palate, serving food from mild to extra hot. They occasionaly have theme evenings, and I've just enjoyed an night watching traditional Indian dancing. Highly recommended!

Posted by: "Kirsty Mitchell" at 7:26 am on 16.Feb.2005
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