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Cafe Schwabing - Munich

Cafe Schwabing - Belgradstr. 1, 80796 Munich, Germany

Funky little cafe/bar in the heart of Schwabing. Nothing special, but popular. Good service, good food, relaxed atmosphere. An "average" bar, but a very long-standing average bar. Will no doubt continue to be a well known spot for years to come.

Cafe Schwabing - Munich

Cafe Schwabing
Belgradstr. 1, Kurfurstenplatz
'tween Hohenzollernplatz (U2)
...and Münchener Freiheit (U3/6)
Tel. 089 3088856
Website: Cafe Schwabing (Last time we checked website was blank!)

Review by: "Anonymous" on 29.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


I'm a stammgast and have been drinking here for at least a couple of years. Even went on holiday with one of the waitreses last year. That's how friendly it is! Nice "little" touches like the mirror (pictured above) which is from a London pub. It was bought and shipped over at a cost of 18000DM!!! The food is excellent and this year they introduced a Sushi bar too. I'm not going to recommend it too much cos you f**kers might steam in there and nick my seat at the bar! Website is still blank.

Posted by: Jeckel at 7:31 pm on 5.Jul.2005

I enjoyed a nice 'brunch' here with a friend on Saturday morning (05SEP09). Cafe Schwabing has a south facing outside seating area (seats ~35) - set back about 2 meters from the street - overlooking the rather busy intersection of Hohenzollernstraße and Belgradestraße and Kurfenstenplatz. Inside (seats ~80) is decorated with what appear to be very rare artifacts from drinking and dining establishments around Europe (the world?). The seating is not crowded, but is cosy, and the chairs are well built and comfortable - so, you can linger there for hours comfortably. The menu is pretty extensive, although how much of it is actually available at any given time of day is unclear. It also seams very reasonably priced compared to other equivalent locales. I had the 'Cafe Schwabing' frühstück, which is a generous portion of smoked salmon, perfectly cooked thinly sliced roast beef, a soft boiled egg, an excellent spicy cheese concoction, a small amount of salad with a tomato, and some kind of weird soft drink called 'Carpe Diem' (which, although good, only heightened my enjoyment of the prosecco I ordered too..), and a basket of fresh bread with butter. My 'date' had a different meal comprised of a egg scrambled with tomato (not an omelette), and fresh fruit with yogurt, and a cafe latte (and bread and butter). She couldn't eat all the egg, the portion was so generous, nor the fruit and yogurt (for the same reason), but declared it excellent. The atmosphere was very friendly, and gentle, with just the right amount of noise, enough to mask each individual conversation, without being loud. The bill for the two of us was less than €30, and considering I didn't need to eat anything for the rest of the day, I think it was very reasonable for two people. My only negative comment is a result of something my date noticed, which was that while we ate, the televisions (there are several all tuned to the same channel) were showing some documentary (or something) about deep sea fishing, with frequent scenes of fish being chopped to pieces, and blood and guts spewing around. It didn't bother me any, but I guess it might have turned a few people off the idea of biting into their tuna sushi.

Posted by: SmittyBoy at 10:12 am on 7.Sep.2009

An institution in the best sense of the word, Cafe Schwabing will probably still be going when most of us are in our graves. Good, wholesome food at reasonable prices, a decent drinks list, and above all a regular clientelle that give the place its special atmosphere. If you live locally it is a great place to show up to regularly, where the staff become more and more friendly the more they get to know you. A Special place and very good value, in all ways!

Posted by: chrisopera at 11:38 pm on 12.Jul.2010

...and a very nice blonde blue eyed waitress

Posted by: "Fra" at 8:43 am on 17.Aug.2011
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